Survey Time - Help Choose the Next Garden Bloggers' Book Club Selection

It’s nearly time to…

Send me a link to your post with your review or thoughts on the current Garden Bloggers’ Book Club selection, Green Thoughts: A Writer in the Garden by Eleanor Perènyi. I will publish the virtual meeting post on November 30th. You can send me your link anytime before then.

Help choose the next book selection for December-January. The suggestions left in comments so far include:

Dear Friend and Gardener by Beth Chatto and Christopher Lloyd

Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education by Michael Pollan

A Very Small Farm by William Paul Winchester

Mrs Greenthumbs: How I Turned A Boring Yard Into A Glorious Garden And How You Can, Too by Cassandra Danz

Via email and other online conversations, I also received a few other suggestions:

Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart

A Year at North Hill: Four Seasons in a Vermont Garden by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd

How to choose? By survey of course! You all didn’t think I was going to make the final choice all by myself, did you? Complete the survey in the next few days, and then if there is a clear favorite, we are all set. If there isn’t a clear favorite, we’ll eliminate the bottom three and try again.

This link takes you to the survey.

Thanks for your help in choosing the December-January selection and for your support of the Garden Bloggers' Book Club.

(Update: Sunday evening, eight people voted. There is no clear front runner yet. YOUR vote counts. I'll leave the survey going until Friday evening.)


  1. Great idea for the survey, Carol (says the marketing researcher). Come on Mrs. Greenthumbs! Now THAT you can guarantee I will read!

    --Robin (Bumblebee)

  2. hi carol - as you know, I've not been paricipating in the book club, mostly because i've been so absorbed in the garden and garden magazines looking for ideas. I'd like to try for next month so I did complete the survey. I love the idea of supporting garden bloggers who have written books so I picked Amy's.

  3. I'm up for Mrs. Greenthumbs, but if you're still open to new titles, I suggest "The $64 Tomato: How One Man Nearly Lost His Sanity, Spent a Fortune,and Endured an Existential Crisis in the Quest for the Perfect Garden" by William Alexander! It's awesome and I'd like to read it again.
    ~Angela :-)

  4. Second Nature was the first Michael Pollan book I ever read and it was clear that he was going to be a standout garden writer. Definitely a book I'd recommend to others.

  5. Mrs Greenthumbs books are a kick... quite humorous and entertaining!

  6. Robin(Bumblebee)...Thanks, I've used this survey tool a couple of other times on my blog. I think the surveys are fun and make it easier for people to give their opinion. (Right now Mrs. Greenthumb is in the top 3.

    Gina...I hope you can join in for the next book. I think it will give you a whole new perspective on gardening when/if you read some of the books we've chosen.

    Angela(cottage magpie)...I will add your suggestion to the list to consider for February-March. Remind me!

    MSS@Zanthan Gardens... Thanks for the recommendation. Pollan's book has gotten a few votes, maybe it will be the one?

    Connie... Yes, the Mrs. Greenthumb books are funny. I've read both of them and found them quite entertaining.

    Thanks all for the comments and votes. The survey will stay "open" until Friday.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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