Henbit Season is Starting

Every day, a few more crocuses pop up in the lawn. I've attempted to capture a rabbit's eye view of them instead of the straight on top view of them I posted the other day. Hopefully, these don't look like little bird eggs in the lawn!

And these are some yellow crocuses. I'm not sure it was a good idea to plant these in the lawn because from the street they almost look like dandelions, especially if you are just driving by. And you know how well dandelions go over in suburbia!

Also here in suburbia, as many of you know, hidden behind my privacy fence, is my raised bed vegetable garden.

On Sunday I posted a picture of a hole I found in one of the raised beds, and many people commented on it. So I wanted to show everyone that I covered over that hole, like I said I would, and it hasn't reappeared. I was rather smugly thinking this evening that if this hole was made by a rabbit, maybe by covering it up like I did, I convinced them early in the season to "just move along, it's too hard to keep your holes here".

Then as I walked toward the other side of the garden, I scared up a rabbit hiding under some nearby Forsythia's. Dog gone it, am I going to have to prepare for another war on the rabbits? I know I have to declare war on henbit. See that bit of green in the mulch by the bed? That's henbit, Lamium aplexicaule. It comes up all over the place, in the paths and in the raised beds. I know from experience, pull it early and often or I'll soon have enough to fill a compost bin. And get it before it goes to seed! If we have decent weather this weekend, I'll have to spend some time pulling that darn weed.

But really, before I get too serious about all the outdoor gardening, the last of the snow needs to melt. Really, it's time. It's March, But I can't complain too much because I'm down to just some snow on the north side of the house and on the patio.

Unfortunately, the Lenten Roses (Helleborus orientalis) are also on the north side of the house under some of that snow. It is just too sad of a sight to post a picture of them right now on this happy gardening blog. Really, they looked much better in early February after the warmer than usual December and January. Some flower buds were even forming then. Now when I look, I see nothing but frozen leaves. But I remain hopeful that they'll grow out of it, and sometime before Easter, I can post a picture of a pretty Lenten Rose.

(I changed my mind... I'm showing you all my sad Lenten Roses. Brace yourself...
Anyone think they will bloom in time for the next Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on March 15th?)


  1. They just might. But I have read that it's best to carefully remove the old beat up leaves so that the blossoms won't have that mess to distract you. New leaves grow up soon after.

  2. I am glad to see that Mother Nature is waking up in your part of the world

  3. Henbit season has been in full force for a few weeks, here. As diverse as out climates are I find it interesting that henbit grows for both of us.

    A couple of years ago I started leaving a bit of henbit for the butterflies but this year I've seen very few fluttering by. When you look at it closely, henbit is quite attractive. But like a woman of easy virtue, henbit is a bit too easy for us to appreciate it.

  4. My hellebores are in exactly the same condition as yours, right down to the snow covering them. I can't even see them right now, but I guarantee you they have leaves just like that. I had flower buds before the snow came, too, and I'm sure those won't do a thing. What a disappointment! Maybe when it warms up, they'll do something. Hang in there!

  5. Bulbs are a bit of a mystery to me. Most of them don't do very well down herein the South.

  6. Carol, what made you say "Dog gone it" about a possible rabbit war? Was it an inner voice telling you that you need a canine guard for the garden? [Maybe you could just borrow one for patrol duty.]


  7. I think the Easter Bunny needs to bring you a couple of adorable kittens. We have 5 and I haven't seen a rabbit in a long time (I did see a baby one dead on the front porch last spring).

  8. Oh dear, your hellebore doesn't look all that good at the moment. But never mind, it doesn't need its leaves right now so any that are damaged can be pruned away. Then give it a bit of a feed and let nature do the rest. Hopefully it will stil flower but I don't hink it will be before or on the next Bloom Day.

    BTW I like yellow crocuses in the lawn.

  9. We have been looking for our bits of flowers to start showing but I haven't seen any yet

  10. I hope you manage to get to grips with the rabbit Carol. Shame about the snow too, I hope things start to warm up for you soon. I've posted pics of the turfing iron if you want to take a look. Bob.


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