Garden Bloggers' Book Club May Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club newsletter.

Update on April-May

Who is going to join us for the book club post this month? For the Garden Bloggers’ Book April-May selection we chose Passalong Plants by Steve Bender and Felder Rushing. There are two ways to participate. Read the book and post a review about it or write about your favorite passalong plants, either those you’ve received or those you like to give to others and post that. Post by May 30th so I can include you in the club post on May 31st.

If you would like a sneak peek at a book review, check out M. Sinclair-Steven’s review at Zanthan Gardens. Or go over to Annie in Austin’s to read about her visit to Florarama in March, which included a talk by Felder Rushing. If between those two posts you don’t get excited about passalong plants or the book and decide your going to post something then, well, let me know what would get you excited about one of the best things about gardening, the sharing of plants. What other hobby allows you to divide something and multiply it at the same time. Think about that!

June-July Book Selection Announcement

For June-July, the selection is Who Does Your Garden Grow by Alex Pankhurst. And this time we are also offering an alternate selection, Legends in the Garden: Who In The World is Nellie Stevens? by Linda L. Copeland, Allan M. Armitage. The idea behind these books is to read the stories of the people who have plants named after them. You don't have to read both books, you can read either one. For those who would like to participate but can’t find either book at your local library or you don’t want to add either book to your library, you can still participate by just figuring out who some of the plants in your garden are named after and posting about that.
A quick note on the alternate selection… I ordered it from Amazon some time ago, and have not yet received it. It is supposed to ship in June. Not sure why that is, but wanted to let people know that the Legends in the Garden book, the one that is the alternate choice, seems to be taking a long time to ship, at least from Amazon.

August-September Book Selection

August-September will be the last of the “two month” selections and then we’ll go back to reading a book a month. If you have a suggestion on what we should read, leave a comment or send me an email note.

That’s it for now, and I hope some of you have haven’t participated before will join us this time for Passalong Plants!
(The little Geranium above is a passalong plant from my younger sister, and she doesn't really garden. But everyone has plants to passalong so I can always find something for my sisters to share with me whenever I visit them!)


  1. Carol:

    I haven't yet participated in the book club but it does sound like fun. I will plan on reading the June/July book or books. Do most read both?

  2. Layanee... This is the 1st time I've offered an alternate selection, so I don't know if anyone will read both books. I try to come up with ways for people to post even if they don't read the book at all. Some might think that is strange for a "book club", but I want to make it easy to join in and post on the topic of the books, regardless.

    I updated the post a bit after I first published it to make things a bit clearer...

  3. I had hoped to read the summer selection, but I guess I'll pass this time. Maybe the next time. Thanks for all your time with this book club.

  4. It's still May so my garden blogger's book club post on Passalong Plants made the deadline.

    The two alternate selections for June/July sound pretty interesting, and are both new to me. Thanks for the information, Carol~

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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  6. OK, my review of Passalong PLants is posted at my site.
    Thanks for picking such an awesome book!

  7. How do I join the book club? I've got my "review" ready but I'm not sure exactly what I need to do. Please help!


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