Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2007

Welcome to my garden! Could any morning be finer in the garden than a cool June morning, before the heat of the day rushes in?

Here’s a few pictures of some blooms in my garden in mid-June.

This is a double daylily, 'Siloam Double Classic'. I found this at a big box store last June for five dollars. (Sorry about the shadows, it was a sunny evening when I took pictures).

One of several hostas starting to bloom. This is 'Baby Bunta' which is in my miniature garden where some little coral bells and meadow rue are also blooming.

I like the Limemound spirea mostly for the light green foliage, but the blooms are pretty and dainty and attractive to bees. I cut these down to the ground in early spring, and they are now nicely sized shrubs. I might cut them back every other spring or so to keep them to a manageable size.

I have Marquerite daisies here and there throughout the garden. Doesn't everyone? Who could have just one clump of these?

Yes, some cactus are hardy enough to withstand a midwestern winter and then give us these pretty blooms.

And in the vegetable garden, the onions are starting to bloom. And so are the tomatoes.
Here's a list of other plants blooming now…

Alchemilla mollis – Lady’s Mantle
Allium – variety unknown but it is a late bloomer
Anthemis tinctoria ‘Kelwayi’ – Golden Marquerite Daisy
Chamaemilum nobile – Chamomile
Clematis integrefolia ‘Alba’ – Shrub Clematis
Clematis sp. – variety unknown, two of them.
Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ – Moonbeam Coreopsis, please don’t call it Tickseed!
Echinacea purpurea – Coneflowers
Heliopsis helianthiodes – False Sunflower
Hemerocallis – 'Stella D’Oro'
Hemerocallis ‘Siloam Double Classic’ - Daylily
Hemerocallis fulva – Tiger Lily
Heuchera ‘Petite Pearl Fairy’ – Coral Bells
Hosta ‘Baby Bunting’
Hosta – several blooming, varieties sadly not known
Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’
Lamium maculatum ‘Aureum’ – Spotted Nettle
Lychnis coronaria – Rose Campion
Monarda ‘Petite Delight’ – Bee Balm
Nepatica – Catmint, variety unknown
Oenothera tetragona ‘Sunspot’ – Variegated Evening Primrose
Opuntia sp. – Prickly Pear Cactus
Potentilla fruticosa ‘McKay’s White’
Rosa – White Flower Carpet
Sedum sp. – various ground covers, some with white flowers, some with yellow flowers
Spiraea sp. – variety unknown but has white flowers
Spiraea x bumulda ‘Crispa’ – Cutleaf Spirea
Spiraea x bumulda ‘Monhub’ – Limemound Spirea
Stachys byzantina – Lamb’s Ear (but I usually cut off the blooms)
Thalictrum kiusianum - Kyushu Meadow Rue
Tradescantia - Spiderwort

In the Vegetable Garden...


In the containers... a whole bunch of different flowers. I've chosen to skip listing them because they are all blooming and have all been blooming since I bought them and I listed them in May.

What’s blooming in your garden today?

Please join us for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day by posting on your blog what’s blooming today in your garden, and then leave a comment here so we can find you and visit to see all your pretty flowers.

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to list your blooms in a comment below.

If you have too many blooms to list or not enough time, just go with your top 10 list and join us anyway. And botanical names are strictly optional! All are welcome!

We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. Your cactus is a different color than mine, mine is all yellow, very pretty. I like the shadows on the daylily, it makes the photo more interesting. I bet your yard is a joy to walk through.

  2. Lucky you! I love your cactus and I wish my tickseed was in bloom now too. Maybe soon :)

  3. Carol, my BBD list is up now.

    I cut my spirea to the ground in the fall and it is still pretty large for the front bed. I do like it though now that it's in full bloom. I think I'll do what you said and just cut it back every year.

  4. I don't have any Marguerite Daisies. Shocking, isn't it?

  5. I finally made it... Here's my solitary offering Carol - Arctotis

  6. Just finished my two posts. I had to do part one and two, one especially for the roses. Lots of my flowers are in bud, they decided not to bloom for the 15th, I bet they open this weekend!
    Love your yellow daisies, I have white ones, not blooming yet. Must get some yellows as well someday.
    Have a lovely midsummer, all you gardeners!

  7. For once I am on time but the flowers are fairly pedestrian!

  8. Lovely blooms, dear Carol.The Cactus flowers look gorgeous.
    My Blooms Day list is up too.

  9. It is always so interesting to see the differences between what can grow in Zone 5 versus my Zone 8! This is my first time to participate in GBBD; thanks to May Dreams for such a creative idea.
    From pavonia to pentas, hibiscus to hirta (Rudbeckia hirta, that is), Xylem & Phloem is awash in the colors of summer! Check out my photo slideshow at

    Callie Works-Leary
    Xylem & Phloem

  10. Happy Bloom Day, Carol! Your cactus flowers are so pretty. I also like the hostas.

    My bloom day post is up now, too.

  11. Hi Carol! I love your double day lily. I have a double blooming too, but it isn't as pretty as yours.

    I managed to get my GBBD post up on time for once! Come on over and visit!

  12. Hi Neighbor Carol,

    I've posted my bloomers for GBBD.

    Your double day lily is awesome!

  13. I love the bloom day! I will be posting this evening so please stop by after the rush of the day. I look forward to looking at all of your guests blooms also! Carol, you are a great coordinator!

  14. I'm loving that 'Siloam Double Classic' as well! Very, very pretty. My GBBD post is up, as well :-)

    Thanks again for hosting this. I love seeing what's blooming in everyone's garden.

  15. Love the pic on the onion flower. I just put up my GBBD post

  16. Hi Carol,

    Love your photos! My GBBD post is up at

    Take care,

  17. How lovely summer is in your garden! I'll be looking forward to your posts and pictures to keep me going through the long, hot days ahead.

    Here's June's list for Zanthan Gardens. I'm having trouble with my server or my blog I hope you'll be able to see it.

  18. My Bloom Day post has a bunch of flowers, and a mystery as well!

  19. Lovely blooms Carol, don't you just love it that every month there's more and more in flower? :-)

    The Bliss Blooms are up too. Enjoy!

  20. I'm finding the whole zone thing quite frustrating. We're in the same zone but your garden is way ahead of mine. I do understand the how's and why's but it still seems unfair! I don't think I've ever seen such a pretty cactus bloom!

  21. All posted!

  22. Carol, I'm participating for the first time, and my June 15 flowers are here:

  23. Thanks for the invitaion to join in the fun. It's exciting to see what's out all across th country...please visit my listing too!

  24. Hi Carol,
    Your flowers are just beautiful! Isn't this a magical month? I have my Bloom Day blog is now up. Thanks for hosting this!

  25. I love the bee on the Spirea! There's bees and blooms up today on the Blithewold blog -- Thank you, Carol!

  26. I have a post up at my place. I love your cactus flowers! I have the same spirea, three different plants, and I am going to move a few to a new area in the fall, so they are highlighted a bit more. They are so easy to care for!

  27. Pretty daylily - I love that color!

    I have no daylilies in bloom yet, and just one Asiatic Lily. My list and a photo of my lonely lily are now posted.

  28. All... Thanks to all who have participated so far. I've tried to visit everyone and leave a comment. If I missed you, it's purely an oversight on my part, let me know.

    (Carolyn Gail... I haven't visited your post yet because I can't get your blog to come up for me... I'll try again later)

  29. Beautiful blooms. There is lots blooming in my garden too.

  30. Carol absolutely lovely! I LoVe the ~limemound spirea~ wonderful color but then I LoVe lavender shades in my garden! Oh that cactus blossom!! I also have them in containers on the patio but mine have NOT blossomed!DO YOU FERTILIZE THEM??
    I apologize for forgetting about ~bloom day in June~ too much on my mind. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend enjoying your garden!I need a reminder! hugs NG

  31. Carol, here I am for June! We have finally had a couple of warm days to get things started for the summer... at last.

  32. Love the color of that daylily and the cactus flowers are very long do they last?

  33. A few answers about the cactus. I don't fertilize it, it just grows in a corner up by the side of the house. The flowers last about 10 days or so, maybe I'll get two weeks of bloom out of it. The rest of the year, it doesn't draw too much attention. It's probably the only plant in the garden that is enjoying our hot, dry weather!

  34. Carole — I'm envying the reports of cool June mornings in your garden. We've definitely entered the hot zone here. But at least some of my hot weather flowers starting blooming in time for Bloom Day.

    — Susan from South of the River

  35. For my first Bloom Day I decided to limit it to really close-up photos of my favorite daylilies. If anyone knows the names of the varieties, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know.

  36. Garden Rant has a joint Bloom Day post up. I keep calling it Bloomsday--old literary habits die hard!

  37. I finally got my post up for bloom day...good thing I live way over here where it is still Friday!

  38. I just put up my post which shows all of the things I have blooming today. I'm SO GLAD I happened on to your website the other day after a google search for something. I marked in on my calendar to come back today and enter in your Bloom Day fun! I hope some of you enjoy looking at our flower beds. We only planted them last year so we're very new at all of this gardening stuff. You can see the things blooming in our flower beds by visiting I hope you'll stop by and I hope to check out all of yours this weekend!

  39. Well I finally got back and finished the Bloom post.

    Now to see what's blooming elsewhere...

  40. Squeezing in just under the wire, as usual. :)

  41. No marguerites in my garden either. They were the primary landscaping plant around my student apartment complex and I grew to dislike them immensely. Which isn't fair, because they are perfectly nice daisies.

  42. Those are some gorgeous flowers. I have no garden, but my brother grows heirloom roses in New Jersey.

  43. Hi Carol,
    My GBD post is up but Blogger is playing tricks again and won't put it on the front page - that keeps happening to me (anyone else??) but so far it's always appeared a day or so later. However, if you go to the sidebar and click on Gardener's Bloom Day in the topics list, you'll find it. Blogger never fails to amaze ...

  44. I thought I had my post to the crazy-long list here! Oh, I love your hosta flowers. I have friends that really dislike their flowers (overall) but I really like then - that purple is a really nice one.

  45. A day late and at least a dollar short, but... here goes:

  46. Like Kim, I'm fashionable late to the party. Got my bloom day scans posted this morning:

  47. This is probably the earliest I've ever had this many blooms. Some of them have even started to fruit like the tomatoes and cucumbers.

    MyChicagoGarden - Western Suburbs of Chicago.

  48. Better late than never? I finally got some pictures posted of what's blooming at Our Little Acre!

  49. Hmmm....that URL seemed to get cut off. Let's see if I can get it to post as a link:

    Our Little Acre

  50. Hi Carol,

    Another successful GBBD for you. Sorry I missed it although I really enjoyed looking through all the posts and photographs.

    I thought better late than not at all so I have just completed my post - we had rain and winds on the 15th and 16th so I was only able to get my camera out on Sunday. All photos shown were taken on Sunday 17th June in my Scottish garden.

  51. I forgot! I'm sorry. Well, I guess we know what I have! There are a few other things as well, amazingly enough!

    Your Siloam Double Classic is looking very nice! That cactus is stunning!

  52. Four days late. My washer broke, and even if I had a laptop, the laundromat doesn't provide internet access--can you imagine?

  53. Hi there. I'm way, way late and it's my first time! What a way to start, eh? But I'm very excited to join in and hopefully be more timely next month! ~A :-)

  54. Maybe I will win the award for the latest Bloom Day post?!! Computer issues have kept me sidelines.

    Come and visit my colonial theme garden at

    Happy gardening!
    Robin (Bumblebee)

  55. Nope, I'm even later... but I just found your site today. Can I join your Bloom Day? I hope you'll come to see my flowers:

  56. Carol, now that my cactus is in bloom I see it does have red in the bloom, my memory is sharp as a rusty nail :).

  57. Great looking garden. The only thing your missing is Dahlias. Keep up the good photos!

  58. This is my first garden blogger's bloom day. It's a bit depressing looking at what's blooming in other gardens, when I'm in a cold and rainy zone 3 right now!! But here goes:


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