Garden Bloggers Book Club August Newsletter

Just a quick update on the Garden Bloggers Book Club. As most know who have participated, we slowed down for "the seasons", with one book every two months.

August-September Selection

The August-September selections is the garden mystery A Hoe Lot of Trouble: A Nina Quinn Mystery by Heather Webber, but as usual, there are other ways to participate if you don't want to read this particular book.

You can choose to read another garden mystery book. There are several different garden mystery series available, including the Nina Quinn series by Heather Webber, the China Bayles series by Susan Wittig Albert, Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters, the Abby Knight series by Kate Collins, the Louise Eldridge series by Ann Ripley to name a few. If you don't see your favorite garden mystery listed here, let me know and we'll get it added to the list.

Or if you don't want to read any other garden mystery, you can participate by telling us about a real life mystery in your own garden.

The virtual meeting post for August-September will be published on September 30th. Just let me know when you've posted your review and I'll make sure you are included on the virtual meeting post. Remember, I list the reviews in the order I hear about them! Be early, be at least second, as we already have one review posted.

October Selection

No selection has been made for October, so send me your ideas. I try to select books that have universal appeal to gardeners, are easy to get either at the library or second-hand via Amazon and other outlets and aren't terribly long. Other than that, anything goes! Send me an email or leave me a comment with your ideas.

Thank you!

I appreciate everyone who has participated in the book club in the past and look forward to YOUR participation whether you are a first time contributor or have joined for each book. Thank you for your participation.

If you haven't heard about the book club or haven't paid much attention to it and want to participate, you can go the Garden Bloggers Book Club blog for links to all the previous posts of meetings and updates to get an idea of what it is about. All are welcome to participate!


  1. A Hoe Lot of Trouble seems like it's right up your alley.

  2. CAROL MOM OF 3 i AM OF 1 HAS STARTED A VEGETABLE GARDEN WITH OKRA,bottle gourd,spinach,beans etc. I love reading your post and get to learn a lot.Your farm fresh idea appealed to my taste buds.Hope to read more.

  3. Carol: I heard that someone from Indiana won the lottery. I hope it was you! LOL :)

  4. I am reading A Hoe Lot of Trouble and can hardly put it down. Thanks. Sara from farmingfriends

  5. Chigiy... Thanks, I am enjoying this book.

    Vegven... Thank you for the nice comment and visit to my blog.

    Layanee... Yes, the winning powerball ticket was sold in Indiana, in Richmond, right by the state line, so we aren't sure if a Hoosier or a Buckeye or someone just passing through on the highway bought the winning ticket. I just know I didn't win.

    Sara from Farmingfriends... I am happy to hear you like the book. I'm looking forward to your review of it. Let me know when you've posted it so I can include you in the book club meeting post on September 30th.

    Thanks for the comments!
    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  6. I couldn't find a copy of this month's selection but did get Digging up Trouble by the same author. It was a great read and I'll post about it at my blog over the weekend.

  7. I have posted a blurb about Digging Up Trouble by Heather Webber at my blog.

    Book club posting

  8. Mine's up...I'm turning over a new leaf (ha) and getting one up early!

  9. Carol, I posted my book club review today.

  10. Please read "Diary Of A Wannabe Gardener" I know that your club will enjoy this book that has mystery, superstition and unexpected twists. Check it out to see if it is something your readers may enjoy at author, Dorothy Guyton. You have nothing but an enjoyable reading experience to lose if you pass on this gardening book written with gardeners in mind. Thanks for your consideration and as I always say: enjoy nature and enjoy life and happy reading 2007-2008.


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