Spring Came Back, No Explanation Offered

There is a correlation between weather and how busy one is outside of the garden. I can offer proof. The first part of April, when the weather was cold and rainy, I had all kinds of time to work in the garden, and had to just sit and wait out the weather.

But now that Spring has decided to return, I am as busy as ever and have little time to spend in the garden, at least for a few days.

Did I not mention that Spring had returned on Sunday? It did, still a little wobbly and cool in the mornings, but improving each day. It offered no explanation as to where it was those first few weeks of April, it just came back, and brought with it the woodland violets, which had also disappeared when it got cold again.

And Spring offered no apologies for what its absence did to some of the flowers and trees and shrubs. But I think Spring feels bad about disappearing and is trying to make amends with blue skies, sunshine and temperatures that get closer to perfection each day.

Weekend weather should be outstanding... so it is hard to stay mad at Spring.

If only I wasn't so busy.


  1. Carol, most of the time, I am just a silent reader of your interesting blog. You inspired me to post an "Ode to the tulip", you are more than welcome to pass by my little "Country cottage garden"!

    Happy gardening!

  2. I hope spring stays this time. My poor lilacs are trying to bloom, but the flowers are pathetic. My apple tree does have blossoms though. Maybe all is not lost.
    Kathy, the older sister

  3. Too busy during gardening season is the story of my life. I just wasn't thinking ahead when I gave birth to all of my children (but two) in the months from March to September. Right when I need to be weeding, watering, planting etc. I find myself shopping for birthdays, wrapping presents for birthdays, cooking for birthdays, etc. And each one of them is worth it.

  4. Isn't that the way it always seems to go! I'm glad you have spring again - we're even starting to see blooms in Minnesota - hooray!

    p.s. your photos are beautiful - I enjoyed the tulips on your last post.

  5. Murphy's Law of Gardening, I suppose? Well, try to make some time to get out there and enjoy that beautiful spring weather.

  6. It's good to know that spring has returned to Indiana. I hope all is forgiven and that you bear no grudges? ;-) Go on, give spring a second chance, you know you want to.

    Hopefully you'll have lots of time to enjoy your garden the coming weekend!

  7. Spring was bouncing along all happy like you know, the way it does, and all of a sudden winter jumped back up and whacked it upside the head yesterday just so spring would remember his older brother can still sock it to him when he wants to. Temps dropped from 60-65 to 32-38 with rain, hail and a lot of wind. But you know Spring, he'll be bouncing along again this weekend. I just hope my apples will forgive winter!

  8. Spring can be a very fickle girl indeed. I hope that my experience with my apples will give you hope. Mine were in full bloom when BAM, winter reappeared in full force, four nights of hard freeze. I was sure the apples were done for, and the pears too. The little pears are sitting there green and pretty and developing, my apples that had set are doing the same and the apples have more blossoms. There is hope!

  9. Anita... I love all your tulips.
    1st Kathy...My lilacs are also trying to bloom. We'll see what happens.
    Kathy, Cold Climate Gardening...You could get your kids stuff for the garden for their birthdays! Wouldn't they like that!!
    Kris... thanks for the nice comment!
    Yolanda Elizabet... Yes, I have already forgiven spring, how can I not? She's too pretty most of the time.
    Pam/Digging... I hadn't thought of that law, I that it is. The nicer the day for gardening, the busier I am!
    P~... So you are blaming it on winter, eh?
    Healingmagichands... thanks, that does give me hope!

  10. I know what you mean about having time to garden when the weather is not cooperating, and being too busy when the weather is nice! I almost put a post on my blog about how frustrated I am right now with the garden! I have garden beds to construct, a deck to finish building, and a million plants to put out. I was free last weekend and it was cold and raining. This weekend is supposed to be nice and I have commitments away from home. Argh!

    Sorry about that tantrum. Maybe I will still write a post about my frustration.

    Warmer days are ahead, right? :)

  11. spring must be gearing up for those May flowers. Hope you have time to get and enjoy the nice weather soon.

  12. Oh I sympathize with you Carol!
    Why can't the "indoor" work just wait for the rainy days...it is frustrating when there are other things that must be done, when all I want to do is get out and play in my garden!

  13. Marc... No apology necessary for the tantrum, we all know you feel!
    Old Roses... Thanks for the positive thoughts.
    Cyndy... I'm glad others understand the "pull" of the garden in spring.

  14. Carol, I'm glad to hear that spring has finally headed your way. It is definitely stubborn this year, I think even tonight on our southeastern coast that we are supposed to get into the 40s (lunacy!). I don't think there's any turning back now though.


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