Told You This October is Like July

I posted a few days ago that this October seems more like July. We've had record high temperatures this weekend and it was just too hot to do much outside.

Then when I returned home this evening after several hours away, I went into the sunroom and I could smell that something was blooming. I recognized the scent, and thought, "It can't be that."

But it was.

Hidden behind the blinds of the sunroom, the Night-blooming Cereus was blooming again.
I never even saw the flower bud, because it was hidden behind the blinds.

My night bloomer once bloomed in September, but to my knowledge, this is the first time it has ever bloomed in October.

I'm sure glad I didn't miss it, because it would be a sad event for such a flower to bloom alone with no one to admire it.

But I'm all confused by this weather, by this flower blooming now.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful bloom! We are having record breaking high temperatures as well. It is supposed to be 92 degrees today. That along with less than 1 inch of rainfall since June has made conditions here pretty frightening.

    Pray for rain!

  2. Neat! What a nice surprise, but then you didn't get all the excitement of anticipation with this one.

  3. This weather is crazy isn't it? I'm so ready for fall. I just hope that we have one and don't go right into winter weather.

    I'm glad you didn't miss your bloom.

  4. What fun to find a wonderful smelling surpise.What a huge gorgeous blossom. Your post made me dash outside to see if my Cereus was in bloom. It wasn't but since we are sharing the same horrid weather I was hopeful.

    Lisa at Greenbow

  5. If your October is like July, what can I expect of my. But look on the bright side an extension of your gardening season. Your night blooming cactus is beautiful as always.

  6. Life is full of surprises, isn't it? You're having surprisingly warm weather and a surprising bloom. The flower is very beautiful and that it is scented is always a bonus of course. Glad you didn't miss it!

  7. It's fragrance was calling you, "Come see me!" That's a wonderful bloom.

    Everyone and everthing is confused. I'll be inside for the next few days - 90's again with no rain in sight. Did I say that before?

    Did you catch the mole?

  8. Here, too. Whew! It's hot today. I've been all day watering the wilted plants that did so well in our weirdly wet July.

    How neat that you had a little surprise flower to cheer you on, though.

  9. Sometimes weirdness is worth it! Our orchid cactus is in bloom again though not as magnificently as April. It looks like we're getting a weird weather reprieve this week - rain in the forecast - whee! You too?

  10. Isn't scent something? You recognized the smell! Good for you and the picture is beautiful. It has such a clear, white, bloom.

  11. That's a really incredible discovery, Carol.

    The hot weekend in Chicago was disastrous for the Marathon and one unfortunately runner lost their life.

    It's suppose to rain tonight and then cool off into the 60's for the rest of the week . More Fall-like October weather instead of the July kind we've been having.

  12. Oh that flower is gorgeous, Carol - I like the way you found it from its scent... that's happened here when I didn't know the Sweet Olive had made flowers, then the scent floated around the corner.

    Nice photo, too!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. How beautiful! As soon as I get a greenhouse I intend to have one of those for sure. Isn't this weather something else?

    Right now I am wishing it would cool off a bit so I can move rocks for my garden remodeling project a little more comfortably.

    I posted a diagram today of what we aregoing to do out there, and am starting to feel like maybe we have bit off a little more than we can easily chew. I am having trouble deciding what to plant in the proposed beds, I'm not even sure how far apart to put stuff. I guess I'll figure it out.

    I'm so glad you didn't miss that beautiful flower, Carol!

  14. Carol, that was a special surprise Mother Nature arranged just for you for complaining about the unseasonably warm fall! Silver linings everywhere.

  15. What a gorgeous bloom.
    Enjoy the warm weather.

  16. All...thanks for the kind words and comments!

  17. gorgeous! What a fabulous surprise! That reminds me, I need to go check on my moonflowers right now.

  18. What a gorgeous flower, Carol. How nice that you got a second bloom, and that you didn't miss it!


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