Green Thumb Sunday - Frozen Grape Hyacinth

The Easter Bunny came in the cold and left quite a few eggs in the back yard, including this green plastic egg next to some frozen Grape Hyacinth. I think the Grape Hyacinth look much brighter than normal in their frozen state, don't you? Oh, and thank you for not noticing or mentioning all that grass growing in there with them. Tsk, tsk, I do have some work to do in that flower bed!

We think all the hunters found all the eggs in "the big hunt", but any left hidden are mine to keep if I find them. And some of those eggs had money in them! I hope to find any that were left hidden before the garden fairies do. Who knows what the garden fairies might do if they got a hold of some actual money to spend!


Happy Easter to you! I should be ashamed...I cringed when the little ones from next door were hunting eggs in my front yard. I just knew they were going to trample my flowers. But they didn't!
Tricia said…
Again you're a little bit ahead of us here it seems. Our Grape hyacinth muscari isn't up yet. You know ... I think that is one of the spring flowers that you could literally plant in the grass of your lawn if since they come up so early, usually before you have to cut the grass.

We've hit a bit of a cold spell here but our tulips are definitely growing. It'll warm up later in the week - maybe just in time for the buds of some of our flowers to start blooming. LOL
MrBrownThumb said…
Happy Easter,

Stopped by when I saw you comment on my GTS entry and saw your grape hyacynths which look better than mine. Actually even frozen they look better because the ones I planted two years back have never shown their faces in the garden. I'll try again this year because all of your bulb entries are really inspiring me to plant more stuff.
Crafty Gardener said…
How nice to see your grape hyacinths, frozen or not. Hope everyone had a great time on the egg hunt.
That darn grass in growing in my garden too.
LostRoses said…
Your beds look like mine. I wish the grass grew in the lawn as well as it does among the flowers. I figure I'll be done weeding all the beds by the end of May. That's one of my "May Dreams"!
Molly said…
Good luck finding those eggs! We haven't had a hunt in over 5 years and I still come across the occasional egg down in the woods.
skeet said…
The grape hyachinths look lively enough to have fooled me. the egg in the picture makes it just perfect! Hopping around for Easter Green Thumb Sunday!
Salix Tree said…
Grass.. it grows everywhere! It's a constant battle to keep it out of the veggies and flowers, isn't it?
My grape hyacinths are only just starting to come out now.
Sissy said…
My little grape hyacinth are's their first year, and they are little tiny purple dots.
how thrilling...!
Marc said…
Very nice photo! That egg was pretty easy to find. With all of your nice garden beds, I bet you could make it pretty hard to find the eggs if you wanted too!
My grape hyacinths were all done by the time we had this freeze. I am so depressed, I walked around my garden and looked at all the frozen/thawed lilies, hostas, irises, etc etc. I just came in the house and cried. I hope that this has not killed my ornamental maples, which were leafing out beautifully. time will tell.

At least the grass is not crab grass or johnson grass, thank your lucky stars.
Kathy said…
You forgot to say that we actually saw the Easter bunny running through the yard.
Kathy, the older sister
Gotta Garden said…
Money in the eggs??! Lucky hunters!

Lol with LostRoses! Me, too...two bags of chickweed are waiting for the pickup tomorrow...only a million more to go, I think.

I have my fingers crossed that everything will thaw out fine...
Annie in Austin said…
Oh, Carol - I'm so sorry to see what that cold snap did to your garden!

Find that egg with money quickly, before your little fairies get hold of it! After what they've been through, the fairies might use the dough for tickets to Florida.... and we don't want your tiny dwellings to be vacant, do we?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
chigiy said…
I'm sorry that your hyacith are frozen. But they are quite a pretty shade of blue-purple:)
I am going to be weeding a bunch of grass out of my beds today as a matter of fact.
Did you have fun with the hunt?
Ours was quite hilarious. I will blog about it if I ever get my computer back from my husband for more than 5 minutes at a time.
Happy weeding.