Triumph at May Dreams Gardens

Today, I picked green beans.

I have triumphed over the rabbits, who for years have eaten my bean plants as fast as soon as they reach a reasonable size.

I don't know if my triumph is for this year or all future years. I used so many methods to keep the bunnies away thatI don't know if it was the combination of all of them or just one in particular that did the trick. I just know I'm eating fresh green beans tonight.

And no bunnies were harmed in the process (I think). So we are all winners.

The two varieties I picked today are 'Provider' and 'Romano'. I have a third variety, 'Bountiful', which is not quite ready to pick.

And unlike some years where I get one good bowlful of beans and the bunnies eat the rest, I expect to pick several more good "messes of beans". I feel so good about growing beans this year that I'm thinking about sowing a fall crop today and seeing what happens. Will the bunnies leave those alone?

Yes, my outlook on the garden is as bright as the colors in this picture.
And did I mention that we got a good quarter inch of rain last night? It's not a lot, but it's a start and a welcome bit of "washing off" for the garden.

Friday the 13th is a lucky day in my garden!


Enjoy those green beans, Carol. I bought some at the farmers market last week. I fixed them with new potatoes and onions; they were so good. Store bought beans just do not compare to the tase of fresh beans.
Marie said…
Mmmm. I love to eat fresh green beans, uncooked, right from the garden. Nothing like it.
Too bad, bunnies, Carol got to them first.
Marvie said…
I'm curious, how many bean plants are you growing? I've yet to get more than a few handfuls of beans at once. Total, two servings worth lol. I was hoping to grow enough to freeze some but I'm not seeing that happen this year!
Pam/Digging said…
I'm loving that blue bench, Carol. And your beans look great in a bowl there. Enjoy them!
Molly said…
Maybe it was a good thing that rabbit broke free from the trap. He spread the word to every other rabbit in the neighborhood that your garden is to be avoided at all costs.
jodi said…
Yay on the green beans! And on the rain. We also had rain--a good and generous soak--but a few miles down the road, nada. Weird isn't it?
Carolyn gail said…
Hey Carol,

Fix me a " mess of those green beans" while you're at it ! Maybe sneak in a little bacon ? We use the "mess" word a lot in the South. For instance, you yourself are a "mess"( character, in this case ! ) and we all love your pithy commentaries.

BTW, I've put my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post up a little early so as not to miss out on it.
Layanee said…

You are an artist with that blue bench and orange bowl! Orange stimulates the appetite or so I have heard. I have bean flowers so, hopefully, beans in the future! Love the gladiolas!
Curtis said…
I just harvested some also. But not quite as much as you have there. Hope you enjoyed them.
LostRoses said…
Hey Carol, I have that same plastic bowl only mine is white and there are no green beans in it.

My mother-in-law was an ardent bean grower. I think I snapped every last one of them, too. I kind of miss it, come to think of it.