Bloom Day, Book Club, Corn Silks

Bloom Day

I think most garden bloggers have figured out when Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is, on the 15th of every month. July marks our sixth one. For those who haven't heard of it, the idea is that on this day especially, gardeners should list on their blogs all they have blooming in their gardens, and then leave a comment here on my bloom day post so we can find you.

What do I like about bloom day?

Being able to compare bloom times with gardeners from other parts of the country and the world. I've learned from bloom day posts that Zone 5 gardens vary quite a bit on when different flowers bloom.

Having a good reason to walk through the garden and take notes on what is blooming. Too often we get caught up in working in our gardens and don't take the time to really look at them to see what is blooming.

Seeing pictures of flowers that won't grow in my own garden, that I otherwise would not see!

What do you like about bloom day?

Book Club

I haven't seen any reviews yet for the Garden Bloggers' Book Club June-July selection, My Summer in a Garden by Charles Dudley Warner, but it's early still. Once you've posted your review or taken the non-reading route by posting about your own summer in a garden, let me know so I can include you in the virtual club meeting post, which will be posted on July 31st. I generally list the reviews in the order I find them.

The August-September selection for the book club will be a garden mystery. Stay tuned for details on how that will work.

Corn Silks and A Vegetable Garden Update

I was off today and went out to the garden to weed and guess what I found? The first ears of corn are forming, as pictured above. I'm excited that I might get an ear or two of sweet corn this summer, since it isn't easy to grow a small patch of corn. Well, I should say the growing of it is easy, it is getting good pollination and having the ears fill out nicely that can be problematic.

I'll be watching and waiting to see how the corn develops. In the meantime, I also remulched the paths in the vegetable garden and gave it a good watering with the sprinkler.

Here's a view of the garden looking east...

Here's another view looking back the other way, to the west.
I like how the garden looks now that I've weeded it, mulched it, and watered it, basically spent the whole day on it. I know I'll be rewarded in due time for my efforts, with perhaps an ear or two of sweet corn and some delicious ripe tomatoes.

And I'll get some reward tomorrow when I harvest some green beans. Surely the rabbits can't eat all of these before tomorrow!


  1. Tasty looking veggie garden Carol. I hope the rabbits are full of hostas and peppery spray and leave your beans be.
    I'm READY for Gardener's Bloom Day this month--set a reminder in my computer's calendar so I won't miss it. As for the book club--I'd like to take part in that but I have so many other books I have to review for the newspaper (plus more that never get reviewed, sadly) that I don't know when I'd get to an extra one. Maybe I'll compensate by writing 'My summer in a garden' as you suggest.

  2. Carol, your garden is looking so must be wonderful to have so much space for veggies...everything looks so happy! So far I've noticed seven ears of corn forming in our little patch...I'm hoping for twelve so each of the child care children can have their own (or fourteen so my assistant and I get one too!)

  3. Yummy! Your veggies are looking great.

  4. Carol: The garden looks sumptuous! My green beans are not looking nearly as good but I do have plans to plant more...maybe this weekend. I did just order the book on line and will let you know if I get it read on time!

  5. Carol: Your garden looks great! Don't you love it in mid-summer, when it's lush but not completely overgrown?

    As for the rabbits, have you noticed that they tend to eat the shoots and leaves of beans but not the actual beans themselves? That's what I've found, which - in my mind - is the only saving grace for those gosh darn rabbits.

  6. Structures like the fence, bench and tower make your vegetable garden look attractive, Carol, as well as productive. In the long views it also looks enormous!

    Yay for green beans!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    [Saturday and Sunday are the Austin Pond Society Tour, which is rather like a road rally that stops for koi... my bloom day entry may not get up until Monday.]

  7. Thanks for reminding me to finish Charles Dudley (snooze). It's somewhere in the bedcovers.


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