The first daisy of the season bloomed today. Just one bloom, but soon there will be many more. I've lost track of what kind of daisy it is but it self sows in "a nice way" and I think it is one I started from seed. I'll have to go through my old seed lists to see if I can figure it out.

"Self-sowing in a nice way" means you get some seedlings popping up here and there, but not everywhere. You have enough to fill in some blank spots and still give some away.

This daisy will produce a lot of blooms in the next few weeks, and then the rest of the summer it will bloom here and there if I deadhead it promptly.

And here are my first flats of annuals.

I bought these from a co-worker who belongs to an organization that sells them as a fund raiser. I could have bought more, but I had to place the order waaaayyyy back in March, and I didn't know what I wanted at the time. I'm not sure why I bought all shade loving annuals because I don't really have that much shade. And the shade I do have is being hogged up by the hostas!

And this is the first evening of Gardening Vacation 2007. I have many thoughts and ideas about what I want to do this coming week, as many ideas as there are snow-in-summer (Cerastium tomentosum) flowers now.

I'm going to need a plan...


  1. Those flats of annuals look so full and healthy, Carol! I keep looking at the Snow-in-Summer and wondering whether I should get some for my yard. How much does it spread? Is it manageable if you take chunks out of the outside?

  2. Your daisy looks and sounds like a shasta daisy :)

    I do love them lots!

  3. Enjoy your gardening week. I hope you get everything done that you want to get done. I am just finishing up my annual May gardening week. I'll do another gardening week in October to plant bulbs. It's back to work on Monday for me!

  4. Blackswamp_Girl... Snow-in-summer is easy to pull out and contain, I got mime as a passalong plant.

    Nickie... That's what I thought, but I've got some other shasta daisies that I know are shasta daisies, but they are different from these.

    Old Roses... Thanks, I hope you also had a good gardening week!

  5. How very nice - a week of gardening! I hope that you enjoy it - what a treat.

  6. Carol, Your begonias look beautiful and very healthy. I will be anticipating your posts this week. I hope that the rain will hold off for you so that your time in the garden will be productive and enjoyable.

  7. Carol: How about lots of containers in the shade? I know, they require a lot of maintenance but those coleus are luscious and there is nothing richer than white impatiens in a pot! Have fun with your gardening week. I hope you are not too tired to post!

  8. Hi , looks like an ox-eye daisy, theyb are just starting to come into flower over here as well.
    Cheers Mark

  9. Hi I just found your blog and thought I would just say Hi! You take some great photos.

  10. If you need a break from all that planting, you could come out to the perennial store and farmers market. Lots of nice flowers and garden decorations there.
    Kathy, the older sister

  11. A whole week off just gardening. How nice. Love the daisies and the plants.

  12. Oh...permit me to have garden envy. You're SO far ahead of my Nova Scotian garden. Mow the lawn? It's hardly green yet...ditto the pasture, and we have maybe a dozen bales of hay left for the horse and donkey. While you're enjoying tulips, we're still into the snowdrop, crocus and scilla mode. But that's the beauty of gardening, and of having blogs to share our gardening experiences with one another. Count me in as a new and regular reader (and I'll add your blog to my links with your permission.)

  13. Pam...Indeed a week off to garden is a treat, I recommend it for all gardeners who can do it.
    Robin... So far, after one day, the rain is holding off. Even if it rains a day or two, I'll be alright, as I have some other days off planned for later this month.
    Layanee... I plan to post each day. I do plant a lot of containers for shade on my back patio that faces north.
    Mark... I'll have to look up ox-eye daisy to see if that is what these are. Regardless, I like the name!
    Laura & Chris... Hi, and welcome, and thanks. Come back anytime.
    Kathy the older sister... I might just do that, especially if it rains.
    Curtis... It is very nice to have a whole week to garden!
    Jodi... Welcome, and one good link deserves another, so I've added your blog to my list of other gardening blogs. Hope you get some better weather soon.

  14. My Snow in Summer looks good, but no flowers yet! I just love it and have it as an underplanting under my Harry Lauder's Walking Stick.

    Things look so lush and green there in your gardens!

  15. Kylee... I agree, snow-in-summer is a great 'underplanting' for shrubs.

  16. Carol, if you don't have a good place to plant all those shade-loving plants, I know the perfect spot! Back by the gazebo to replac those ferns that you stole!! LOL!


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