December-January Book Club Selection Announcement

Dear friends and fellow garden bloggers... the survey results are in and the December-January book selection for the Garden Bloggers' Book Club is...

Dear Friend and Gardener by Beth Chatto and Christopher Lloyd.

I'm excited about this selection because I loved Two Gardeners: Katharine S. White and Elizabeth Lawrence--A Friendship in Letters that many of us read last February. That book was also a compilation of letters between two gardeners and introduced me to two wonderful authors. As a result, I read two more books by Elizabeth Lawrence.

It's always a bit of a risk to choose a book I haven't read, but that is also the idea of the book club, to read books we haven't read and then share our thoughts and reviews of the book through a blog post or two.

My copy of Dear Friend and Gardener should arrive on my doorstep early next week. I hope you'll join me in reading this book over the next few months and post a review or your thoughts on the book in time for a January 31st virtual club post.

Through the survey, eight people who've never participated before indicated they plan to read this next book and join in the book club. That's wonderful! The more the merrier, and since this is a virtual book club there is room for everyone.

And speaking of room for everyone, there is still some time for readers who are going to post a review or thoughts on Green Thoughts by Eleanor Perenyi, the October-November selection, to do so. I'll post the "virtual club meeting post" on November 30th. Just let me know when you've posted, and you'll be included!


Yay! I'm very excited! I haven't read this book either so it'll be fun to see what people have to say. Now, if only I had checked your site *before* I went to the bookstore today!
~Angela :-)
Barbara said…
You are going to read a wonderful, warmhearted and also interesting (with regard to gardening) book. I read it some years ago and was fully delighted. I also liked the correspondence of the two ladies (I found this little booklet by accident in an old bookshop in Boston).
Have a nice Sunday!
Colleen said…
Great! I am excited to read this one :-) I'm loving 'Green Thoughts,' and I'll have my GBBC post up early this week.
Blackswamp_Girl said…
YAY!!! I am so excited to have an excuse to read this one again. And I'm glad to know that other people will be reading it as well--definitely worthwhile. :)
Carol said…
All... I just got my copy in the mail and will start reading it tonight!

Thanks all for the comments and for joining in!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Kathy said…
My October-November post is up:
Entangled said…
I just tossed my Green Thoughts review over the transom - hope I'm not too late.
Nan - said…
Hey Carol, I just ordered it. I love letters, especially gardening letters! Have you read Gardening Letters To My Daughter by Anne Scott-James? I think you might like it.
I ordered my copy of the Dec/Jan book last week. Thanks for letting me join too.
Carol said…
Nan, Dee/reddirtramblings... Happy to have both of you join us for this book. I really like it so far!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Greenman said…
Just 'joinned' the garden book club. I'm loving DEAR FRIEND AND GARDENER for several reasons as I will explain in my garden blog when I'm done.
Nan - said…
Carol, I just posted my review: