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What brings the world to this little blog of mine? I’ve posted before about curious search terms that have lead people to a page or two on my blog.

Now once again, prompted by Robin (Bumblebee), I’ve looked through some stats and data to see not necessarily what search terms people are using to find my blog but which posts are viewed most often. Sometimes people find these posts via a search and sometimes they find them via a link from someplace else.

Regardless of how they got to them, here are what appear to be the current Top Ten Posts of May Dreams Gardens viewed in the last six months.

10. Magical Night Update: A Special Bloom Event which is all about my night-blooming cereus blooming this past summer. I took pictures throughout the evening to show how “relatively quickly” the flower opens in the evening.

9. Bulbs and bulb vases is about forcing both hyacinths and amaryllis bulbs on bulb vases. I have one piece of advice on using a bulb vase for an amaryllis. Don’t do it! I actually bought an amaryllis vase, and it failed miserably. There is just no way to support the amaryllis flower stalk and flower when the bulb is sitting on a vase.

8. Lilies That Surprise Me is all about candy lilies and surprise lilies (Lycoris squamigera). You don’t suppose that mentioning that surprise lilies are sometimes called “Naked Ladies” had anything to do with this being a Top Ten post, do you? I also admit in this post how I stupidly planted a particular variegated leaved plant that I knew I shouldn’t have planted!

7. Queen of the Night was my first post about the night blooming cereus blooming. I suppose if I am fortunate enough to have this plant (kept indoors year around) bloom each summer, I’ll post about its blooms each time. I used to think how sad it would be for this plant to bloom when no one was around to enjoy it, now I think it would be sad if it bloomed and I didn’t write a new blog post about it!

6. Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – July 2007. Need I say more about this? This was probably the height of bloom for everyone, thus many people linked to this post or viewed it to get to all the other posts about blooms on July 15th.

5. A Tale of Two Forsythia Shrubs is a post where I compare two different Forsythia in my garden and the difference in bloom. Plus I showed my sister’s Forsythia in bloom, which some thought was better then either of mine!

4. Hand Digging Hoe – Found it! proves that I’m not the only one who was searching high and low for this wonderful hand digging hoe. I don’t have enough stats on my other blog to know how many people have found my hoe collection, but I’m at least happy to know that one post about hoes was in the Top 10 on this blog. I have a reputation to preserve as the one with the Hoe Collection, after all.

3. Itsy-Bitsy Big Ugly Spiders is about some big ugly spiders in my sister’s backyard. Lots of people are apparently searching for information on “big spiders”. I will tell you if you go visit this post that I was kind enough to put the spider picture at the bottom of the post so you can read about it, but then skip the picture if, like me, you don’t particularly enjoy looking at pictures of spiders. I think that’s just good blog etiquette! Gross spider pictures should be at the bottom of the post and adequate warning given that it is there.

2. New Flower Bed simply shows how I dug a new flower bed around a lamp post by my front sidewalk. I guess a lot of people just want to know about putting in new flower beds.

And the number one viewed post on my blog…

1. The Truth About Burning Bush. Apparently, people want to know the truth about things, like the burning bush, Euonymus alatus. The funny thing is that I don’t even have a burning bush in my garden. The picture of the burning bush above is in my neighbor’s yard.

So what are the top posts on your blog?


  1. I keep a list of the most popular posts on my sidebar. (Wordpress has a plugin for this.) The most popular by far is the one on the brown marmorated stink bug. A lot of people in Pennsylvania are plagued by this bug, and they all go to the comments in this post to commiserate with each other.

  2. Carol: Good post and I loved reading them all! It is interesting what generates the most 'hits' and I learned never to name a post 'Wet and Wild'! Just imagine the disappointed faces! LOL :)

  3. This is very interesting, I have no idea how many people have viewed my posts, only how many have visited the blog. I am pleased you warned us about the spider, I don't like to look :-) You have inspired me to do a bit more research on my blog - I will definitely look into it. Thank you.

  4. How in the world do you gather the information about who visits what?
    I have no idea.

  5. Kathy, perhaps someday I might switch to WordPress and then I might have that plug-in.

    Layanee, I agree, we somtimes name our posts something that generates,um, the wrong kind of traffic!

    Chris, You're welcome on the spider picture.

    Shady Gardener, I use Google Analytics to tell me that. It only took a few minutes to set it up.

    Thanks all for the nice comments,
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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