A Brief Bit About Blogging: Comments

When all is as it should be, I receive an email notification when someone comments on my blog.

However, since sometime Tuesday (or maybe it was Monday), I have not been getting those email notifications consistently. As you can imagine, this creates all kinds of issues and concerns.

So until I can figure out if the problem is Blogger or me, I've temporarily changed my settings so that I have to approve all comments.

Even with it set up for me to moderate all comments, I seem to be getting email notifications for some comments, but not others. But at least since I have to approve all comments, I am protecting myself a bit from spammers and I won't miss anyone's comments (especially on older posts).

Is anyone else having this problem of not getting emailed consistently regarding comments?


  1. Hi!

    I don't have any ideas about you not getting notifications. But I have a technical question about your blog. It used to be so that the entire blog entry where included in the RSS feed. But sometime the last month or so it suddenly where changed to be only the first bit of the blog. I mostly read your (and others) blog in my RSS reader and quite frequently I don't bother about opening the web browser to read the entire entries now. Could you turn the old functionality on again or was this a change you did because of that guy stealing stuff from the blog?

    Greetings from an unseasonably warm Stockholm, Sweden

  2. Poul... Yes, I switched to an abbreviated feed because all my posts were being scraped and stolen, probably from a feed reader. I'd love to switch back to full entries, but not until I've figured out how to keep the thieves from ripping me off.

  3. All seems to be working properly for me. I will be watching to see if this issue arises.

  4. This happened to me a while back. I moderate all comments and also get Email notification. sometimes i got E-mail notification but nothing on the blog dashboard, sometimes the other way round. who knows if anything failed to make it completely.

    I've decided you just have to resign yourself to Blogger's hiccups. Today for instance he won't let me upload photos ...

  5. I switched from CAPTCHA to moderated comments recently. I was still getting spam comments, which I believe were being submitted by a human spammer rather than a robo-spammer.

    I haven't seen any problem with email notifications, myself.

    I switched to an abbreviated feed a year ago for so for the same reason: content stealers. I've seen a rash of them recently associated with "MagniSearch". It seems to be coming from the feed, since the full content is not getting posted.

  6. How did you discover your content was being ripped off?

  7. Carol,
    About a week ago, Blogger changed its commenting to only allow those commenters that have a google or blogger name to comment, unless you allow anonymous comments.

    Plus, if you use a nickname or comment as 'anonymous', your comment won't link back to your site.

    Maybe (I don't know what your settings are obviously), this has something to do with it?

  8. I'm having the same problem, Carol. I stopped getting e-mail notifications yesterday and it lasted from around noon up to bedtime. I had a few e-mails this morning, though.

    I think I'll check my e-mail now and see if it's working. Good old Blogger keeps us wondering!

  9. Carol,I just checked my blog and I have a few comments that did not show up in my email notification. Hmmm...wonder what's up with that.

  10. I haven't been getting e-mail notifications for a week now. I have a troll, so I always have comments moderation turned on. I see new comments when I check my Blogger dashboard. No problem-o.

    I imagine it's a bigger problem for you on a high traffic blog like the fabulous May Dreams than it is for me. I'm sure they'll work it out.

  11. Carol - I'm such a neophyte blogger that I don't even know how to get e-mail alerts! I hope you get your problem solved soon. The Austin Bloggers have been discussing Blogger's change in comment format & I guess the reason has something to do with spammers having people type in the verification codes. I just am clueless about so much in the blogosphere.

  12. I had a similar problem yesterday, but it seems to have cleared up.

  13. Hi again, Carol :-)

    I too haven't been getting e-mail notifications - I only discovered some comments when browsing. I will have to look back now and see what others I've missed! I think it must be a blogger problem.

  14. I've never gotten comments emailed to me consistently by Blogger. It's always been a few here, a few there.

    That's a great idea to shorten the feed to avoid having your content stolen.

  15. I blog on Wordpress and I imagine I could get email notifications, but I just check my "dashboard" and all new comments, even on old posts, are listed there.

  16. All... thanks for the support, commiseration and ideas. Indeed it appears to be fixed and I am freed again from moderating comments!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  17. Carol, I just looked at my blog and discovered there were several comments that didn't come in my email. Hmmmmm

  18. Lisa... I hope those are older comments because email notification does seem to be working now!

  19. I don't know why but mine hasnt been working for a while :(

    It makes it hard to reply to comments if you don't know they commented---then I feel bad when I find out someone left a question weeks ago!

  20. It's good ol' Blogger at work again!

    I'm having the same trouble; haven't responded to posts in a week because of it!

    Better luck keeping up with all of us adoring fans!

    Katie at GardenPunks

  21. Yes, Carol, I had the same problem. One day this week, I forget which, there were 16 comments awaiting moderation for which I'd not received e-mail notification! Now I'm checking on the dashboard every now and then just to make sure I didn't miss any.
    Kim said Blogger ate two of her comments on separate posts to my blog. I sure hate when that happens! That's happened to me before, too.


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