My Favorite Perennial, Today

This is my current favorite perennial, Phlox paniculata 'Creme de Menthe'. It's got a lot going for it as a specimen plant.

It's neat and tidy, doesn't need staking, and blooms for quite awhile with some simple deadheading. It doesn't get powdery mildew like most tall phlox.

It has pretty pink flowers.

And did you notice that foliage?

If you like variegated foliage, or even if you don't, you must admit this plant is very striking, even without the flowers.

Until this year, this flower was hidden in a perennial garden run amok with overgrowth and I'll admit, a few too many weeds. This spring I moved it to my renovated flower border by the patio and now it is the star of the garden, even before it started blooming a week ago.

All it asks for is some simple deadheading of spent flowers and the removal of the occasional all green leaved shoot.

One of our fellow garden bloggers, Gina at My Skinny Garden, is going bargain shopping for flowers this weekend and wants to know what your favorite flower is, so she can add it to her list. She'd also like advice on what not to buy. Isn't it sad that garden centers and nurseries still sell some plants that we'd recommend no one buy? Anyway, go leave her some plant advice, because it is not everyday that someone asks.


  1. Okay. I'm inlove. I have several phlox at my place (planted by the former homeowner), and they are already full of mildew. And, they're just so PLAIN compared to your gorgeous 'Creme de Menthe.' This gets moved to the top of the very long "plants I must have" list :-)

  2. Carol - that is so pretty!! You description was great but seeing the picture of it really seals the deal! I'm going to look for this FOR SURE. And thank you so much for asking folks to make suggestions - I really need and appreciate it. Enjoy your day.

  3. The variegated leaves make it an interesting plant. Tough I gotta say I'm not too fond of the the pink and white flowers against the creamy yellow and green leaves. Looks sort of polyester suit-ish or at least it reminds me of the color combinations they used in the 60's and 70's. :)

  4. I don't usually like a lot of vareigated plants but that phlox is spectacular. Hard to find I would imagine. I'm still seeking 'Orange Perfection ", a new and very unusual color in the Phlox family.

  5. I love your variegated phlox! It certainly catches the eye. I can see why you enjoy it in your garden.


  6. I have never seen a variegated phlox before. That is really neat.

  7. OOOoh! I love it. Must have it! I have a couple of phlox with variegated leaves but more green and yellow than this. And they're in bloom already? I've still got woodland phlox in bloom, and it will be a month or more til the tall phlox kicks in.

  8. Today, as opposed to favorite plant yesterday or tomorrow? I don't know about you but mine changes on a daily basis! But I love the variegated phlox--I hadn't seen that particular cultivar before, so I'm definitely taking notes. No staking and no mildew? I'm in! I never grow phlox because of those problems, and wish I could. So I'll try it! ~A :-)

  9. I love phlox! I only have one simple white one in the garden - but boy are those variegated leaves tempting (a friend says that I'm only now enticed by variegation because I've run out of plants to buy - but he obviously doesn't have a clue since we all know that is next to impossible). I also laughed at the title of this post - your favorite perennial TODAY. No kidding - now how true is that?


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