What I Learned from Bloom Day

Five things I learned from reading all the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day posts from yesterday and today.

5. Black-eyed Susan's (Rudbeckia) are reliable in all kinds of climates and weather conditions.

4. I'm not only gardener who worried that there weren't enough new blooms in their garden for August. August needs help from long-blooming plants and re-bloomers. August is why we need annuals in the garden.

3. Everyone is suffering from some kind of weather woes... too wet, too dry, too hot all over the place.

2. I should have taken notes about the new flowers I read about and who posted about them. I know I saw some new flowers I want to try! What were they? Who posted about them?

1. No matter how many times you walk around your garden noting all the blooms, just after you post about what is blooming in your garden you'll find a bloom that you forgot about, a new flower will suddenly bloom, or you'll find a picture of a flower you meant to include but didn't.

I love green flowers and can't believe I didn't post a picture of my green zinnias! That's 'Giant Lime' pictured above. A big round ball of green flower petals, isn't it?

What did you learn from Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day?


  1. Carol: I love green flowers also! Soothing like a mint julep!

  2. The one new flower in my garden for August is Allium tuberosum, aka garlic chives, or Chinese chives.

    And, yes, after I posted I went outside and saw the cilantro in bloom and had to come back in and update my post. Cilantro usually grows in early spring here but a few plants sprouted during the very wet weather we had earlier this summer.

    And, today! After only a couple of weeks of typical Texas summer, more rain! Is it fall already?

  3. Oh, sorry, Carol, it was raining here on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day so I couldn't participate. (I'm pleased I found another excuse besides being lazy).

  4. I know I forgot a few blooms. In such a tiny garden. How does that happen?

  5. Yep, I forgot that my kidneywood tree is in bloom.

    Your forgotten green zinnia is very cute. Thanks for the update.

  6. Did you say mint julep, layanee?

    You're so right, Carol, about overlooking some flowers that are in bloom. I forgot my 'Autumn Joy' sedum and ' Sweet Autumn ' clematis. Oh, well, there's always next month.

  7. Speaking of rain, we have none here. I hope you Texans remain safe as the TV is reporting bad bad weather in the Houston area. (Why do I think of Texas as a bad desert state? No, I didn't fail geography)

  8. Carol, I'm learning that there are so many wonderful gardening blogs that I can't possibly keep up with them all but I am giving it a yeoman's effort. Thanks for hosting Garden Blogger Bloom Day.

  9. I'm with Robin. I'm learning so much from so many different blogs and locations. I'm also learning that all of us have a common love for gardening and all things growing. Many of us like and grow the same plants and veggies. I'm always saying, "Hey... they grow that too...way out there!" Also, how many of us love cats.

  10. Love the 'Giant Lime' zinnia! Is the blossom as large as it appears to be? Did you plant it from seed?

  11. Even if we remember them on time, the plants like to play games. My hibiscus had no flowers for Bloom Day, then flaunted five of them the next morning.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  12. I forgot my Autumn Joy and completely overlook the evening primrose.
    I learned that I definitely need some annuals. I had written in my journal to remind myself to plant zinnias, cosmos and I need some Russina sage for a little purple color.

  13. Layanee... I'll take your word for it!

    M Sinclair Stevens... I think people around here would be okay with it being fall now if it brought rain and cooler temps, but not frost!

    LostRoses... Sorry, rain is not an acceptable excuse for not participating. We had gardeners take pictures in the rain. So get out there and post late or we might indeed believe that you are a lazy gardener!

    Chuck B.... I guess you get more blooms because of your great gardening skills.

    Pam/digging... Kidneywood tree? Never heard of it. I'd love to see the blooms on it.

    Carolyn Gail... Yes, let's save those "autumn" flowers for next month when we won't have many other new blooms.

    Eleanor... Normally I think most of Texas is dry during the summer months.

    Robin's Nesting Place... Thanks, and keep up the good blogging and blog reading.

    Bev... How right you are. Everyone seems to have some of the same flowers, like daylilies.

    The one in charge here... Hey, your new around here! I'm going to go over and check out your blog. Yes, the flowers are large and I grew them from seed.

    Annie in Austin... How did the hibiscus know? It must have seen you coming out there with your camera and got all shy on you.

    Marie... I need more annuals, too and I want to try some Russian Sage and some of the new varities of Rudbeckias and Echinaceas. My list grows.

    Thanks all for the kinds comments and thoughts,

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  14. I learned, like you did, that I need to take notes or better yet, use my browser's bookmark feature. Not just for new plants I would like to try but there were many combinations and other ideas that I liked. Of course I still haven't had time to get to all of the bloom day posts and I am certain there are great ones that I'm missing out on.

  15. I'm a few days late, Carol...hope that is okay.

    This time of year is never the greatest in my garden, but there were quite a few things blooming.

    You can check it out here.

  16. I learned almost the same things you did, especially the one about taking notes of new flowers I want to try! And I was so distracted by the water line woes that I really didn't pay attention to what was actually blooming and completely missed a beautiful clematis on my fence that is absolutely covered in beautiful pale purple flowers. I had no idea she rebloomed! and my figs are ripening.

  17. Apple...I think I'd prefer a notebook because otherwise I'd end up bookmarking all the sites!

    Debbie... No problem with anyone being late, happy to have you join us.

    Healingmagichands... Be careful, if that clematis doesn't think you appreciated the rebloom, it might not bloom again!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  18. Oh, I appreciate it!! I do! I have already rewarded her with mulch. Let it not be said I do not appreciate my lovely beauties. And I take it as her way of trying to console me for the way the front lawn looks right now. Which is improving every hour as I work on the clean up.

  19. I need to update my post too. Can't believe I forgot the phlox, evening primrose, shasta daisy, hollyhocks, Joe Pye weed. . .
    I learned that I really should stop whining about this cool wet summer. And that if I ever have a hot summer again I should plant zinnias!


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