Hoosier Bloggers and Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day Reminder

Have you noticed that we have a few more Hoosier Garden Bloggers this spring? (You do know what a Hoosier is, don't you...someone who comes from or lives in Indiana. Not to be confused with a "hurrying hoosier", the mascot for Indiana University. We Boilermakers do not like to be called that kind of hoosier...)

There's Vonlafin, Gardening With God, who gardens in the Lafayette area and Robin, Robin's Nesting Place who is somewhere around Indianapolis, and Steven, Granny Gruner's Garden, who is also somewhere in the Indianapolis area. We already had Earth Girl blogging at The Good Earth in northeast Indiana and also Girl Gone Gardening up in Portage. And Earth Girl has started a new blog for the Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site.

Both Robin and Girl Gone Gardening are from other places, so they are trying to figure out some of the tricks of gardening in Indiana, like how do you know when the spring frost free date really is? (I'll tell you in July when the frost free date was this year!)

Any other Hooser garden bloggers out there? Let me know who you are. I'd love to add you to my special list on my side bar of Indiana-based gardeners .

And for all gardening bloggers, wherever you are, don't forget that tomorrow, April 15th, is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Finally, something to like about April 15th other than taxes being due! I'll post my entry early, early on April 15th, then when you've posted about what is blooming in your garden, come on over and leave a comment so everyone can find you and come visit your blog.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of blooms, especially in areas not living through this fifth season, Wring.


  1. I'M ready and set to go! Wait until you see!!!! Come by tomorrow...I'm so excited!!wink wink NG

  2. Carol, gardening in the south certainly was easier. I actually do like Indiana best though and am very thankful for the gardening help.

  3. I'm happy to hear about your burgeoning Indiana garden-blogging community. I know how much I've appreciated having other Austin bloggers to share with and learn from. I hope you all get to meet each other one of these days.

  4. We used to laugh when the old plates said, "Wanderer", because that's what Indy drivers tend to do!!!
    (old Illinois joke!!)

  5. Sissy... ha ha, funny. It was "Wander Indiana" not wanderer! I'd take "umbrage" but I've wandered a little bit on the road before when a pretty flower caught me eye!


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