You Might Be A Gardening Geek: Thanksgiving Edition

You might be a gardening geek on Thanksgiving if…

You spent at least half a day moving all the plants out of your dining room so you could actually use it for Thanksgiving dinner. When you were bringing plants indoors before the first frost, you thought the dining room was the perfect place for the plants because it was seldom actually used for dining. Subtract points if you decided to leave the plants in the dining room and set up card tables in another room for people to sit at. Really! You can move those plants for one day.

Your Thanksgiving dinner includes at least one side dish of a vegetable from your own garden. Bonus points if it was a fresh vegetable, not canned, and you’ve already had a frost where you live. More bonus points if the sage in your sage stuffing came from your garden. Even more bonus points if you made a pecan pie with pecans from your own pecan tree!

Your idea of the best way to work off the big Thanksgiving dinner is for everyone to go outside for some vigorous leaf raking. Bonus points if you actually did go out and rake leaves after you ate.

You are thankful that you got all your bulbs planted before Thanksgiving. Give yourself a bonus point for every 100 bulbs you planted. Cha-ching! Too bad the points aren’t redeemable for prizes or redeemable for anything at all.

Your cornucopia is packed with gourds from your own garden. Bonus points if you even have a cornucopia on your table for decoration.

You are disappointed when you look through all the black Friday ads because no one has a big ‘door buster’ sale on gardening tools. Bonus points if you’ve ever bought a new gardening tool the day after Thanksgiving.

You are thankful for your garden and all your garden blogging friends and your real friends and family, too. Bonus points if you came here today to see if you were a gardening geek for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from May Dreams Gardens.


  1. I'm fixing to go plant my bulbs right now.

    Let's see two drills, cordless and electric, shovel, hot pepper, plastic wire mesh, scissors, bulb fertilizer, camera and a dream.

    Oh and my Corona hand pruners.

  2. I'm thankful for your blog...which gives me something interesting and fun to read almost every day (I don't know how you do it!) And with the late fall I do have cherry tomatoes that are waiting to be picked for tomorrow...we hit 39 degrees last so it's close!

  3. You clever lady...I am a thanksgiving geek for sure. I just had to rearrange the plants in the dining room. Thanks for all your clever ideas and writings.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. fun - I always enjoy your Gardening Geek blog entries. I spent an hour sorting and putting away tender bulbs that were in the kitchen, so that is as close to the dining room as I can get. NO pecans, but we are using walnuts for the stuffing from our neighbor's walnut tree, and sage from our garden, too. No leaf raking points for us. Still have bulbs to plant -or not, so not so many points there, either. We made a bread cornucopia last year, but not this year.I do love a good sale on garden goodies, but haven't seen anything yet, and I do enjoy visiting other people's gardens via the internet! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. LOL Very funny and a Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    BTW You should included if you are posting/writing/checking in on blogs on Thanksgiving. ;0)

  6. happy thanksgiving, Carol. Now I have to go move the plants out of the dining room, spread the Indian corn on the table and open my homegrown pickles and jelly.

  7. Hmmm, I moved some outdoor plants into the dining room, but the dining room has the only sunny window in the house. We're not hosting Thanksgiving, thankfully. So geek or no?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. So, do I get bonus points for having the whole wall of my dining room in between the windows converted to shelves with grow lights? In the winter, we eat in a jungle.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Carol.

  9. Carol, I hope your plants survive yet another move from their temporary dining room home.

    I was so thrilled to use my home grown sage in the dressing this year. I just finished it and it waits in the frig for tomorrow. maybe by next year i'll have begun my much desired vegetable garden.

    I am thankful for my garden and all the new blogging friends that garden in all parts of the country.

    Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving, Carol. God bless.

  10. No plants in the dining room for me, they are in my loft area which has more light than the dining room.

    I still have bulbs to plant, only because I bought more a few days ago.

    I didn't have a veggie garden this year.

    Oh well, I guess it is confirmed again I'm only a gardening geek in the spring and summer.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Carol. I'm thankful for you and your wonderful blog, which is both entertaining and educational.

  11. I am using my own sage! :)

    If black Friday adds had gardening related things I MIGHT be lured out :)

  12. It sounds like there are a lot of garden geeks this Thanksgiving - now that is something to be grateful for! I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    The temperatures are dropping fast - how are we going to fit the 7 and 1/2 foot plumeria into the breakfast room? At least the pie is ready:

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! While you take a well-deservedbreak and celebrate with family and friends...I think I'll try to get those *&#$%!* bulbs planted. If it doesn't snow, rain, or heave down a plague of locusts, that is!

  14. Aaargh! I still haven't gotten my bulbs planted.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Carol!

  15. With the weather that is forecast for tomorrow, if you can get your guests out to rake leaves, you are a better person than me....though, they may not show up next year!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Phew, I scored a few points on that last one otherwise no points at all as we do not celebrate thanksgiving over here.

    Happy Thanksgiving Carol!!!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope all had a great day, with good food, loving families, great friends. Thanks for all the comments and nice notes.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Carol! I don't think I earned any points here. I don't move things around to provide space for plants, but I do rearrange my entire first floor for three Christmas trees. In the dining room, our table for 8 turns into a table for 5.

  19. I think right now I'm THE gardening geek of the moment and I have the black eye to prove it. I'm so proud of how I got it - planting tulips. Who knew gardening could be so dangerous? LOL!

    I hope you had a blessed thanksgiving. I'm thankful I found your blog and many others. I've learned so much and "met" so many nice people through garden blogging. You all make me feel so normal. LOL.


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