Focal Point for the Garden

Back in the early spring, when I posted about renovating my perennial bed by the back patio, several people suggested via comments that I should add a focal point at the corner of the patio.

I'd like you all to know I listened and after looking around, I think I've found just the right focal point sitting in my own garage.

Without further ado... ta da! Here it is

Yes, that's a snowman! I originally bought it for display on the front porch in the winter time, but I really like it and thought having it on display all summer would make it seem cooler outside.

Plus it is a bit of the "unexpected", and doesn't one of the hosts on one of those decorating shows on H*TV always preach to have the unexpected in your design, whether inside or out?

This is one of the side views.
And here's another side view. See in the background my newly planted miniature Iris 'Smart'?

Kindly ignore that empty pot on the right, I'm not done planting!

I know it is hard to tell what this snowman is really going to look like because the plants aren't mature yet. You will just have to use your imagination.

Oh, and one more thing about the snowman...

I'm kidding, pulling your leg, making up a story. That is not going to be the focal point. I put it there to see if it was about the size that I am looking for, when I do get something to put there.

I think it is on the small side.

In the meantime, I put the original temporary focal point back in place and I promise the snowman is back in the garage, patiently waiting for December.

I think this is closer to the size I am looking for, at least it will be the right size once those plants mature.

What do others think?

I did briefly consider keeping this in place for the summer and growing some vines on it. But this perennial bed is only for well-behaved plants, and I've yet to meet a vine that could behave itself, except for maybe a clematis. But I don't want to put a clematis there if I am going to find some other focal point, and then have to move the clematis.

And that concludes my gardening activities for the day... weeding, transplanting, potting up containers, mowing the lawn and trying out a new sculpture. I can tell you it was hot mowing the grass and that snowman didn't cool me off a bit!


  1. Bring back the snowman! Seriously, though, did I miss a post about your focal point? Can't you put containers in those rings? That would give it substance and add color.

  2. Love the snowman, but how about a water feature instead? You are missing the sound of running water in your garden!

  3. Carol, what about planting some annual vines to run up your obelisk? Something like scarlet runner beans, morning glories, thunbergia? They could provide colour and fill things in while your well behaved perennials grow, and if you decide to change your focal point, then the vines are done after frost. Plus scarlet runner beans attract hummingbirds, which is an added bonus.

    cheers, jodi

  4. Your yard is so pretty! It was hot today wasn't it? I like the idea of a water feature too. I've seen some really pretty fountains.

  5. Carol, did you ever consider growing something in a wire basket suspended inside, hung from the center top? You could let the vine cascade down the obelisk, rather than have it climb. A container would need more frequent watering, but the whole thing would be portable and the parts would be reusable elsewhere if your dream feature shows up.

    Maybe something like the Margarita Sweet Potato vine would look cool?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. whew...ya had me worried there!


    If I saw that in one of my neighbors yards....who knows WHAT I would do.

  7. I was shocked at first that you wanted the snowman in your garden. After all the fuss about Hatepril and how much you so enjoyed the snow in the last two months, I couldn't believe that May Dreams Garden would have as its focal point something from December or January!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what the REAL focal point will be. Keep us posted.

  8. You are too funny! You really had me going! But I've been told that Gullible is my middle name. LOL.

    I love what you've done with that area. I really like your wire border fencing.

  9. The snowman should get a lot of laughs from the neighbors...or maybe just quiet comments whispered behind cupped hands! I like your tutuer! A classic piece of statuary is always nice. I can't wait to see what you choose.

  10. Ohhhhhhhh, where did the snowman go? Did it melt? Thought he was kinda cute and cool, so cool that he was hot which is probably why he melted. Or something! ;-)

    Well I see you have already gotten a few excellent suggestions about what to use for a focal point. I'll just wait and see what it's going to be.

  11. Phew ... for a moment I thought I might have to stop visiting.

  12. I was just about to give you the award for "Redneck yard of the week" when you pulled a quick switcharoo.

    Since I don't see any evergreens in the bed may I suggest a living focal point -Alberta Spruce, a tall 'Graham Blandy ' boxwood, or a tall conical- shaped Ilex Crenata ( Japanese
    Holly )? It could act as a snow sculpture in the winter as well.

  13. I think you need one of those David statues!

  14. Hello, this was a funny story to read. Came to your blog via reading comments on Christa's blog. I am sure I will come back for more. As far as your center piece is concerned, I'd put annual vines there in the color that matches the other plants in your flower bed. Greetings from Germany, Andrea

  15. All... thanks for the comments and the suggestions. I put Mr. Snowman back in the garage and I'll keep looking for another focal point.

    Hey, maybe some of you have focal points that I could see to get some ideas? Post about them, even if they are "temporary" like the Snowman. I'd love to see what others come up with!

  16. I was really worried about your taste for a moment. I almost had to rate you with my neighbors who keep a FAKE plant on their front porch ALL year long. As if it looks remotely realistic when it's snowing out. :)
    Have fun planting your obelisk!


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