Ready for Winter and Ready to Shop

The 'Miss Kim' lilac has shed its leaves, revealing the long ago abandoned nest of a house wren.

Can another season of the garden really be over?

Yes, it can be, and here in my Zone 5b garden, it clearly is.

All that is left to do outside is the occasional cutting back of old perennials, but only if the mood strikes me to do that, and maybe raking up some small piles of leaves, if we get a bit of sunshine which makes me want to go out and do something outside.

And I hope there is at least one more nice day so I can mow the grass one final time before we get any significant snow, but even that isn't something that I have to do.

The garden really is ready for winter. I've completed the list of "must do before the snow flies" chores, including purchasing a new snowblower, one with an electric starter.

I sold my old snowblower at a summer garage sale because it failed too often to start. And it would choose not to start at the most inconvenient of times like when there was snow that had to be cleared off the driveway. It was like it was afraid of snow, if a gasoline engine can be 'afraid'. I hope my new snowblower is more reliable and braver around snow, and there is no reason it shouldn't be.

So bring on the snow, I'm ready.

I'm also ready to shop. I want to buy some more house plants because I still need to plant something in my terrarium. I just moved it again, empty, out of the great room and into the sunroom to make room for the Christmas tree. It would be nice to have some plants in it when I move it back in January. Plus, I'm just in the mood to buy some plants, and since it isn't the season to buy plants for the outside gardens, I'll get them for inside.

Other items on my list for black Friday shopping, if I decide to venture out...
- amaryllis bulbs,
- paperwhite bulbs,
- maybe a rosemary tree,
- a new container for some recently rooted Christmas cactus cuttings,
- some potting soil.

What's on your shopping list for tomorrow?


  1. Ooh, Carol, you couldn't drag me to the stores tomorrow even if they were giving stuff away. It'll be too crowded for me.

    Happy T-Day!

  2. I won't be one of those shoppers that are out and about tomorrow. I like going when no one else is shopping. I do have a list a mile long that needs to be addressed. I have only one chiristmas present bought. UGH I am so full of turkey I can't even think about it.

  3. For the first time in maybe a decade, I'm going out tomorrow to shop with my daughter at the busiest and largest mall in Concord, NC. There is a Garden Ridge store there and we hope to find bargains to decorate her Christmas tree. I'm nuts for doing this because I don't like traffic nor crowds. I prefer to shop on Wednesday mornings when the stores open. In and out!

    My gardens are done, too. But with the trees getting bare, my best birding season is coming.

    We just planted a few small rosemary trees behind the waterfall on the pond. Their fragrance is wonderful!

    Enjoy your shopping! Happy Thanksgiving, Carol.

  4. i think im only shopping for dirt tomorrow

  5. I think I prefer to participate in "Buy Nothing Day".

  6. Unfortunately I do need to go to Menard's and Lowe's. I am hoping that most people are at the mall. I never go out on the day after Thanksgiving, and I will probably be sorry that I did.

  7. I may not Buy Nothing, but I'm sure not going to buy anything in person today. Online shopping all the way.

    I'm thinking of trying some of the smaller spikier amaryllis this year though - the big ones always flop over for me. Has anyone else tried these?

  8. I can't believe how many people are avoiding the stores like I am! Or is it just us sensible gardeners? That could be it. If Black Friday occurred in June (so nurseries & garden centers could participate), or if we lived in the Southern Hemisphere, it might be a different story I suspect.

  9. I am doing my shopping tomorrow, as my Mom and I are driving a ways to a bigger town. I would love to go to Kirklands, and see if they have any yard ornaments left from summer (cheap, of course!)

  10. We did go out and spend money, but bought an experience rather than an object - Philo & I went to the Arbor Theater and saw "I'm Not There".

    Good luck with the terrarium plants, Carol - you might make it all mossy & ferny, with interesting rocks for boulders, like a miniature set for " A Midsummer Nights Dream". Your fairies would have a haven from the snow and cold!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. I only learned today what "Black Friday" meant...we don't have that here, obviously (Thanksgiving was six weeks ago, of course), but I ventured into Halifax today to visit Lee Valley and a couple of other stores out in the Bayer's Lake industrial park. It wasn't too bad, and I got a few Christmas presents; I hate shopping except for plant stuff, so I plan to be done LONG before the last two weeks before Christmas. As in next week. If all goes well.
    But I STILL don't have my bulbs all planted--it's gone cold here now...but I might have to do them tomorrow, frozen ground or not!

  12. Hi everyone! I only went to two stores but that is because I needed some more lights to complete my outdoor Christmas lighting and then I needed one more extension cord for it. Two trips, in and out. I chose stores well away from the malls!

    But then I did go downtown (really, downtown Indianapolis) which was 'a bit crowded' and I ventured into the big mall there, which was also crowded, but not unwalkable crowded. I went there only to eat before the Pacer game.

    So it was not a complete 'buy nothing' day, but like Annie, I bought an experience.

    And I wish there was a Lee Valley store near me! And what is this 'Garden Ridge' store? Sounds like it might be my kind of place!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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