Perfect March 1st

What’s the perfect weather for March 1st?

Storms, rain, and wind!

And we got storms, rain and wind today. Thunderstorms rolled through in the early hours of the morning, and the day was gray and cloudy and rainy. In other words, we had a perfect March 1st. It was gruesomely lovely and perfect.

So, if the old saying is true, March will go out like a lamb since it came in like a lion. That will be good because we need some better weather around here.

This month in the garden, I’ll be…

Sowing seeds for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. I love that first whiff of seed starting mix and the smell of tomato plants when I thin out the seedlings. (And, I’m not the only gardener who does, so fess up!)

Buying the first little violas I see for sale and potting up several pots of them for the front porch and front window box. Hopefully I’ll find them for sale in just a few weeks. I like the violas more than the pansies, but I’ll also get some pansies. (If you are anywhere near Indianapolis and see these before I do, give a shout out to let me know!)

Trimming shrubs. I’ve been giving some Spirea the evil eye this winter. I’m ready to cut them back hard because they just need a good swift kick of rejuvenation. They are all wrong where they are, so maybe I’ll just cut them all the way down and out? (Did I mention I’m in it for the plants and don’t do so well with design?)

Posting about actual flowers blooming outside for the 2nd Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th, with pictures because little tiny spring flowers are so pretty after the winter time.

Planting peas, onions and lettuce outside in the garden. Probably not as early as I had planned, due to the “lion” like March weather we are having, but I’ll be planting them sometime this month. And I’ll be hoeing to prepare the raised garden bed, and I love hoeing!

I’m so happy it is March!


  1. Our March 1st was blustery too, and a little cooler--yea! I'm not ready for 80s just yet. Enjoy those tomato seedlings.

  2. Oh I love hoeing too, I just love the way it looks when you get finished and things seem to grow when you hoe. Bob.

  3. March definitely came in like a lion! I was listening to the wind all night. March---finally! And, I'll fess up about the seed starting mix--there's nothing like that first whiff :-)

  4. We were wondering yesterday why the snow hasn't all melted. But it's 38 degrees outside now, so maybe it will finish off the snow. But wait, it's basketball tourney time here and we always get bad weather then

  5. I am battling that Lion, right now! White out conditions that caused a ten car pile up in our little town!! I love reading your optimistic spring posts!

  6. We've got tons of rain today in NJ and the last of snow is melting and causing flooding. Happy March!

  7. Carol, we observed the same conditions here in DownUnder Oz. Feb 28 (the last day of summer) and March 1st (first day of autumn) were exactly as you described. Oh, I'm going to miss the warmth....

  8. I cut some old spiraea down low about 2 years ago, then the Divas of the Dirt transplanted them for me. They're coming back in a better shape and a better location - go for it Carol!

    Yesterday was terribly windy - high pollen and burn bans on the news.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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