Seven Random Things

"Tag, You're It." I've been tagged by Colleen at In The Garden Online to post seven random things about myself and then tag seven others to do the same. I'm a good sport, so I'll list seven random things.

One, as noted before, I am an Indiana Pacers basketball fan, so this Thursday I will be watching the NBA 2007 draft to see who gets drafted by which teams. Since Indiana traded away all their draft picks to acquire various players, none of whom are part of the team any longer, I'll be listening to hear if they announce any blockbuster trades involving the Pacers. Won't that be fun?!

Two, because of the 'moderate drought', I didn't have to mow the lawn for nearly two weeks in the front, and three weeks in the back, meaning I'm at an all time low for number of times I've mowed the lawn this far into the season. This is an obscure thing and only because I keep track of when I mow the lawn, am I able to know this and share it with you. I mowed on Monday night and there were actually cobwebs on the mower when I got it out. No kidding!

Three, I stop at Starbucks nearly every morning on my way to work and get a venti unsweet iced green tea, no water, no ice, and then pour it over ice at work and drink it all day long. When I walk in the barristas don't even ask me what I want. They just serve me my drink. But that certainly does NOT mean I'm addicted to their green tea. I could stop a-n-y-t-i-m-e. I could. Today when I stopped in they mentioned they had new products, which prompted me to ask if there were any I should try, not that I would give up my daily iced green tea. Well, one of the new products is iced white tea, with a nice blueberry bouquet. I tried it. It is pretty good. Drats. Now I have options to consider each morning.

Four, I cut down a small oak tree a few years ago because it was supposed to be a Red Oak but I think it was a Pin Oak and it was always yellow and sickly. Now these little sprouts come up from where I cut it down, reminding me that I cut down a tree. I cut down a tree. Maybe I shouldn't have cut down that tree. But it was under-performing and I wanted to cut it down while it was still small enough for me to manage. When it sprouts like this it creates this miniature dark little forest, where I think some garden fairies might try to live.

Five, I was recently featured in my company's employee newsletter/magazine in a feature on gardeners. I was one of three gardeners featured, and had to have my picture taken by a professional photographer for the article. Since I mentioned that when I'm not gardening, I'm reading about gardening and looking at seed catalogs, they had me bring a book to pose with. I choose "Beautiful in All Seasons - Southern Gardening and Beyond with Elizabeth Lawrence" by Elizabeth Lawrence. The person who wrote the article did enough "googling" to find my blog and the hoe collection but I wouldn't let her mention either in the article because I have to work with the people who will read the article and have them take me seriously in a not-related-to-gardening line of work. Fortunately for me, the newsletter is not on the Internet anywhere, so don't even think about trying to find it!

Six, there are just over six quarters until I reach a milestone birthday. That makes it seem really soon, but it's not. It's a long way off, it's nearly 600 days from now. I'm trying to think of something special to do for that birthday that doesn't scream out "she's having a mid-life crisis!"

Seven, I have trouble tagging others for memes like this, so if you've read through this far, and I've commented on your blog before, consider yourself tagged! Even I haven't commented on your blog, consider yourself tagged and let me know you are going to post seven random things so I can find your blog.

(The budding flower pictured above is Phlox paniculata 'Creme de Menthe', one of my favorite perennials in my garden.)


  1. Good grief. Am I first????

    Tomorrow it is. Seven random things.

    Very funny stuff.

    Bumblebee (Robin)

  2. What a nice post! And I completely understand about not sharing your blog life with colleagues. No one I work with knows about my blog - somehow, that's a part of my life I like to keep completely separate from work.

  3. Oh yeah, separate life for sure! Besides, I might want to talk about those people sometime.

    Nuts, I was going to search the Internet for that newsletter but I guess there's no point. Enjoy your green tea!

  4. This is fun, Carol; you're always such a delight to read!

    A milestone birthday some 600 days off...Hmmmm. I'm having one of those too, in around the same length of time away--unless I decide to go backwards.

    Tomorrow--whoops, today--is catch up on work day but I'll try to post a 7 random things and spur the meme-tag on in the next 24 hours myself.

  5. Working for the same company, I was priveleged to read the article - it was very good, and the picture was good too. I really think it would have been a hoot to include mention of her hoe collection, but oh well.

  6. Carol: You are an inspiration! I was tagged by Colleen also but, so far, I can't think of 7 Random things which would be of interest to anyone! I will get to it though because I enjoyed yours so much! Milestone huh? Well, let me say that reaching them is much better than not reaching them!

  7. I don't know if I can think of 7 things but I will try to have It posted this Friday.

  8. Carol,
    I loved reading your seven random things. I completely get what you mean about keeping the garden/hoe blog out of your work life. Non garden bloggers just don't get it :-) Hmmm. I'll have to try the green tea at Starbucks.

    Thanks for posting your seven things! Sorry I didn't get over here to see them right away.

  9. Nice post! I also maintain a separation of work and garden/blog in my life-works quite well!

  10. Milestone birthday, hmmm? Which one, that's what I want to know. I have one coming up, too, in, lessee, well, about the same time as you! Mine is April 8, 2009. What about you? ~A :-)

  11. All...

    Thanks for the comments, and I happy to know you all enjoyed my "random things". Now I wait to read YOURS!

    (Cottage Magpie... my milestone birthday is in January 2009

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  12. I'm game! Come over Saturday (if I don't get to this tonight [Thurs], I definitely won't get to it tomorrow night).

    (And I believe you might have an interest in seeing this too:


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