Spring Flowers and Villains

The spring show continues and every day there is something new in the center stage of the garden. The crocuses that were so exciting to see just 10 days ago are nearly all gone and now the daffodils are marching in to take their place. These are some miniature daffodils growing in a perennial bed in the back along with chickweed and henbit.

The morning has started out gray and now the sun is starting to come out. But even if the sun shines for awhile before the next rain, the ground is so saturated from two days of rain that there is very little that can be done outside.

It seems so peaceful.

And it would be peaceful if it were not for the villain of the garden. I caught him in action this morning, running across the vegetable garden.
He is in the center there, do you see him? This one rabbit is ready to turn my lovely spring show into a house of horrors. I must catch him and remove him!

Yes, I will be setting out my live trap today in hopes of catching me a big, fat rabbit! I hope!
And please, don't leave a comment telling me that this might not be the only rabbit out there. I have to believe it is the only villain, or go mad thinking about what more than one rabbit could eat in my garden!

Update... shhh... quiet, there's the trap. Don't make any sudden noises or movements... I've set it with some dried up blueberries to lure the rabbit in. What do you think? Am I going to catch a rabbit today?



  1. You sound like Elmer Fudd!!
    I hope you do catch that rascally wabbit, Carol!

  2. LOL--Good luck catching your villain! I have very few rabbits in my neighborhood, so when I see them, it's like a treat. I know I'd feel differently if they were eating my garden!

  3. GOOD LUCK!! I have had my trap set for the last 2 weeks, and either some other 'villian' is getting the bait, and not setting off the trap, or that rabbit is smarter than I think he is!! Maybe a video camera would catch him tiptoeing over the middle bait plate, to reach the tasty carrot on the other side!! :)

  4. Carol, I wish you a lot of luck with that wily creature. They can be tough to catch in a live trap. Unfortunately there is probably more than one dashing to and fro in your pretty garden. Kind of like seeing "one" mouse in the garage! Good luck, Alyssa

  5. Funny, Carol! I'm not sure what to think about the sudden appearance of rabbits in my garden after all these years without a single one. I guess I'll wait and see just what it is they're nibbling on. I'm hoping it's weeds but I guess that's too much to ask!

  6. Ah that rabbit looks so cool. When I was a kid we used to occasionally see rabbits here where I live in the city. Last year I was walking my foster brother to school and came across a rabbit munching on dandelions on a side street. I was so excited and happy I had my camera so I could photoblog him/her.

    On the way back I was hoping to see him again and thought about trying to catch him and bringing him home.

  7. Hope you catch that pesky rabbit.

  8. Live trap as in you catch and then take to a forested area.Yes I think that is what you mean.I'm hoping...or is it hopping. We had snow in the garden up until Monday...it's rained since so today I walk the garden and take stock! :)NG

  9. yu need to git yurseff a fox....

    good luck to you...I fight a similiar battle with a ground hog, or whistle pig as some would call him....

  10. So.....did you catch him? (It better be a "him", if it's a "her" it probably has babies someplace. It would be CRUEL to take a mommy rabbit away from her babies!)

  11. Hey, one rabbit less is a good thing.

  12. Rabbits are a problem for me, too. I have both hares and cottontails up here-I don't know which is worse! Sure, they're cute...but too hungry! My method is to spray my garden areas-I use a product called "Liquid Fence". It smells absolutely HORRIBLE (think vomit mixed with feces), so I spray on a Sunday evening when I'm done outdoors. By the next morning you barely smell it, by evening it's gone. But animals smell it for 30 days or more (rainfall or not), and it works on deer, woodchucks, etc. really well. Unlike other stuff that makes plants taste bad, this smells so bad they don't even try a bite. I already sprayed once this year, and all my rabbits act really pissed! They used to act tame-now they know they're not so welcome.


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