Two More Blooms!

I found two more flowers blooming (budding) when I got home and it is still the 15th, so I am adding a special post for them.Striped Crocuses! They came up out of nowhere, it seems.

Some kind of flowering squill (Scilla), I think. If someone recognizes these as something else, let me know. I don't have a record of them.

And, also out of nowhere I have tulips sprouting up all over the place. Must have been that rain we had last night and this morning? Or was it the two days of above average temperatures? Regardless... two more blooms!!


  1. Carol -- I enjoyed roaming my garden this morning, looking for blooms and buds. I look forward to April, when my garden really comes into its own (I say, keeping my fingers crossed).

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just went in to edit a misspelled word and somehow the comments, including yours, disappeared!

    -- Susan

  2. Ooh, those pink buds look interesting already! I hope you take another pic when they are in full bloom, I'd like to see what they look like.
    Love those crocuses! I must see if I can get more for my own garden.

  3. Happy Bloom Day. I got my post in just under the wire, I guess.

  4. Ah, I'm envious ... scillas and crocuses while I'm buried in snow.

    I wanted to participate in the garden bloggers bloom day anyway, so I posted a picture of a meadowrue stalk in snow.

  5. How can you have all this already? Is it THAT much warmer in Indiana than Chicago?

    It looks beautiful.

  6. We have the similar Creeping Charlie, Lamiaceae Glechoma hederacea a relative of the henbit. A nasty weed sending out tendrils all over the lawn and into planting beds. Sort of a nice smell when mown so you know it belongs to the mint family but tenacious and prolific.

  7. Carol, could they possibly be the pink form of Chionodoxa, Glory of the Snow? I had that bulb once upon a time.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. All... thank you for the comments and for participating in Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, even if you don't have much blooming right now.

    County Clerk... I've compared notes with friends in northwest Indiana and Indianapolis always seems to be about two weeks ahead of Chicagoland when it comes to flowering times.

    Annie... you might be right on what those bulbs are. I'll check again as soon as they flower.


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