Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2007

Welcome to the August Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens!

I was a bit concerned that August would have no blooms of her own, and I would have to post about the flowers still hanging on from July. Thankfully, I do have many of the flowers of July still going strong in spite of the heat and drought, including good 'ol tough flowers like zinnias, marigolds, ox-eye daisies, black-eyed susan's and coneflowers.

But even with August not being known as a big month for flowers to start blooming, and in spite of the excessive heat and drought, I do have a few new blooms to post about.

The blooms above are on an ornamental sweet potato vine. It had one or two blooms on it earlier in the summer, but as the days have gotten hotter, it has started to bloom more, so I will give August credit for it.

This is a miniature Hosta in bloom, 'Pandora's Box'.

It's blooming in my miniature garden where it won't get lost or trampled amongst the big hostas.

Of course the August Lilies are blooming. This is a passalong hosta that I think would be what my grandmother had in her garden, and even mentioned in her diaries.

These have a sweet scent and are near where the hose faucet is, so each time I lean down to turn on the water, I get a big whiff of them

The False Dragon's Head, Physostegia virginiana has also started to bloom. This plant mis-behaves a bit in the garden, even though one of its common names is Obedient Plant, so I planted it on the utility side of the garage, near some self-sowing Four O'Clocks (Mirabilis jalapa). "Misbehaves" means it self-sows all over the place so plant it with caution.

I also have a variegated False Dragon's Head, Physostegia virginiana 'Variegata' but it isn't blooming yet, and I don't know if it will bloom this year.
It is better behaved so I planted it in another perennial bed in the back yard.

These variegated liriope or lilyturf won't draw a crowd, but they have blooms!
This particular variety is Liriope muscari 'Silvery Sunproof'.

I also have a creeping lilyturf, Liriope spicata with small white flowers hidden down in its plain dark green foliage. The picture I took of it is fuzzy, so I'll spare you from looking at it. (Note: If I was trying to breed a better lilyturf, I'd look for those that have longer stems on the flowers, so the bloom isn't so hidden in all the foliage.)

The squash plants don't know it's August, so they keep blooming.
I can see that I have some more 'Cue Ball' squash to harvest. Don't remind me!

Everything else is pretty much leftover or reblooming from July, though admittedly not doing as well as they were in July. I won't relist them all here, you can go to the July post if you want to see what any of them are.

What's blooming in your garden today? We'd love to have you show us and tell us about your blooms today!

It's easy to participate in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th of each month. Just post on your blog about what’s blooming in your garden, and then leave a comment here so we can find you and visit to see all your pretty flowers.

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to list your blooms in a comment below.

If you have too many blooms to list or not enough time, just go with your top ten list or top five list or even one special bloom and join us anyway. And botanical names are strictly optional. All are welcome!

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. Hi Carol. Here's the one benefit of living on the other side of the dateline - I get to post my offerings first. And, here they are...

    Looking forward to seeing what others have on offer too.

  2. Carol, my post is up too. I'm amazed that we have anything in bloom to post about with our lack of rain and the heat. Did you get any of the rain today? We didn't get any, maybe soon.

  3. Hello Carol,

    It's not quite the 15th here, but it's already the 15th in Indiana, so here's My Bloom Day Post for August.

    My post only has memories of August lilies in it - you're enjoying the real thing! Have fun with the scrumptious little Cue Balls -

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Carol: Love your pics and the squash flowers are so cheery they would be worth it even if there were no squash! I have posted also and am happy to share the blooms from my garden!

  5. Hi Carol,
    I didn't realize that the sweet potato vine had such a pretty flower. My post is up and I hope my sister will be able to post something later today.

  6. My post is up too ... I just chose one flower to show this time as like you, the blooms are fading fast, probably due to the excessive heat and lack of rain.

  7. My post is up for Bloom Day. It's my first time to participate and probably my last chance this season. Better than not at all, right?

  8. Hi Carol, My wordless Bloom Day photos are up. The annuals are the big display now. I agree that the Physostegia misbehaves, ours had rampant growth and became too big for it's alloted space but no seedlings.

  9. I like the disobedient plant - it has lovely blooms. I don't have it in my garden...

  10. Hi Carol,

    You reminded me that my July bloom day has many of the same flowers still blooming in August.

    My post for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is up.

  11. Hi Carol! I've put my post up.
    Love that sweet potato vine, what pretty flowers!

  12. I can't believe it's August Bloom Day already! How time flies when you're having fun :-)

    My post is up, too.

  13. Carol - that mini hosta is too cute! And I can't get my lily turf to flourish AT ALL, never mind bloom! Thanks as always for doing this - here are my blooms-

  14. Hi Carol,my bloom's Day list is up too.
    Th blooming mini Hosta looks lovely!!

  15. Carol, my post is up and I see that the party is in full swing. Didn't know that sweet potato has such a pretty bloom, and I love the idea of a miniature garden.

  16. I guess I didn't think of the ornamental sweet potato blooming either! Perhaps our season/weather doesn't get them to that point and I appreciate them for their foliage in planters. Thanks for the tip on the Physostegia - I've always wondered about that plant.

  17. Zanthan Gardens is finally up--after three hours of struggling with Movable Type. I am so moving to WordPress this weekend!

    I don't expect any new flowers in August, although one opened last Sunday, garlic chives.

    August lilies, eh? I'm envious.

  18. I just posted my blog entry for this mid-August day in the garden.

    I love doing this. It is a great way to keep track of what is blooming each month. I'm hoping there will be something a month from now. :<)

    Your cue ball squash looks just like my ronde de Nice, but mine isn't doing nearly so well. Tough summer for my zucchini.

  19. My list is posted. I thought I'd be the only one complaining that everything on the current list has been on previous lists, but I see I'm in good company!

    I think my August lilies are a no-show this year, due to critters munching on them. All they left me is a few leaves. Yours look nice!

  20. Hi again, Carol

    Unexpectedly I am on time for this month!

    For a change I've posted a video of what's in flower in my Scottish garden. At the moment I have more splashes of colour and lots of foliage plants.

    Happy Gardening!

  21. Carol, my garden is starting to look more like yours - guess the northern part of zone 5 is catching up!

    My post today is a bloom & fruit posting, since it seems like the blossoms have stepped back a bit to let the harvest season start.

  22. Despite the drought, all is not lost in North Carolina. My blooms are posted!

  23. It has rained some most days for the last week. It is so hot and humid I can not stand to be outside for long. I am such a fair weather gardener.
    Bloom post up at pollinators-welcome, wanted to add a couple of pictures. Off I go to visit all the gardens...

  24. Whoops! I did my Blooms day post for August late last night, then got preoccupied with deadlines and blood tests and other errands and forgot to tell you about it. Still lots going on here, including beaucoup de chrysalids.
    I love your Liriope--I had a variegated one last year but it declined to live through the winter. Oh well...

  25. Carol, you have some very pretty plants in your post... I either don't have enough in softer colors or my soft colors are just all done in the spring, because mine are blazingly bright! (OK, except the Russian sage-that's kind of soft.) See for yourself!

  26. My post is up. It is so hot and dry here, my gardens are really suffering. But still, there are some places worth visiting.

  27. Count me in:

  28. I've got my August flower scans online:

  29. Hi, Carol,

    My Bloom Day post is up now, too.

    Like you, I was worried there wouldn't be much to show in August because of the high heat and drought. I am grateful to have as many flowers as I do right now... and lots of butterfly visitors too!

  30. 3 of the ranters are in. One is on the road talking about blooms.

    Thanks as always!

  31. Count me in, too! My goal was to get here before midnight...and I made it! Yippee! (Do you think maybe I should start a day ahead??!) Can't wait to check all these lists in the near future. Enjoyed your post as's so interesting to see what everyone has going on! Thanks for doing this!

  32. Oh, Carol! You have a lot to answer for now!!! This idea you had, Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. And I participated, and I started going from blog to blog and the flowers were so lovely and I got sucked into the internet and because I foolishly started heating my soup up for my dinner it is now a burnt offering out in the carport! I must do something about my addiction. . .Bloggers Anonymous, anyone?

  33. Will wonders never cease?? I actually got my Blooms post published on the right day and not late this time!

    Our Little Acre:

    I've got blooms on my sweet potato vine, too. I forgot about those!

  34. All

    Thank you to everyone for posting for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

    I've noted several flowers that I want to get for my own garden and seen some of the nicest gardens and flowers as I've tried to visit all who posted and leave a comment.

    If I missed you, please let me know!

    And if you haven't posted for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, there is still time, even tomorrow. We'd all love to see what you have blooming in your garden this month.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  35. I have a lot more texture and interesting leaf formation than blooms.
    Guess that comes with the territory when you plant a lot of succulents and focus on the foliage of subtropical plants.

    There's a few interesting blooms though.
    Folks have enjoyed seeing the purple Iochroma .


    happy bloom dazes

  36. Hi Carol:) My post is up, had to wait till everyone was a sleep to finish.

  37. I went to Kylee's blog and admired her stuff. But I couldn't post a comment because she has not enabled "other" people to speak on her blog. Must have a Google account or Blogger account. So, Kylee. Love your work, you should be proud of your design skills. I truly enjoyed the article on "outdoor rooms", except I had to wonder if you were being intentionally humorous when you referred to the idea of a budget. I estimate that the entire cost of building the outdoor fire pit area with the hand forged metal privacy screen as being something in the neighborhood of 4 times the entire annual income of our household. These people had a budget? It is rather mind boggling to imagine the sort of "budget" they have as opposed to what we have. On the other hand, my blood pressure is normal and my mortgage is paid off.

  38. Carol, my post is up. Better late than never!

    Like yours, nearly all of mine are holdovers from last month. I'll take 'em though.

  39. I'm new to blogging & haven't quite figured out how to place my photos, but I have to report that at this point, the Lobelias are carrying the shade garden. The prairie garden is at peak bloom now with Liatris, Phlox paniculata & coneflowers.

  40. Carol, I share your misery with the heat and drought. And believe me, no one wants to see what's not blooming in my gardens! Zinnias look decent.

    Your August flowers are beautiful, still.

  41. Hi Carol! I made it to the party on time, but I'm telling you a day late. Love that liriope and varig. obedient plant, BTW! Happy Bloom Day!

  42. Hi Carol, I'm a bit late but my post is up! Rosemarie

  43. hey carol,
    I see (via your comment) you found me already!
    It's my first month participating-- and only a couple days late.
    Thanks for hatching this concept-- it really is fun to see what's happening where in August's gardens!

  44. me again, see above.
    Not taking my link for some reason.
    But I'm at

  45. I just found your blog coming from Sweet Home and Garden. My post is up here:

  46. Ok, a bit late, but I'd like to still participate.
    Here's my link:
    Thanks for doing this!

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