You Might Be A Gardening Geek: Halloween Edition

You might be a gardening geek on Halloween if…

1. Your kids decide to dress up as scarecrows, raid your closet to get some old clothes, and then you realize they picked out the exact clothes you were just wearing this past weekend while working in the garden. Bonus points if you once dressed as a scarecrow at Halloween.

2. Your favorite Trick or Treaters are the little ones dressed like lady bugs, bees, sunflowers, daisies and garden fairies, and you sneak them extra treats. Bonus points if you ever dressed your own kids in these kinds of costumes or posted about plant-themed costumes.

3. You came up with a Halloween costume that allowed you to finally wear your gardening clogs to work. Bonus points if you came up with a costume that also allowed you take one of your hoes to work with you.

4. The pumpkins decorating your front porch are from your own garden. Bonus points if you paint faces on them because you don’t want to carve them until you are ready to make pie with them. Triple bonus points if you grew a pumpkin over 50 pounds and used that as your jack o’lantern.

5. You have at least two other types of homegrown gourds and a shock of corn, all from your own garden, decorating your porch. Bonus points for three or more varieties of homegrown gourds.

6. You think it might be fun to give each Trick or Treater a tulip bulb with instructions on how to plant it instead of giving them candy. Bonus points if you have actually done this. (Honestly I don’t think anyone is that geeky about gardening!)

7. You spend your Halloween evening attending the first regular season basketball game for the Indiana Pacers. Oops, don't know how that got on the list, that's not about gardening at all!

Are you a Halloween kind of gardening geek?


  1. Let's see - one year I made a scarecrow with a pumpkin head to sit on my front bench and I did dress him in my gardening clothes. They fit him just fine, too!

    No cornshocks this year but I did resist paying $5.99 at the grocery store for some.

    You know I win the bonus point for the clogs but how about if you dress in an old-fashioned lady costume mowing a lawn and it's NOT Halloween? You win!

  2. I don't have cornshocks but I have grown Hungarian Broom Corn to use as decor--it's cool stuff, and it lasts a long time, too.

    Have fun at the game tonight! :)

  3. I do have the corn shock out there...I've been hiding it in the side yard since I took it out. But we only got one little pumpkin and I have it inside on the ledge in the entry.

  4. Well, if you're going to the Pacer game I won't come to your house for trick or treating. In fact, since my little monsters will be elsewhere, I'm going to turn out all the lights and watch scarey halloween movies

  5. Happy Halloween and Go Pacers! I hope to have my own home grown pumpkins next year.

  6. My bulbs just came in the mail yesterday and I'm wondering if I can plant them and leave the candy giving out to my husband!

  7. How about ... if you refuse to let your kids cut the pumpkin 'cos it's the pride and joy of your vegetable patch? :)

  8. I love your 'list' blogs! LOL at this one and my gardening clothes do qualify for the scarecrow outfit!

  9. Okay, how about you're a garden geek if you spend the evening before Halloween planning your latest garden project (i.e., putting in planting beds) instead of planning your Halloween costume? I'm a garden geek in the worst way! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  10. Carol, not only did I dress my kid as a flower - for one party I dressed up as Mother Nature, with a wreath of colorful autumn leaves on my head.

    We planted corn to get the stems and leaves for decorating, knowing the animals would get the ears . Those dang raccoons completely trashed the whole patch, shredding the stalks so I still had to buy some.

    Another vote for a photo in your mowing costume - you could hide your face under the hat ;-]

    Happy Halloween!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. One year I did dress all three girls as flowers and Laura was a bee one year too.
    Kathy the older sister

  12. Dang, I had one child dressed as a lady bug and one as a bee this year. I'm guilty!

  13. What a brilliant and funny post this is! Sadly, I guess I'm not a Halloween garden geek; in my defense, I'll point out that we don't have kids visit here; it's a very rural home and the kids that used to visit are all outgrown the tradition as of a couple years back.

  14. Got me on two of these. We just got to carve our pumpkins(we grew) today. Better late than never. :)

  15. All

    Thanks for all the nice comments and thoughts on additional ways in which we show that we are gardening geeks, and proudly so. I hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Pacers won in overtime!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  16. As Jodi said, this is a brilliant and funny post! Giving bulbs with instructions on planting them made me laugh out loud! Great idea, though :o)


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