Proud Guinevere Makes an Attempt

It doesn't take much warmth and sun to perk up the trees and shrubs that were shivering in the cold last week. And the gardener around here (me) likes the warmer days better, too.

This is one of those trees and shrubs, my crab apple tree, 'Guinevere', attempting to bloom Thursday (April 19th).

Because it was so warm in late March, I thought this tree was going to bloom about two weeks earlier than usual, but instead all the buds literally froze in the cold and the new leaves drooped. It was a sad sight, because I know what might have been. The picture below was taken exactly one year earlier on April 19, 2006.

I did not take a picture of the full tree this year because 'Guinevere' is a proud tree and wouldn't really want her current bedraggled appearance published for all to see. Instead we can remember her beauty from last year and hope for next year.

What I like about 'Guinevere' is that the buds start out pink and then as they open, the flowers turn almost white. And where the branches were grafted on, there's a cozy little place perfect for a bird's nest, but I've only seen a nest there once, a few years ago. This tree is one of my garden favorites!

'Guinevere' sits in the middle of the front flower bed that is now under renovation and needs to be surrounded with just the right flowers for early spring, mid spring, and summer blooms to enhance her beauty. I've got my work cut out for me both in deciding what to plant and then in actually finding those plants and planting them.

I am quite open to suggestions and others' ideas so feel free to suggest what you think should be planted with 'Guinevere'.


  1. Carol, I'm glad you have a few blooms. It is so sad that you didn't get to enjoy her in all of her glory. I bet next year we all appreciate spring's beauty a little more,(that is if she behaves herself).

  2. Guinevere is lovely and I agree, better to remember her beauty of last year.

    I was wondering what you had decided for the front flowerbed. I say meadowrues, scabiosas, geraniums, salvias and some interesting groundcovers ...

  3. I have had a lovely hour browsing through your blog, I came via Yolnda, it is fascinating to see whats going on in gardens across the world!

  4. Carol — I also need to redo my front bed near the house. Maybe I'll put up some pictures so I can solicit your advice! Good luck with your renovations.

    Susan from South of the River

  5. I especially like flowers that change color as they bloom. I have several kinds that do that and it is fun to watch it.

    We don't have many crabapples here in Houston, but I don't know why.

  6. we are almost there I think!

  7. I love this fascinating blog. I did have such a relaxing time reading and sharing in your love of the outdoors and gardening. God Bless you in your endeavors!

  8. I have no suggestions... but I'm adoring 'Guinevere' in these pictures. Beautiful. :)

  9. I am having a hard time getting a handle on Guinevere's bloomtime, but poet's narcissus blooms at the same time as our fruit bearing apple trees do, and the flowers are white. I think a white garden in spring is pretty.

  10. Like Kim, I have no suggestions, just admiration for Guinevere. I have a rosebush, Mme. Plantier, that has pink buds that become white flowers. I agree with you that phenomenom is lovely.

  11. Lovely tree. I love crabs because of their ability to start out showing one color then doing the color shifting act and end up with another.

    Some of the Japanese maple leaves exhibit the same trait and I love them for it. Like having 2 or 3 trees in one.

  12. Thanks all for the comments and I am happy to hear you all like Guinevere, she's one of my favorites (and the most expensive tree in my garden).


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