Triumph With Peas

Always the whispers... "she has a nice garden, but did you know she can't grow peas".

I always had good excuses.

Some years, I planted too late, and the vines shriveled in the heat.

Some years, the bunnies ate the vines before the pea pods could even form.

I didn't choose a good variety for the midwest.

I got busy and the peas dried up on the vines in the hot June sun.

But not this year.

This is the Year of the Pea.

I planted early on March 17th.

I kept the peas under cover to keep the rabbits from eating the vines.

I chose a good variety for the midwest, 'Green Arrow'.

I did not get too busy and neglect the peas.

I have triumped with peas. I can grow peas! I no longer hear the whispers. I am no longer the disgrace of the family. And it has only taken me twenty years of having a vegetable garden of my own to reach this point.

Aren't those peas the prettiest green you've ever seen? The green of spring, the green of triumph.

The pods are full of these "jewels of the garden".

Peas like these should be displayed in an antique crystal dish like this one, now known as "the pea bowl".

The vines are healthy so there will be many more pods to pick.
I have triumphed with peas. 2007, the Year of the Pea. If all else should fail in my garden this summer, I'll always have the peas.


  1. All Hail the Queen of Garden Peas!

    They look absolutely delicious, and the official 'Pea Bowl' is quite effective!

    Carol, since your favorite color is green, you could have a tiara made... maybe peapods in enameled gold, formed into a circlet like the laurel wreathes of ancient Greece? Or pea green jade earrings? Congratulations.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Oh, Annie, excellent suggestions for head wear and jewelry for the Pea Queen. Carol, now you can truly hold your head up high! Congratulations - actually the peas look delicious. I'd have eaten them before they were put in the official pea bowl. Nothing like fresh peas from the garden! I'm beginning to have tiny peas forming now and I can't wait. Wonderful job, Carol Alyssa

  3. My neighbor can't grow peas either. She just comes and eats some of mine; I grow enough for both our families and I rarely plant them before Memorial Day. In fact, I just learned this year that you were supposed to plant them as soon as the soil could be worked. I think I will try that next year.

    Lovely Pea Bowl! Those pictures make me very hungry for peas.

  4. Oh how lucky you are this year. There is nothing as delicious as Risi e bisi (pea risotto) made with fresh peas!

  5. A tiara of peapods, Carol, what a nice change of chapeaux that will be for your "mowing costume"! Is there anything prettier than peas in a pod? I think you've got this pea-growing thing nailed this year!

  6. Congratulations on your pea triumph.
    You'll have to let us know how they taste.
    Enjoy your new found pea-dom.
    Sorry, it's the best I can do at this hour.

  7. Carol, you are going to share your peas, aren't you?

  8. Fresh peas and fresh sweet corn both taste best straight from the garden, no languishing in the refrigerator. We do cook our corn, but yes, raw peas are best.

  9. Yummy! We would eat them right out of the garden in the pod!! We love freash peas. Some day I will have room for a vegi. garden.

  10. Congrats on the peas Ms Carol! Yeah the thing with most plants is they're really not so contrary if you *just* do what they want. I planted mine on St. Pat's day too and we're about a week away from a harvest. I can't wait though.

  11. And what nice pea vines they are. I try growing peas with limited luck. Last year they just rotted in the ground. Next year I am going to try again with the things I've learned from you.

    The are nice. And look like they will taste grrreat!

  12. Congratulations! I'm waiting to see what happens with mine. It's nice to have such beautiful pictures as inspiration!

  13. Wow. I have pea envy too. My peas are only just starting bloom. But I think I'm going to have a fairly good pea year this year. (Its good pea weather in New England.) But my harvest will be a bit later than yours. It may not be the Year of the Pea for me (probably the Year of the Lettuce, as usual) Congrats. And thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Your peas are magnificent! I'll bet they taste even better than they look and that is hard to believe! Another genus conquered!

  15. YAY! I'm glad to hear that it is, indeed, officially the Year of the Pea. Congratulations, Carol! :)

  16. WOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Congrats on getting good peas!! I've grown them before and while they are a lot of work to get a pan full of them, they are YUMMY!

  17. Congratulation!! I have never been able to grow a decent pea. I am inspire, and will try next spring.

  18. Happy Year of the Pea to you, Carol. Some years ( and with your careful planning ) everything goes right.

  19. All... thanks for the congrats and for those who admitted they also struggle to grow decent peas. I'm picking more this evening!

    Carol, aka "the Pea Queen"

  20. Bravo, Carol! Those peas of yours look perfect. Enjoy eating them!

  21. I'm envious. We can never grow peas because of the rabbits, ground hogs and deer. I keep telling myself that frozen baby peas are not that bad. :(

  22. Well done Carol, now you are a real gardener. ;-) BTW that crystal bowl for the peas goes very well with the satin cushion for the first tomato. :-D


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