Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2007

Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day from May Dreams Gardens!

Here’s what's blooming today in my gardens.

Really in Bloom:

Tulips (lots of tulips!)
Pansies and violas
Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum)
Star Flowers (Ipheion uniflorum)
Periwinkle (Vinca minor)
Striped Squill (Puschkinia scilloides)
Lenten Roses (Helleborus orientalis) pinkish-rose, and white
Korean Spice Viburnum (Viburnum carlesii)

Not necessarily welcome, but blooming anyway

Taraxacum officinale (A lovely yellow flowering, low growing plant in the Aster family also know as Dandelions)
Lamium amplexicaule (An early blooming member of the mint family, generally the first thing to bloom in my garden…Henbit)

In Bud (I'm not sure if some of these buds will actually bloom, due to the cold temperatures!)

White Flowering Lilac (Syringa vulgaris ‘White Angel’)
Wayfaring Tree Viburnum (Viburnum lantana ‘Mohican’)
Blackhaw Viburnum (Viburnum prunifolium)
Dwarf Fothergila (Fothergilla gardenii)
Snowball Bush (Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile’)
Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)
Meyer Lilac (Syringa meyeri)
Miss Kim Lilac (Syringa patula ‘Miss Kim’)
Crab Apple (Malus ‘Guinevere’)
Apple Tree (Malus sp.)
Variegated Kerria (Kerria japonica ‘Variegata’)

Fading flowers (They’ve seen better days)

Red Bud Tree (Cercis canadensis)
Daffodils (I found just one sorta kinda blooming, so it counts)
Hyacinth (I only had 2, anyway)

Flowers that should be blooming but disappeared in the cold. (I think they’ll come back next week once it warms up.)

Wild violets
False Forget-me-not (Brunnera macrophylla)

And a Happy Surprise

Variegated Spurge (Euphorbia polychroma ‘Variegata’)

Picture Gallery

The variegated spurge... I didn't expect to find it blooming, so that is why it is a happy surprise. You can see from the water on the leaves that the weather was not all that great for walking around the garden to see what was blooming, but I'm glad I "toughed it out" and went out there anyway. Otherwise I would not have noticed the flowering spurge.

And my tulips.
I think I heard one of them ask why they were getting their picture taken again, and on a cloudy day. I have taken a lot of pictures of these tulips because they have survived a lot of cold nights and days in the last few weeks. All the tulips have!

The Lenten Rose. I love that little bit of green inside the flowers.
And I know you'll all be polite and not notice how some of the petals have turned a little brown at the edges, presumably because of the cold weather.

Some dandelions.
Ever seen foliage like that on dandelions? Me, either. Actually, these dandelions are trying to grow in the exact same space as a daylily. To get rid of the dandelions I'm going to have to dig both plants up, divide the daylilies and toss the dandelions.

And look what I found when I was looking for blooms. A plant that, along with its other skin-irritating buddies, has its own genus because no other plant wants to be associated with them...

Toxicodendron radicans, Poison Ivy. I wasn't wearing gloves when I saw it, so I left it to pull another day. It's right up by the house next to a drainage pipe connected to a downspout. Normally, the pipe is all covered with mulch, which reminds me that I need to re-mulch a few areas!

Following the special April 2007 rules, I pulled this picture of my Red bud tree from my archives. It was quite beautiful in mid-April last year as compared to this year!

Finally, I experimented with using my scanner as a camera and captured these images of my violas and pansies. The idea came from several posts from Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening. This first scan is a nice orderly row of violas and pansies for those who like order in their worlds. I agree, it would be more orderly if I had left off that large pansy, then I'd have sort of a 'natural progression' of color.
There, like that. But now there are four violas, which isn't an odd number, and we are all taught to plant in odd numbers!
Oh, well, moving on... For those who don't mind mixing it up a little, here's another picture. I chose these flowers because they were in a pot on my front porch, making them the only dry flowers around on this gray, rainy, sleety, cold weekend. For the black cloth covering, I used a black blouse. It's one I bought a while ago, but it still has the tag on it, so I haven't worn it yet. I knew it would come in handy for something.

And that's what's blooming at May Dreams Gardens on April 15, 2007!

What's blooming in your garden? Please leave a comment to let us know when you have posted for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day so we can find you, visit your blog, and make a fuss over your flowers, no matter how few you have. And if you don't have a blog or the time to write a post, leave your list in a comment here. All are welcome and encouraged to participate!

We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” – Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. Hi, Carol. My Bloom Day photos are up at Digging. Come see what's blooming in Austin this week.

  2. And I neglected to mention that I enjoyed your scanner photos. I love Lenten roses too---wish I could grow them. Pretty garden---thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Carol, Wonderful showing - I'm going to give the hellebores a try next year. They are quite lovely. My posting will be ready soon. Going to start on it now. Alyssa

  4. The scanner thing looks like fun - the poison ivy does not - I still bear scars from one bad bout.

    I do so hope your shrubs will still bloom! And that the Brunnera will be okay [I miss that little blue beauty!].

    Carol, my Bloom Day post is just up, along with a new YouTube.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Very nice. Those tulips still look great after all the cold weather

  6. Carol,
    What a lovely post. I especially love the Violas. You are so organized. I am running a race in the morning so I will have to comment on everyone's posts tomorrow night. Goonight.
    Enjoy your beautiful blooms.

  7. I love the violas mixed up! That's the way they grow in my garden, everywhere all higgledy pigglety.

    I have my photos of flowers posted at Windywillow. Forgot to add a field of dandylions, will take a pic in a bit and add it in later.

  8. Your blooms are divine!
    Happy Blooms day to you I had F~u~N~
    hugs NG

  9. The flower scans are so lovely!!! :)

  10. Good morning. I have a post for Bloom Day and have made the photo of the pansies I bought into a tag. Lots of plants poking through the garden but nothing actually blooming yet.

  11. Hi, just came back from the dandylion field. I have to wait a bit longer, they are not all open yet. And I fixed the comments, they became unabled for some odd reason. Thanks for visiting.

  12. I did the scanner arrangement, too. It's here: More about the technique and links to other sites with scanner galleries here:

  13. Lovely photos of all of your blooms Carol! And such a list! I would never have guessed we live in the same zone! My list is only of plants that are still pushing up from the soil (not even a daffodil in bloom yet!)If you want a look at the list- you can view it at
    PS..we have a storm watch for a foot of snow 5??

  14. I just wanted to say hello from another Hoosier! I'm in the Indy area (Fishers)and am thrilled to find a fellow Hoosier. I'm just heartbroken about what is going on in my flowerbeds and since I've only been a zone 5 gardener for 3 years I'm not sure what to expect after this nasty weather. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!

  15. We have one post for all three of our gardens. Still not much going on here.

    I just planted spurge in the fall and had no idea what to expect. That is a very pretty flower. The scanner pictures are interesting maybe I'll try it over the summer.

  16. Carol,
    I love your scanned photos of the violas and pansies. Gorgeous!

    Also, I like how you used the scientific names to describe your weeds. LOL! I have the same weeds this month; the scientific names make them sound like something more fancy... not just weeds! :-)

    Come and see what's blooming in my garden today.

  17. Congratulations on being nominated for three categories in the first annual Mouse & Trowel awards.

    My bloom day post will be up sometime today.

  18. I was going to write that my post for Zanthan Gardens is up but I see you've already been by and left a comment...and I hadn't even finished editing it. Got called away to make breakfast.

    After seeing yours, I think I should probably go and add more photos. Love your pansies and violas. They're used as winter bedding here in Austin and they're being pulled out of commercial landscapes right now and being replaced with petunias and such.

    I love my violas, though. They bloom until the temperatures get in the 90s...6 to 8 months which is amazing.

  19. Carol, I am completely new to this (blogging) but I too am from Indiana! Osceola to be exact I am also new to gardening. I enjoyed your viola pictures so much as they are my favorite flower. I am just trying to figure out my planting zone and I have ordered some plants from QVC. The plants have arrived hydrangeas and strawberry plants that you put in a pouch!! I think it best to keep them inside as I do believe are ground is still frozen?! I hope you won't mind my inquiring mind but you seem so knowledable I will just love to look and learn, again the pictures are beutiful! from Osceola,IN Grandma

  20. Grandma in Osceola... Yes, you'll need to wait to plant if the ground is still frozen. You can keep the plants inside but don't let them dry out. On sunny days, if it is warm enough, you can set them outside in the shade while you wait for a good planting day. Welcome to blogging and gardening!

    M. Sinclair-Stevens... I finally set up Google Reader for my favorite blogs, so I was able to find some GBBD posts quickly. I'll check back later on your blog for more pictures.

    Kathy... Thank you, I just checked out the nominations and I am thrilled to be nominated. Congratulations on your nomination as well!

    Everyone, thank you for the comments and participation in bloom day. I've tried to visit everyone's blogs who has posted so far to comment. We are off to a good start for April's Bloom Day!

  21. Wow! Already 20! Congrats Carol and a big Illinois Thankyou for this!

  22. Whoa! And it's not even noon! Lots of folks to visit, I see! Just wanted to say, I'm in!

    Loved those pansy/viola scan pics...very cool! The tulips are just gorgeous and you can't possibly have too many pictures! When you look back at them this winter, you will be so glad you did.

    I had to laugh at "some dandelions"...I only wish it was some!

    Enjoyed your post, as always.

  23. My post is up have so many things that don't do well here! And the scanner pictures were great!

  24. The Lenten Rose is gorgeous - and the tulips are looking great.

    I posted a pic from last year because my garden is just ... um... brown with tiny bits of green showing. I discovered that when I used a magnifying glass. No snow though and the pond is melting... maybe next month ... my motto should be "one year behind"!

  25. Carol, I just posted my very first Bloom Day list. I can't believe you have so much blooming! I love the scanner shots, I've never tried that. And I must get a Lenten Rose, I've had my eye on them recently.

  26. I loved the mixed up picture the most! I posted my pathetic list on my blog as well... Carol, you are indeed way ahead of me. :)

  27. Hi Carol,
    My list is up at my blog

    I'm Zone 5 too, but nowhere as green as your garden. Love your photos.


  28. Carol, I'm posted some blooms now. I do have a few mystery blooms I hope visitors can help identify.

    Love the scanned flowers. So many things you can do with those images now. I can see a scanner in my future!
    Thanks for the bloom day fun.

  29. Hi Carol,loved all your blooms especially the Tulips.Your scanner idea is great,I'will definitely try it out.
    Please come and check my garden blooms.

  30. I've got one up--it's a Buffalo plant but it's not in my garden. I think people will find it interesting.

    Congrats on the nominations!

  31. Hey Carol — I just put up the post of my blooms from a Central Texas garden and had such fun both taking pictures of everything and putting the post together. This is my garden's best moment so it was a particular delight to document it today.

    I love those scanned flowers. I've had Katinka Matson's site ( bookmarked for a while and I covet one of her big prints.

    Congrats on another successful Bloom Day and I'm sending warm, spring-time thoughts in your direction.

  32. Whee - my first Bloom Day! My garden looks pretty much the same as it did 2 weeks ago, before the start of the current cold spell. The only new blooms are the grape hyacinths, but I'm crossing my fingers that the crabapples and serviceberries bloom this week.

  33. I love watching your garden, Carol, so I can see what mine will look like in ten days or so. My post is up.

  34. I'm going to have to start getting up earlier to keep up with you all :-) My April flowers are finally posted.

    Carol, your scanned flowers came out great! Now I'm off to check out all the other great plants.

  35. Wow, the whole scanner thing is really fun! I should have done that today, because otherwise is was too windy to do much.

  36. Finally got my bloom day post up. Had company today so no opportunity before now. Guess what? We are supposed to get a foot of snow in the next 24 hours! It's all in my post at

  37. Hi Carol, here's my bloom day post-actually taken on the 14th as it is a wash out today with the Nor'easter. Thanks to Annie in Austin for making me aware of the bloom day post. I was deeply into doing taxes-nothing like waiting 'til the last possible moment-and just came up for some stretching and breath of fresh air and saw her note about bloom day. So here's my contribution.

  38. Hi Carol! I have blooms for the first time, as well!
    Not as many as you do, but I did post pictures!!

    ***Nick did love Purdue, but the dorms are alot smaller than Iowa. A degree from Purdue is nothing to sneeze at!!***

  39. Hi Carol, I envy the tulips! I used to live in Cincinnati (not far away) and those spring tulips really brightened my neighborhood walks.

    My bloom day post is up, and I'm grateful that you started this tradition. It's much fun, and through it I've been outed to the Austin blogging community, which is great. Next weekend I get to meet them (and their gardens) in person.

    Happy April!

  40. Thanks everyone for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I think I've visited everyone who commented here so far. If I didn't visit your blog and leave a comment, let me know, I sure intended to since you all were so nice to participate again.

    (LCShores... I visited your blog but was not able to leave a comment due to an error.)

  41. Hi Carol - I see your name at almost every garden blog I visit!!! My first time here - very nice. I love your photos and am completely jealous of all the things you have blooming. I have some scilla that if I'm very lucky might open tomorrow. (Minnesota - zone 4 - what can I say?) I really like the window box at the top of this post - I have several iron window boxes that I hang on my fences in the summer. Also, I definitely preferred the mixed up flowers photo best - that preference is very evident in my summer gardens! Thanks for sharing your blooms!

  42. Hi there May Dreams! LOVE those pansies and violets you scanned.

    Meanwhile, here in Boise, ID it has been cool and windy but sunny all day with a freeze warning for tonite. Come on over to to check out my list.

  43. Hi Carol!

    Happy Bloom Day to you...even if there's only an hour and a half til it's over! Your post and photos provided wonderful bedtime reading! What a treat. If you read my post, you can see I was a busy girl this weekend. I have so much in bloom...roses, sage, salvias, my coreopsis is just getting ready to burst. I have a wonderful old wheelbarrow full of yellow lantana, but I don't think I should count it, as I bought it that way! My backyard is beginning to look wonderful (to me, anyway). It's a far cry from the green rectangle last spring at this time! Have a great week.

  44. Gosh, Carol, I don't look at my favorite blogs for a few days and suddenly Google Reader tells me you have 5, count them, 5! new posts. While I've been busy with other things, you've been scanning flowers. Pretty cool!

  45. The new day starts just past me, at the end of the time zones for the entire planet. A new post of blooms for your new day is done.

    Thanks to you and Ellis I am going to have to buy a scanner now.

  46. Nothing's blooming here in Minnesota, but I posted anyway - it was a great first weekend in the garden for me.

  47. Hi Carol,
    I've posted my list and photos today. Incidentally, re the scanner photos - I beat both you and Kathy to it! See my posts last November on the 13th, 24th and 30th. But I really like your pansies.

  48. Nothing blooming here, as we got more snow/sleet, this weekend.

    I just saw your Icon, on a comment in 'Nature Trail' blog. And it is so charming, that I had to come over and say so.


  49. Stunning pictures of the violas, to scan´s just brilliant. I just have to try that!
    /Tyra in Sweden

  50. Carol,

    My forsythia is in a protected-almost shady - exposure which slows it down re: bloomtime. That's how it manages to stay abloom while the dogwoods unfold.

    The idea of listing what's blooming is great fun. Thanks for putting it all together.


  51. better late than never right?

    right! thank you for hosting such a lovely tradition!

  52. Hey, where's the post heralding all your Mouse and Trowel nods? Don't be shy. Congratulations - they're well deserved. I haven't been disciplined enough to participate much in the book club but IT'S FABULOUS and I'm so glad started it. Susan

  53. I'll be hidden at the bottom here but I love the pansy pictures, very wimsical.

  54. Wow. Your zone 5 garden is catching up fast to my zone 7. Wasn't it just last month that you still had snow and were envying all my blooming things? Which, by the way, I am about to post about. I've been away.

  55. All since my last comment... Thanks for commenting and/or posting. Eve... I couldn't get to your blog, got an error. Susan H... I posted finally this evening. Thanks for the encouragement. Ottawa Gardener... you are no longer at the bottom, I am! Molly, yes it was just last month that I was "all kinds of jealous" about what was in other gardens, but I'm catching up!

  56. A bit belated, but here is what I had in my garden this week...

    Roses from the Garden

  57. Hi Carol, I was so harried doing taxes that I forgot to comment on your scans. Kathy Purdy and you inspired me to try my hand at scanning so thanks for showing me that it could be done with great results. Hope to see more in the future.

  58. Carol, what brand and model of scanner are you using?

  59. Oh dear, I'll have to see why my comments aren't working...sorry about that!

  60. Ki... I used an Epson combo printer/scanner/copier to do my scans. Model number is RX600. I got it a few years ago.

    Thanks all, again for the wonderful comments and for making the 15th a special day.

  61. I just put up my zone 7 garden photos. What a great idea you had! Thanks so much for organizing the Bloom Day.


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