Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is Coming!

In just two days, on March 15th, it will be time for the 2nd Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

If you are new around here, here is how it works.
On the fifteenth of the month, make a list of everything blooming in your garden, and post about it on you blog. You can include pictures or not, your choice.

Then come over here to May Dreams Gardens and leave a comment on my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post so we can find you.

Then we can all follow the comments and make virtual visits to everyone's gardens to see all the flowers in bloom.

I'm excited about it this month, since I won't (hopefully) have snow covering everything like last month. I have blooms to show you, especially if you like crocuses.

Our motto here is keep it simple, everyone's invited to participate.

Too many blooms to list? Just list all your favorites in bloom on the 15th.

Can't post on the 15th? Post on the 16th or the 17th or whenever, we'll eventually find your post if you leave a comment

Fancy blog rolls? Maybe in the future, but for now, I'm keeping it simple, we will find you by your comments (If you don't have a public Blogger profile, be sure to put the url of your blog in your comment).

No blog? List your blooms in a comment on my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post.

Other questions? Send me a comment or email and I'll post an answer.


  1. I am watching what I think are crocus to see how far they will be by the 15th!

  2. My crocuses have one more day to get their (figurative) butts in gear! If they don't, the only thing I'll have blooming is pussy willow.

  3. Crocus, daffadils and star magnolia outside and shamrock inside.

  4. Hi Carol! I've posted my blooms for today...and I enjoyed finding out that some things I think of as having a short bloom time actually bloom for more than a month. I'm looking forward to what I discover about my garden on April 15...good thing I'll have my taxes done before then !

  5. My post is up a day early, due to a busy schedule tomorrow tapping maple trees.


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