I Know Where The Rabbit Hides When It Rains

Never give up! It does rain in Indianapolis in the summertime. It is possible for your rain gauge to overflow in one afternoon. Beautiful skies do come in gray.

In a brief lull between rain showers earlier this evening, I went out to the Garden of Eatin’ at May Dreams Gardens. ( Pam suggested I call my vegetable garden by that name, and I can't get it out of my mind. Thanks, Pam!)

I wasn’t going to harvest anything, I was just going to admire the garden in the rain. But then I saw the summer squash and had visions of how large those squash would be after this rain if I left them until tomorrow. I also thought about how all the cherry tomatoes would suck up water until they split open.

So I did what any gardener would do. I went back to the house to fetch my harvest trug and returned to the garden to harvest squash and tomatoes as it began to rain again.

Rain didn't stop me! Not now! Not after all the long hot days this summer when we had no rain.

This rain today may not be the end of our dry spell, but it's a good start, and I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can. (Which according to the weatherman, won’t be for very long.)

I even left the rabbit alone because I was so happy to finally get some rain.

He went down under here.
What’s under there, I wonder? Is there a mama rabbit down under that shrub with her little apron on, fixing some dinner for her little family of bunnies? Is that where they take all the green bean leaves? How many of them are there? Are there chipmunks and toads under there, too? Do they always go under this shrub to hide out when it rains?

Some drier day, I’ll have to check it out.

In the meantime...

Did you have good weather today, too? Have you named your garden yet? Have you completed the survey? Where do the rabbits hide in your garden?


  1. While watching the news this evening I looked at the weather map and thought "if Carol says it's still dry there, she's fibbing!" So glad the heavens opened for you.

    I don't know where my rabbits go. They never run when they see me, but on the other hand I don't chase them with a hoe. I really hope your find a mama rabbit wearing a little apron under that bush. Which I presume is near the fairy garden.

  2. It's been raining for days here. I keep trying to dress for fall because that's how it looks, but the temperature isn't right. Dunno where the rabbits hide...possibly in those bushes the last owners left near the driveway that I haven't uprooted yet. I have such plans for fall (when it isn't raining).

  3. The rabbits do not hide in my garden any more. They can't get in there. Neither can the turtles. This is probably why we actually had a melon crop this year.

    We got 5 1/2 inches of rain yesterday. Unbelievable. How much did you get?

  4. At my house we got about 2 1/2 inches of rain. Of course that's when I had to take my doggie to the vet. It would have been nice if it had rained softer & longer. (never satisfied, I guess. Really, I'm not complaining, just a comment)

  5. Hi Carol,

    We went on vacation, leaving behind a drought-parched landscape. I even had my niece come down from NYC so that she could spend a week watering. And guess what? It rained FOUR INCHES while we were gone!

    If people want to hire my niece and her rain dance skills, please email me.

    Robin (Bumblebee)

  6. Beautiful weather in Greensboro today...at 4:30, the temp was 101--by 6:00 it was 75 and raining!

  7. Days and days of rain, we can't even mow the lawn!!
    Just watched the football game that I had to TIVO.
    It really does very little to take away the bitter taste of a loss in Miami, though....

  8. The rabbits in our garden hide in the stand of ferns or in a huge stick pile. Our dog, Luna, patrols the best she can but the rabbits know when she is inside and the meander around the garden at their leisure taste testing many plants.

    Lisa at Greenbow

  9. And when it rains,Will you always find an escape?
    Just running away
    When It Rains Lyrics by Paramore

  10. I found your blog when I asked Google this question: Where do rabbits go in the fall?

    I have not seen my friendly rabbit
    in a month... we have a drought here, too...

    Your blog didn't answer my question, but it delighted me!

    I will continue to visit!

    I am a poet, and a teacher,
    and a gardener of sorts.
    visit my blog:



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