Lettuce, Blogs, Book Clubs and Bloom Day


My sister has instructed me to bring a salad for Mother's Day lunch tomorrow. Do you think she is expecting some of this lettuce growing in my garden or a nice big head of store bought iceberg lettuce?


I've been using Google Reader to keep track of new posts on blogs I like to visit. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be reliably informing me of new posts. Sometimes I get to thinking, "hmmm so-and-so doesn't seem to have posted in a while", then I check their blog and there are all kinds of new posts (or one or two) that Google Reader failed to let me know about! Is anyone else using Google Reader and having these issues, or not having these issues?

Book Club...

The Garden Bloggers' Book Club is on "summer schedule", reading a book every two months. The April-May selection is Passalong Plants by Steve Bender and Felder Rushing. You can either post a review of the book, or post about your own favorite passalong plants, those you give and those you have received. When you've posted your review, let me know via a comment or email, so I can find the review. I'll publish the "club post" with links to all the related posts on May 31st. I hope you will all join in, even if you didn't read the book. Everyone has a passalong plant or two to share about, right?

I've also determined the June-July selection and will post about that soon.

Bloom Day...

The 4th monthly Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is this Tuesday, May 15th. Post on your blog about what's blooming in your gardens on the 15th, then come here to my blog and leave a comment on my Bloom Day post, so everyone can find you and visit and see what is in bloom in your garden. It's like a virtual garden tour. So far, gardeners in the south, especially all those Texans, have led with the most blooms, as we would expect in early spring, but I have a feeling May is going to be different!

Thank you!

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me to get a Mouse & Trowel award. Regardless of the outcome, I was and am thrilled with being nominated and happy to have been included with other great gardening blogs.

Have a great day in your garden!


  1. I've been using Google Reader for a while now. It has a few glitches, but I like the interface much better than Bloglines. It seems as though Bloglines is updated more frequently, though, and gives me the ability to keep my blog's sidebar blogroll and my reading list all in one place. Now I'm using both Bloglines and Google Reader, which is like wearing a belt and suspenders, think.

  2. Carol — I use Bloglines and, although I do have some issues with the interface, I don't get a sense of it missing things (sometimes I get posts more than once, although apparently that has something to do with the settings I'm ussing, according to MSS at Zanthan Gardens). But it's the only reader I've ever used so maybe others are better.

    — Susan from South of the River

  3. Carol, I was sitting out on my swing this morning making a list of the things blooming right now. I'm looking forward to Bloggers Bloom Day and seeing everyone's garden.

  4. Love your Lilacs. You stay rather busy I think. I'm tired just reading about everything you do,

  5. That is one spectacular-looking bed of lettuce! Your growing season may start later than mine but you've definitely passed me now.

  6. Carol, I have a question for you regarding Google Reader, I know nothing about Google Reader and I am still learning about blogging, so I hope this isn't a dumb question. After I post I sometimes edit quite a few times for one reason or another. I usually post late at night and after I read it in the morning I sometimes decide to reword things, or sometimes I post before I spell check. Anyway, I wanted to make sure that when I edit it doesn't show up as a new post each time I hit publish after editing. Does it?

  7. Sherry said you are bringing a veg plate tomorrow. Does that mean you're not going to share you beautiful greens?

  8. Entangled... that's a good analogy for using both. I'm going to stick with Google Reader for now.
    Susan... thanks for the comment. I don't think I'm getting any feeds twice.
    County Clerk... I have lazy days, too!
    Molly... I think the cold of April was just the perfect conditions for the lettuce, plus I kept them covered the whole month.
    Robin... So far, I haven't noticed duplicate posts from you showing up, but I'll watch for that and let you know.
    Eleanor... Yes, I am bringing lettuce from the garden! I want everyone to say how good it is!

  9. Carol the lettuce looks delicious, your sister will be very happy

  10. Oops, there was a typo in my comment - that last bit was supposed to be "I think". Forgot to mention that it seems like Google Reader works better if you clear your browser's cache often.

  11. Carol: Thanks for the heads up concerning 'Bloom Day'. Since I am new to blogging I might have missed the tour if not for your reminder. I need to plant more lilacs!


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