An Evening in the Garden

This rabbit was eating the tops of my green beans. I caught him in the act this evening.

In this picture, he's trying to figure out how to get out of the garden and away from me, because I was chasing him. Then I stopped and took a picture. Get away from those strawberries, those are for ME!

He made it out of the garden and went half way across the lawn and sat with his back to me. He was probably thinking I'd go away if he sat there real still and then he could go back and finish his dinner. I'm not going away that quickly, Mr. Rabbit!

Then I chased him out of my yard.

It's a temporary reprieve for the beans. That rabbit will return. It's just too tempting, I suppose, all those delicious bean plants.

But I am ready for him. The trap is set.
Do you think I'll catch a rabbit this evening or tonight or tomorrow? Oh, Mr. Rabbit, come on back to the beans, I'm sorry I chased you away like that. I have a nice shady place for you to sit...

Tomorrow I'm going to be busy at work and then busy working on my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post, so if I do catch a rabbit, he's going to have to wait for a bit until I have time to cart him off and release him someplace far, far away from here. But don't worry, if I come home from work and find a rabbit in the trap, I'll put the trap in the shade so he won't get too hot. And I've gotten a head start on my bloom day post, so I really wouldn't make the rabbit wait that long.

To get a head start on my bloom day post, I surveyed the gardens yesterday evening and made a list of everything that is blooming. Then this evening, wouldn't you know it, I found a new flower blooming. It's a false sunflower, Heliopsis helianthoides.

I'm sure glad I didn't miss it. These will be blooming for the rest of the summer, as common as grass in my garden, but it is still nice to see the very first bloom.

No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden. ~Hugh Johnson


  1. Risking the likelihood that you may try to give me a good whack with one of your many hoes...I still have to say:

    He's so CUTE!

    (Quickly ducking.)

    Of course, I can only say this because I don't have any bunnies bothering my beans right now. Good luck with the little furball.

  2. LOL! I initially thought the same as Colleen... He's so cute!

    But I don't have rabbits here either, so that's easy for me to say.

    I can see why bunny is so tempted. Your bean plants look great!

  3. Didn't you plant anything for him? Good job with the photo. I was walking the garden the other day with the camera and a snake was sitting in the grass. I was so shaken I missed the photo op. I won't miss it again though!

  4. Carol, that photo of the bunny totally cracks me up -- it's terrific! I'm sorry he was eating your beans, though. I had a rabbit in my garden this evening, must be the night for posting about the bunnies!

  5. Doesn't rabbit stew go really well with beans?
    Oh come on, I kid Mr. Rabbit.
    We used to have this nice Buddist lady as a tenant and she made us buy live traps for our mice. Now it's a ritual with me and my boys. When we get a mouse we take it down to the lake and they get to let it go.

  6. I see a rabbit in our yard now and then, but I suspect the five outside cats tend to be a little intimidating...

  7. Those pesky wabbits!!! Carol is gonna get you! :-)

    Is it only 1 rabbit or perhaps more? Luckily I don't have rabbits in my garden, I have slugs and snails. Oh well, there's always something, right? ;-) Happy rabbit hunting!

  8. That quote by Mr. Johnson is so true isn't it Carol? My balloon flower bloomed out two days ago. I need to get out and take pictures. That's a cute bunny! Our cat, Gizmo, takes care of the bunnies or anything else in our yard, except for our dog, Daisy!

  9. I, too, had nice green beans on Monday. Yesterday I went to water them and mysteriously the leaves were gone. The other evening a neighbor and I saw a red fox wander down the street (in the middle of this suburban neighborhood). I hope he is doing his job and catching rabbits.
    Kathy, the older sister

  10. We have voles, not rabbitts. And, they are so destructive.

    It's always great to come upon another gardening blog!

  11. Carol, I'm glad you don't destroy God's little creatures. Your young niece & nephews would be devistated & you would no longer be considered their favorite aunt. (Just kidding. I know you wouldn't do anything like that, no matter how frustrated you would get)

  12. Good luck with your Wascally Wabbit! Since I don't have much for veggies, my bunnies just lay around in the shade under my plants, but don't eat much. (Except the seed heads off the grass in the yard that I don't mow.) But you can't spray food crops with that smelly liquid fence like I can my flowers, so I hope your method works!

  13. my bloom day post up-late as usual! ;-)

  14. All... thanks for the comments. Yes, the rabbits are cute, but very ravenous and not afraid to eat anything they want. I battle them every year for the produce in the garden.

  15. I planted haricot vert the french green bean one year and what the rabbit didn't get the deer ate. And this despite a net fence around the garden. I have given up growing beans.


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