I woke up yesterday to find that several people had already posted about their April 15th blooms for the 3rd monthly Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and new posts were being added all day long and even today. I don't have a final count but I'd guess somewhere around 40 bloggers showed us their blooms! That alone was quite overwhelming, to have so many people participate in bloom day, but then seeing what some people have blooming in their gardens right now... wow! There are some colorful gardens out there beyond my Zone 5 early (mid?) spring world. I tried my best to visit each blog with a post for bloom day and leave a comment. If I missed you, let me know. A big "Thank you" to all who participated.

And then, I was totally overwhelmed when I checked out Colleen's In the Garden Online blog and found out that I was nominated for some 2007 Mouse & Trowel awards. Like many readers of this blog, I nominated my favorite blogs and hoped to get a nod in a category myself. I ended up being nominated in three categories: Most Innovation in Garden Blogging, Garden Blogger You'd Most Like to Have As a Neighbor, and Garden Blog of the Year.

I've been back to Colleen's site a couple of times to double and triple check that it was this blog, May Dreams Gardens, that was nominated and not May You Dream About Gardens, or May Gardens Dream or Gardens May Dream or some closely named blog that I was not aware of. But the links all lead back here.

First, and foremost, thank you to all who nominated me! I am very appreciation of being nominated in these three categories. You can go here to vote now for your favorite in all the categories and if you like what you see here, I'd love to have your vote.

After you've voted, I hope those of you who didn't participate in the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day yesterday will join us either yet this month or next month by posting what is blooming in your garden on the 15th. If you post today or even tomorrow, we won't say anything, we'll just assume you spent yesterday working on your tax returns. Even if you don't post about your blooms, check back here when you can because I am planning some special posting days to give everyone a chance to show off more of their gardens and garden related items, like hoes, in their blogs.

And finally, before I finish up this post and go check those nominations again, I'd also like to invite everyone to join us in the Garden Bloggers' Book Club. You can go to this blog to get to links to all the posts about how to participate.

Thank you again for the nominations, wonderful comments, and great support for my blog, May Dreams Gardens.




Christa said…
Your nominations are so very well deserved. Thanks to you, we now have the wonderful Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, which I so very much enjoy.

Congratulations to you! And best of luck in the final voting!
Anonymous said…
Carol, all three of your nominations are much deserved. Congratulations! I'm thrilled to see Digging share two finalist categories with May Dreams.
Rusty in Miami said…
Congratulation on your nomination, I voted today. I missed bloom day yesterday I was one of those people doing their taxes at the last minute.
Gary said…
Any aards you recieve arevery richly deserved. I really admire what you are doing.
Congrats on your three (!!!) nominations, well done you! I can relate to you being in a bit of a shock because so was I. I had never expected anything at all. :-)

I didn't have the time to participate in Blooms Day on time unfortunately but will do so soon!

BTW I would have been very surprised if you had NOT been nominated.
cyndy said…
Congratulations on the nominations!

Thanks again for hosting the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day..it has been fun checking in on all the different gardens!
Congrats, Carol! All three of your nominations are well deserved. The whole point of the Mousies is to celebrate the things that make the garden blogging community so great, and you are definitely one of the bright spots in the garden blogosphere.

They are SO going to throw me out of Detroit now....all of this praise to a Hoosier.... ;-)
Carol, thank you for doing Blogger Bloom Day. It was fun to see everyone's garden. I'm so glad to have discovered some new garden blogs. Congratulations on your nominations. I just voted yesterday. I had errands to do yesterday and I was thrilled to see some crabapples and redbuds beginning to bloom. Maybe, just maybe ours will too. So glad that it is warming up.
Congrats for the nominations! I'm finding it very difficult to vote for who I want as a neighbor. How about all 4 of you?
Annie in Austin said…
We already knew that we loved you, Carol...now you know it, too! When you started the Garden Bloggers book club and mid-month Bloom Day you gave us interesting, fun ways to find other bloggers, visit their gardens and hear their voices, too. Thank you for that generosity.

Kylee Baumle said…
I will be participating in Bloom Day soon, I promise! I do check out the blogs, and I've seen such lovely things. Thanks for making it possible to visit so many gardens with such lovely blooms!

And congratulations on your nominations! I, too, am not surprised. And got my vote! :-)
Crunchy Chicken said…
Woohoo! Congratulations. You've got a great gardening blog so it should come as a suprise to no one.
OldRoses said…
Carol, I was thrilled too to see that you who have done so much for the garden blogging community was nominated for multiple Mousies. I'm lovin' "Passalong Plants" and I finally posted my Bloom Day report. Thanks for bringing us all together like this.
Unknown said…
Carol, congratulations on your nominations! They are very much deserved. :)
Carol Michel said…
All, thank you for the nicest set of comments! I'm not sure what to say, so I'll just say thank you for all your kind words.

Colleen, if they throw you out of Detroit, come on down to Indy. We don't have a big-time hockey team (just a little one, I think), but we've got basketball (well we had basketball but that's almost over for us this season and I'm not talking about it.) We can put you in a "De-program" and fix you right up!
Anonymous said…
I nominated you for "Most Innovative" because I think you've done great things this year in getting people to participate and share their garden experiences. The Book Club and Gardener's Bloom Day are great ideas and fun to be a part of. You really got people fired up--I'm so glad you made it to the finals.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens
LostRoses said…
Carol, I think you should win them all. Yeah, we love ya!
Gotta Garden said…
Congratulations, Carol! You are such a bright spot in the garden blogging world! I'm with everyone else in saying how well deserved the nominations are!
Lisa Blair said…
Congratulations, Carol! I really enjoy May Dreams Garden. A few weeks ago I picked up 'Passalong Plants' to re-read along with the book club. You keep me motivated!