Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - November 2007

Welcome to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for November! Continuing with the tradition started in February, I'm posting my blooms for the fifteenth of the month and invite others, both gardeners and non-gardeners to do the same.

It's fun to compare who has what blooming and the differences in gardens across the United States and around the world. Yet at the same time, we can see how much alike our gardens really are.

My first bloom is this little orchid inside that just opened up in the last 24 hours. How's that for good training? Or just good luck.

Outside, even in November, I found a few flowers still hanging on, not wanting the season to be over, I guess, in spite of several killing frosts.

But before I show you the flowers, it is important to remember that I am gardening in USDA Hardiness Zone 5. Here is my front porch in late October.

Then we had a killing frost.

So here's the porch after I cleaned it all up.

I don't like to leave the containers out with a bunch of dead plants in them, so every fall, I empty them out and put them away until spring. Now the porch is just begging for some Christmas decorations, don't you think?

There are still some pansies in a nearby window box, which is lined with green moss. It looks like I need to re-line this next spring.

The rose is clinging to a few blooms. I'm not sure if this is "in flower" as much as these few blooms are frozen in time.
I also have some mums that are still in flower.
And so does my next door neighbor, only hers look better than mine! (Is it fair to show your neighbor's blooms on Bloom Day? Sure it is!)
I think next spring I'm going over there to get some divisions of this mum.

What's blooming in your garden this fine November day? Post about your blooms on your own blog and then leave a comment here so we can all find you. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” – Elizabeth Lawrence


Anonymous said…
My post is up a day early, like yours, Carol. I'm impressed that roses still cling to the bush in your post-freeze garden. Your pansies and mums (and neighbor's mums) are cheerful reminders of the season. And the orchid is lovely.
Anonymous said…
Not much blooming at my place but indoors like you! Love the orchid and it is so welcome this time of year. I have one budding up but it will be a while!
WE are getting a good dose of cold as I type. The wind is howling and it sounds like hail out there. I doubt I will have much to show tomorrow.

You are lucky to have mums with your weather. That orchid is to die for. I haven't been able to get orchids to rebloom. whine...
Nickie said…
oooo I posted some lingering blooms, they arn't pretty, but they are blooms LOL

I love your pansies. Its going to be too cold tonight, my blooms will be dead tomorrow :(
Rusty in Miami said…
I posted my bloom day today, I promise next month I will have more pictures.
Your orchid is beautiful and showed off just in time.

My GBBD post is up now too.
Unknown said…
What a gorgeous orchid!

My GBBD post is up now, too! It's so interesting to see the difference that a killing frost makes. We've only had a few light frosts here, so I still have lots of things that shouldn't be showing off at this time of the year.
Kylee Baumle said…
Your porch looks like mine right now. WHERE ARE ALL THE FLOWERS AND PLANTS??? It just looks strange to me when I walk out the door, but I supposed I'll get used to it. With winter coming I won't be lingering out there much anyway!

LOVE your orchid!

I've got my GBBD post up, too.
I love your orchid, Carol! I have one I'm hoping might bloom some day:) My post is up...two hours early but tomorrow is a busy day for me so I had to get organized early1
Gloria said…
Mums and pansies are often the only flowers remaining in gardens this time of year.No wonder they are so popular.
Soon many of us will be showing only what is sticking out of the snow.Winter pictures can be very beautiful.
Any more wind and this month would have been mostly bare branches. November GBBD post up at
Annie in Austin said…
Maybe some little Christmas lights around the pansies will keep the chill off so they can keep blooming, Carol!

We've barely brushed the 40's here in Austin, so it wasn't hard to make a November post. Mine's up now, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Yes, your porch looks a bit bare right now, but it's a very nice porch all the same.;-) It was nice to see that you still had a few outdoor blooms too. It's getting quite difficult now, isn't it? My GGBD post is up to at

I'm glad to say that I still have a few outdoor blooms to show but it's getting to be a bit of a struggle now.
You have a lot of blooms left. Mine are all finished except one rudbedia flower.

Why don't you fill your empty spots in your porch with some winter greenery in pots? I've got some photos up on my blog of my pots.

For Bloggers Bloom Day I've got some Christmas cactus in bloom.
Anonymous said…
we've got some beautiful mums outside too & I love the blooming pansys. I have been watching the leaves being blown off the trees. I guess here the wind chill makes the temp in the 20's today. About time. Next week is thanksgiving
Anonymous said…
Ooh--dare I confess that I too admire your neighbor's yellow mum? Such a pretty color and form. I don't have many blooms left to share, but such as I have are in my GBBD post at
Entangled said…
I wasn't expecting to have much in bloom this time, but a few plants are still hanging on.

Your orchid is lovely - you'll feel warm all over every time you look at it this winter!
I got my post up about blooms in the garden today. What a woeful bunch of blooms I have. Winter is really almost here.
lisa said…
Don't you just love how tough those pansies are? I only have a couple left, and the frost hit them too hard. "Frozen in time.." heh, I think I have a few "freeze-dried" blooms in the yard, but I didn't count them this time. Got my post up, though...happy bloom day!
Anonymous said…
What fun exploring gardens across the country this morning to see what the rest of you have to share. One disappointment, though, is that for some of you on Blogger, only folks with Blogger or Google accounts can leave comments. If you're one of them, please know that you're getting visitors that appreciate your photos, even if we don't leave comments!
Dag nab it I could've taken shots of my neighbor's gorgeous KNOCKOUT roses which are not even showing signs of wilting or frost bite !

Not much left in the garden after last night's chilly 32 degrees ! Good thing I took photos the day before.

Time to close the Sweet Home Chicago outdoor garden for this year methinks.

Thanks for sponsoring Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, Carol.
EAL said…
Garden Rant, Takoma Gardener/Sustainable Gardening, and Gardening While Intoxicated all have GBBD posts up.

Like the orchid--I am thinking of branching out into thsoe this year.
Anonymous said…
I'm still finding wonderful new bloggers via Bloom Day, Carol. So thanks again.

I wanted leave a comment for Rusty in Miami, if he comes back. I tried to comment on his blog yesterday but realized he doesn't allow non-Blogger (Other) comments. Rusty, if you change that setting, you may get more comments.
Hi, Carol! My Bloom Day post is finally up. Are those roses against your house? Most, but not all, of the things still blooming in my garden are in sheltered positions.
My post is now joining the throng. I do think it is fair to post pictures of your neighbor's flowers. It is a garden, isn't it, and it is November.
Anonymous said…
Oh your orchid is lovely! I'm glad to see you posted it because mine is blooming too and I didn't know whether or not indoor plants counted in GBBD.

Here's this month's report from Zanthan Gardens.

Now I need to get out and do some watering.
Molly said…
I'm baaaaack! Here's my report for November:
Unknown said…
I'm here, I'm here!!! Back from the world of Child Illnesses, my Bloom Day post is up at Kiss of Sun

Thanks for hosting! I just love seeing all of the gardens in bloom.
Muum said…
My Garden Bloom post is up! I am loving the neighbor's yellow mums, too! See if you can get a start for all of us!
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor the threat of snow could keep me from your Bloom Day Carol.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful orchid! I've had only one orchid success story - out of 5 I've tried to grow. (But the one blooms twice a year!)

I've posted my first ever GBBD post:

So glad I took the time to browse for blooms - I was shocked at how many plants are still blooming, considering that it's mid-November. We've had particularly warm days (mid-80s), though near frost at night, so some of my garden plants are quite confused!
Anonymous said…
I made it! After missing last month, I was determined to share my southern garden in November - us southern gardeners need to help get everyone through the cold winter months - again, thanks for hosting this each month.
Anonymous said…
You know, I intended to post this earlier, but work intervened. Even though I'm 3 hours' drive north of you, there hasn't been a killing frost here yet. Just shows you how much Lake Michigan (and the urban heat island) affects our weather in Chicago!
Shirley said…
Hi again, Carol :-)

That time of the year again and the flower numbers are dropping. I like to see the last ones just hang on as long as they can. We haven't had too many frosty nights here but everything can change overnight can't it. My post is up now too. I hope you have enjoyed organising GBBD :-D
Unknown said…
Finally got my post up, Carol--Blogger was behaving VERY badly for a while. My indoor report will be in a couple of days.
Anonymous said…
Me too, Carol! I had trouble with November blooms though - you'll see! Your porch is certainly transformed! I can't wait to see what's next (will you wait until after Thanksgiving to do the Christmas decorating?) As always, thank you for being such a gracious hostess!
Anonymous said…
Here's mine (hope this works!):
Ki said…
Great timing with the lovely orchid, Carol! They last a long time too so you should have them for the upcoming holidays. Looking at our yard now is kind of a downer w/o much blooming and I had to do some indoor sprucing up for out of town guests, which was just as well on this dreary, rainy day so no bloom day pics this time...unless I see something interesting tomorrow.
After being out of the bloomday loop for a while, I posted an alternative bloom today and realized I could maybe include it here! What a fun project you started here.
Meems said…
Carol: i'm joining in on bloom day for the first time. :-) thanks for the fun.

your orchid is luscious... oh so pink and white. i can just imagine how lovely that window box will look in the spring...
Anonymous said…
Oops, I forgot about gbbd so I'm a little late. Good thing I had already taken the pics.
You still have lots and lots of mums. Mine are on their way out.
You have a lovely little orchid too.
Thanks for starting this monthly tradition.
Ki said…
Hi Carol, I decided to take a break from house painting and took a few photos this morning so my Bloom Day flowers are up. I'm glad I took a look. What I thought was a fairly barren yard still had some flowers bravely trying to fight off the cold.
Anonymous said…
I have a couple of Nerines (sp?) blooming and some mums that I thought had died. I've been reading some of the bloom days posts and agree it is interesting to see who still has a lot of flowers left this season.
Kathy said…
My meager offering is now up:
Unknown said…
Here's the one last flowering plant in our yard(Aside from the frost bit mums). It's an Achillea by our mailbox.

Carol Michel said…

Thanks for joining in for another successful Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! I think I visited everyone's 'garden' who left a comment. If I missed you (didn't leave a comment), I didn't mean to! Just let me know, and I'll be by.

Next bloom day... December. Now what will that bring in our gardens?

Carol at May Dreams Gardens
LostRoses said…
My post is up late and it has a link in it that won't work but other than that, it's there!
Phillip Oliver said…
I'm late too but I finally managed to get out today and take some photos.
LisaBee said…
late late late, yet some blooms have been posted!

Thanks Carol!
Anonymous said…
That's such a neat action you have started here. I'll try to be more punctual next time.
Here's my post:
Anonymous said…
Hello and thanks for starting this tradition. I had one lonely strawberry blossom going in central NY, and it snowed the next day! After some computer issues, finally got them posted tonight. Look forward to digging around for color and form in December!