Purple Velvet

These pansies have been through a lot of seasons since I planted them on March 16th. First, it got really cold and then it warmed up quite a bit, then it got really cold again for several weeks, and then it got warm again. Today it should get to 78 degrees and there won't be a cloud in the sky.

My neighbor commented that these look like purple velvet, so soft that even she, who doesn't garden, reached down to touch them to see if they felt like a soft velvet.

They do.

Where did I get these you ask? From a local grower. I'm not going to be all high and mighty and claim that I've never purchased a plant from a big box store, because I have, plenty of times. But I'm always a little happier with my purchase when I get it from a local grower. The local grower in this case is CourtsYard and Greenhouse, formerly Boston Greenhouse.

The name of this flower? Came in a mixed flat, so it has no name that I know of. That means I get to name it! But wait, why don't some of you who come here to look around give me some ideas for names?


  1. I think they gorgeous, Purple Velvet would suit them. We have a few local growers around here too. Always find what I need when I visit them.

  2. They do look beautiful and one would never know what they have already lived through this year. 'Velveteen' because I love that word (and also the story 'Velveteen Rabbit').

  3. I am bad at giving names but I just wanted to tell that these pansies are to my liking. I am not a big pansy fan because they often come in yellow and that is not my colour at all. These "velvet" purple ones are very pretty!

  4. I buy my plants all over the place, even in supermarkets. As long as they are pretty and healthy, why not?

    Those violets are lovely, but as you know, I like violets a lot. Such happy little plants to brighten up the gloomiest day. And they are sturdy too, what more could you ask?

    I like Kate's suggestion for a name.

  5. All... thanks for the comments and I think I'll compromise on the name and go with "Purple Velveteen". These have been the best pansies I've had in awhile, even with all the cold weather and frost on them.


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