Magical Night at May Dreams Gardens

Tonight, the night bloomer is blooming.In just a few hours it will be fully opened, for one magical evening.

Update to follow...


  1. How exciting ! Bet you aren't going to get much sleep, Carol.

  2. Wow if only you could post the scent as well as the photo!

  3. I'll be watching for photos of it in full bloom!

  4. I love that we're all able to see it almost in real time!!

  5. It's interesting to see in your series of photos the swelling of the bud, ready to pop. Maybe you'll post them all side-by-side sometime?

    --Robin (Bumblebee)

    Thanks for your help with the trumpet vine ID. You certainly have an interesting educational background! Do you have a more complete profile of yourself somewhere?

  6. Most wonderful, Carol. I may stay up for a couple more hours despite being way tired...just to enjoy the celebration from afar!

  7. I wish you had a live webcam so we could check in real time!!!!


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