It All Happens So Fast

These spring flowers all seem to flower so fast, once they start to flower! One almost forgets through the winter how quickly "spring" happens once we have a few nice days. These flowers were not blooming yesterday!

Here are the first daffodils, some little miniatures near the base of a tree in the front. I noticed them as soon as I drove up to my house late this afternoon. In fact, I noticed them before I saw that my new hoe had been delivered.
Then when I went outside to see what else was going on, I saw these daffodils. Maybe they were the first daffodils?
And the periwinkle, Vinca minor, is starting to bloom as well. I found these when I was finishing up the expansion of my flower bed along the back of the house.
And these buds shown last week...
Are now these flowers...
Previously, Annie in Austin commented that these might be Chionodoxa, Glory of the Snow. Can anyone confirm that now that they are blooming?

So that's my evening.... new flowers blooming, a new hoe, the completion of the expansion of my flower bed along the back of the house, and a lot of weeding. It is all too much for one post, so I'll just post about the flowers today. Tomorrow we are expecting spring showers, so I'll have time for a proper post about my new hoe. because don't you agree that a new hoe deserves it's own post?


  1. Carol, no wonder they call it spring! Nice daffodils and a new hoe for the first day of spring.

    That sure looks like pink Chionodoxa to me - here's a bulb company with another photo.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Those are definitely Chionodoxa. I wish I could say which species, but I'm still trying to determine which ones I have. There's a few buds here, but no flowers yet. I should have some pictures soon at either my temporary blog ( or my "real" blog.

  3. ah, a new season, new ground and a new hoe! what could be finer?

    will you retire your old hoe?
    what will become of it?

  4. And all those flowers are right on time for the first day of spring. Good timing!

  5. Great pics and great blooms!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your new hoe. I never knew there were so many different types, before I saw your hoe collection post.

    How many hoes do you have now?

  6. A new season, a new hoe! It has a ring to it, doesn't it? ;-)

    I think Annie is right about the sneeuwroem, Chionodoxa. I used to have them in bluish white in my previous garden. Very pretty little things.

    It's nice to see more and more flowers in your garden Carol. What a difference with only a few weeks ago!

  7. Wow ... I love your daffodils. What a good surprise arriving home and finding them in bloom.

    Can we see a pic of your new hoe?

    Happy spring to you!

  8. Annie: I believe you are correct. Your knowledge of plants is amazing.
    Entangled: Thanks for confirming on the flower id.
    Cyndi: Welcome, you must be new around here if you haven't seen my hoe collection!
    Pam: Thanks, I was happy with how the flowers came out for spring, too. And our weather was incredible yesterday!
    Marc: I have 15 hoes, plus a few others.
    Yolanda Elizabet: Yes, a few weeks makes a big difference in thes spring! Soon I'll be mowing along with hoeing.
    Kate: Your wish has been granted, I've posted about my new hoe.

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

  9. I cannot believe we are in the same zone. I am supposed to be Zone 5, too, but I haven't had one thing bloom, yet!! Do you think it's because it's the first year in the ground??

  10. I absolutely concur, that is pink chionodoxa, I have it blooming right now in my garden too. Without wanting to be a shameless self-promoter, you MUST come over to my place and look at the pictures I posted today of my wonderful daffodils, who are in full bloom right now. I am enjoying the mid-season set, and looking forward to the late season gals, many of which are the doubles.


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