Green Thumb Sunday - Snow In Summer

I'm referring to the flowers, not the weather! Cerastium tomentosum, Snow-in-summer. It's a beautiful day, not a snowflake in sight, except for this snow-in-summer.


Anonymous said…
And beautiful little Snow-in-the-summers they are.
I'm glad the weather is good for you.

This will be the third day in a row of 90s. We went from a cool spring to mid-summer in a day.
Kylee Baumle said…
My Snow-in-Summer isn't blooming yet, but it's looking good! Soon it will be blooming though. I just love it. My mom gave me mine.
Anonymous said…
Another new bloom for me to learn about and enjoy. Love your lily of the valley story above ,too! I had plants from my mother's and grandmother's gardens but was not able to import them when I moved to Hawaii (wise laws, but frustrating!)

Got my GTS up late, but it's there now!
Cerastium I had in my previous garden. It's such a lovely plant and so easy to grow. Excellent groundcover too. Love those silvery leaves.
Susana said…
Cerastium has a small and beautiful flower .
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Your pictures are wonderful.
it´s an interesting place!!!
Go on!!!
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