Is It A Forsythia Miracle?

Is it a Forsythia miracle? Can plants read your mind? Did this shrub know I had numbered its days?

The Forsythia I posted about yesterday that has never bloomed, Forsythia x intermedia 'Arnold Dwarf', has bloomed. It has bloomed!

It's rather sparse in blooming, and certainly does not compare to the 'Gold Tide' Forsythia in the front, but those are definitely blooms.
It's so easy to rip out a non-performing plant, but now? Is it reading my mind? Is this enough bloom to justify keeping it? Was I just too inpatient? Will it get better each year?

I definitely need to weed the grass out around it, but then, should I keep it?

Decisions made must be rethought! New evidence has presented itself.

Nah, I think I'll still pull these out. It's still a dog. I just wanted you all to know it had bloomed, finally, so if you want to get one and wait, oh, say, 10 years for blooms, go for it. Or if you want these, let me know.


  1. Carol, I betcha Arnold heard you planning his demise!!

  2. I think it should go. Your yard is too pretty to harbor a plant that does not live up to expectations. Of course, you could always put in a little door and some carrots and it could be the resident bunny house. I'll even provide some extra bunnies.
    Kathy, the older sister

  3. Wow! I wasn't expecting to find this. That forsythia looked like a dud. Hmmm... in comparison to the blooms of your other, this poor specimen looks as if it is trying desperately to stay alive. oh my...

    And now I should be off finishing up my reading and book review before month's end ...I seem to have become addicted to reading gardening blogs.

  4. Carol, did you prune this one at all? 'Arnold's Dwarf' blooms on new growth only, so you're supposed to cut it back severely to get any flowers.

    Maybe you could keep just one, cut it down to a few inches tall next month then see if it blooms more in 2008?

    Or you could dig them all up and put them on Craig's list; this variety is recommended for banks, roadsides and gardens designed to help with runnoff by slowing down the flow of water. They might be wonderful in another situation, but are not really an asset in your garden!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. That's too funny! I still think they should go, though. Although, I do admire Arnold's attempt to be garden-worthy....

  6. How funny! Yes, I think that they do "hear" us plotting their demise sometimes...

  7. Sissy I'm glad you agree with my assessment that the plant heard me.

    Older Sister No, I'm not making it a bunny haven. How about we all cut it out when you are here for Easter?

    Kate We all go through periods of time when we are addicted to reading blogs!

    Annie I did prune it back some to get it out of the way, that's maybe why it bloomed. I sort of like the idea of just cutting it way back, and might resort to that if I run out of time/energy to cut it all the way back.

    Colleen I think you are the majority, I think, it needs to go.

    Blackswamp Girl Thanks for the comment, I'm going to have to be quiet about my plans when I am around these shrubs!

    Thanks for all the comments and good suggestions!


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