Tiniest Tomato Do Overs

There has been a challenge issued as to whether or not the tomato I used for the tiniest tomato ritual yesteday is indeed the smallest tomato in the blogosphere.

Chuck in San Francisco believes his tomato is smaller. I believe it might be close, but my new tomato is quite small, too.

Yes, I get "do overs", in case you are wondering, as I'm not going to easily give up bragging rights for who has the smallest tomato. I'd never hear the end of it.

Plus I posted about the first tiny tomato, soI get to make up the rules to compete for tiniest tomato. And according to the official book of tomato records, I get do overs. If you don't have a copy, trust me, it's in there.

Can anyone beat this tomato?


  1. I believe that if the official book of tomato records allows for tomatoes by categories than I have shot at a black ribbon in this ritual. Tiny Toms

  2. Carol, I'm sorry but I am laughing out loud. Now I've seen it all - a competition for the tiniest tomato. LOL!

    Honesty, I don't think I've ever seen one the size of a dime. It's SO CUTE!

  3. That little guy is precious. Does he get to rule for a while? Or was he quickly eaten? The pillow is really pretty.

  4. Now, Carol, I don't want to disappoint you, but I think I have the tiniest tomato!

    Mine will sit on top of a dime and you can still see the sides of the dime! LOL. Here I am running around at 6:45 a.m. sitting tomatoes on top of dimes and taking pics. I will post it later.

    What fun you've inspired!

  5. Christopher C. NC... You definitely win some kind of prize for that tiny Beefsteak tomato you put on your blog.

    Mary... It's all about celebrating whatever the garden gives you! And mine is giving me tiny tomatoes.

    Alyssa... The tomato will be eaten, though at the size, you can almost swallow it whole. And I'm glad you like the pillow. It didn't start out as a tomato throne, but I think that's a good use for it.

    Zoey... Tomatoes sitting on top of the dime! I can't wait to see it but then again, maybe I'll have to find an even smaller one. Oh, don't make me post about tiny tomatoes for a third time!

    Thanks all for joining in on the fun of tiny tomatoes!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  6. Carol, this is hilarious! I love this ritual -- great stuff. I have some pretty tiny tomatoes -- I might have to see if I can give you a run for your money...

  7. This is it? This is the tiniest tomato you have? This the best you can do?
    Check my blog tomorrow for the REAL winner.

  8. I think mine is still tinier, but I'm content to let the readers decide.

  9. I, too, found a tomato that sits on a dime and you can read "One Dime" clearly. But if it isn't the tiniest tomato in the blogosphere, then I submit that I have the tiniest hand-crafted plate to serve these tiny tomatoes.

  10. I want to play, too!



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