Garden Bloggers' Book Club April-May Meeting Post

Welcome to the “virtual meeting” of the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for April-May. Our selected book for these two months is Passalong Plants by Steve Bender and Felder Rushing.

Now go get yourself a tall glass of iced tea (green tea for me!) and take your laptop with your wireless connection out to your favorite spot in the garden and visit the posts linked below to read about the book and some of our favorite passalong plants. (No wireless connection in the garden? Then at least sit by a window so you can enjoy your own garden view while you read these posts). If this was a real meeting, we would most definitely sit outside tonight and I’d be serving some kind of strawberry dessert because I have a lot of strawberries ripening in the garden this week.

Here are the posts in the order I received a comment or email about them:

M. Sinclair Stevens (Texas) at Zanthan Gardens

Connie at Rose Cottage Garden

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

OldRoses at A Gardening Year

Annie in Austin at the Transplantable Rose

Bonnie at Kiss of Sun

Mimi at Gardening on a Very Small Scale

Lisa Blair at A Shower Fresh Garden

Kris at Blithewold

Tracy at Outside

Gloria at Pollinators-Welcome

Entangled at Tangled Branches

Gotta Garden at Gotta Garden

Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago

Pam at Digging

Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening

Melissa at Dilly Dalley Doolittle Garden

I hoped you enjoyed visiting all the blogs and reading about all the passalong plants and the book, too. If you want to know more about Felder Rushing, one of the authors of the book, you can check out his web site here.

If you are feeling left out now and want to join in and post your own thoughts, feel free to do that, and then let me know via a comment or email and I’ll add you to the list above. Or if I missed your post, please let me know!

That’s what’s wonderful about a virtual club meeting… you can’t really be late. I can add you to the list at any time!

Did you notice we had some new participants this month? I found several new garden blogs and bloggers who’ve joined us for the first time with this book, which is a side benefit to the book club.

And thank you to all who participated in the book club this time. I hope you will return for the June-July club post. I’ll post more on that later, including how to participate even if you can’t read the book selected.

We gardeners do love our passalong plants. If not for the miles and climate zones that separate us, I’m sure those participating in the book club and other garden bloggers lurking about reading these posts would be passing along plants to each other at a furious pace this spring.

Now, who would like some of my chocolate mint, an easy plant to passalong, with a suitable warning about mint in general! (And shame on you if you’ve ever passed along a thug like this to a naïve, new gardener! Anyone want to confess to doing that, even accidently?)
And with my mint, some Lamb’s Ear, another plant that is easy to share with others.

“Gardeners are generous because nature is generous to them and because they know what it means to read about something and not be able to get it.” Elizabeth Lawrence in the introduction to Gardening for Love: The Market Bulletins, another book about how gardeners share plants with each other.


  1. ....and just before the clock strikes midnight, in I rush! Well, at least it's still May...Post is up!

  2. Hi Carol,

    I guess I missed the deadline about Passalong plants ? Last week I wrote a post about the civil war era rose in my garden and wanted to get it in but I was very sick with a throat infection.

    I've just received the Passalong Plants book and am reading it. I discovered tht Steve Bender is from my home state so I feel I can relate to his humor.

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event.

  3. Gotta Garden and Carolyn Gail... you've both been added!

  4. I didn't read the book, didn't do a post about any passalong plants, but I'm having a blast reading through everyone's posts. I'm going to have to look for this book now...

  5. You have a great blog! I really enjoy all your pictures.


  6. Chocolate mint? Why chocolate? Does it taste like chocolate? How cool is that!

  7. Salix Tree... the mint leaf tastes like a chocolate mint! Yum! That's why I let them grow (as if I could stop that plant)

  8. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for the "you're never late for the book club comments" because, well, I'm late...

    I'm over at

  9. No, no mint thank you. I've been trying for three years to eradicate some spearmint someone gave us once. She said it was so nice to smell when the cat rolled around in it. We thought it would be nice to have some for tabbouli, garnishing drinks or in some SE Asian dishes and it was but not nice enough to put up with a rampant invasive. It made an appearance again this spring.


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