I Didn't Like it a Hoe Lot & Other Book Club Info

Did you ever start reading a book and then never finished it because it just didn't 'grab you' or seem all that interesting? Maybe someone else read the book and loved it, but when you tried to read it, it was a struggle from one page to the next to stay interested or even get interested in the story in the first place.

Yes, you say?

Good. Then you'll understand why I could not finish the August-September selection for the Garden Bloggers' Book Club, A Hoe Lot of Trouble by Heather Webber. I tried, I really tried to finish it, but after six weeks, I was only half way through the book. And even then so many days passed between each reading session that I had to remind myself who the characters were.

As the founder and self-appointed president of the Garden Bloggers' Book Club , I figured it was my duty to try to read the whole book. And then a couple of people reviewed it and said they enjoyed it, so I assumed it would have to get better.

Then I read LostRose's review and I knew I wasn't the only one, and I didn't need to finish the book. Thanks LostRoses.

Whew. I feel a lot better now.

Some of you may be surprised that I don't pre-read the book selections before I chose them for the book club. No time for that! I just pick something and run with it. It could be based on someone's suggestion or it could be a book that just looked fun, like this month's selection.

In a few days, I'll post a review of a garden mystery series that I did like, so much so that I read every mystery in the series several years ago and kept the books. I'm glad I provided a "Plan B" for those who didn't want to read the actual club selection this time, since that's the route I'm taking.

Whew. I feel a lot better now.

Now for some other club business...

If you are posting a review for the book club's current selection or any garden mystery, and I hope you are, please do so by September 29th so I can include it in the virtual meeting club post on September 30th.

And don't forget to take the survey for the book club and help pick the next book selection. The survey is anonymous and has just five easy questions. You'll also find the link at the top of the right sidebar.

I'm actually looking forward to telling you about the other garden mystery series that I really liked. Any guesses as to which one it is? Hint: here's a partial picture of one of the covers of a book from that series...


eleanor said…
Carol, you know I like a good mystery, so can I borrow your garden mystery books?
bill said…
I am hoping to read it. I ordered it once from the Paperback Swap book site where I usually get mysteries to read, only it never arrived. I had to wait forever for it to be declared lost in the mail and now I'm waiting once again for somebody to post it there.

From what you say maybe it is just as well.
LostRoses said…
I dont' remember seeing a cover with that picture on it. I'm intrigued and will be waiting for your review!

As for the rest of your post, you can sum it all up with "So many books - so little time"!
Molly said…
Oh, good. I forced my way through the book but I couldn't think of anything to say about it other than "ho-hum", so I didn't bother.
Entangled said…
I deliberately didn't read any of the reviews until I had written mine, but I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that didn't really like A Hoe Lot of Trouble. I finished it, but won't read another by that author.

One that I really hated and couldn't finish was Mulch by Ann Ripley.