Green Thumb Sunday - Another Hole

Another hole in my vegetable garden! Unlike the hole I found last week, this one shows definite signs that someone or something was setting up for the long haul! To the left you can see the nesting material I removed. I half expected to see little tiny pieces of rustic furniture and a little welcome mat in there. To the right, some sweet smelling thyme. I'm sure that made it a nice place to be!

This hole is in a smaller 4' x 4' raised bed in the center of the vegetable garden, where I have a small apple tree.

What did I do when I discovered this hole? I cleaned it all out, trimmed back the thyme around it, filled it in, and generally made it quite obvious to Mrs. Rabbit or whomever that they are not welcome here. Not welcome here!

No, she was not home when I cleaned this all up! Don't get on me about the 'poor bunnies, where will they go', 'they were there first', etc., etc. They are rich, fat bunnies feasting on my vegetable garden. If they would just go another block over there is a great big pasture with horses and everything. I'm sure over there along the fence row, they could do quite well!


  1. Sure it wasn't a snake hole? I'd rather have bunnies

  2. I have been trying to keep my daughter's new puppy out of my garden--just planted some greens.

  3. In walking around the yard yesterday, I saw LOTS of rabbit fur! I'm hoping that whatever had a tussle with the rabbits scared them off for good! With five outside cats around here, you'd think the rabbits would take a wide path around our property, but no...they've already had their share of bushes and plants.

  4. I don't blame you for hating them! I have found lots of "over the winter damage" from the little varmit's. I now have a trap set for the one that I have been seeing all winter. I catch them, and a friend of mine takes them out to his home in the country. He really likes them!! I warned him about their eating habits, but he doesn't seem to mind, so I am happy to send them off with him.
    I sure would like to get them before they start having babies!!

  5. At least your home was empty!

    I was just pulling back some straw I used to cover my garlic for the winter, and I found three hedgehogs sleeping under it.

    I just left them alone, hopefully they will eat some of my slugs and snails this summer...

    I also have something else that digs holes through my garden, probably voles. I don't lose a lot of vegetables, and I just plant some extra for them, so I don't worry about them too much. Of course the holes are a bit annoying!


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