Eight Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been tagged by Philip at Dirt Therapy to post about eight things that make me happy. Only eight? That should be easy!

By the way, there are rules to this meme, which are supposed to be included first. Here they are: When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you (done). Post these rules before your list (done), then list 8 thoughts that make you happy (see below). At the end of your list, you must tag and link 8 other people (not going to do).

I’m not planning to follow all the rules, exactly. I’m just posting eight things related to gardening that make me happy.

Ready? Here goes...

The smell inside a warm greenhouse in the winter time. You know that smell, don’t you? It’s an earthy smell with perhaps a hint of some tropical flowers, depending on the type of greenhouse. There are at least three large greenhouses on my side of town, two of which are probably packed with poinsettias and holiday train sets right now. I think I’ll try to go visit one this weekend.

A new gardening book. I love reading about gardening and learning more about plants and gardening in general. When I get a new gardening book, I just know that book is going to change something about how I garden or introduce me to more plants I want or help me think of gardening in a new way.

The blooms on my night blooming cereus. Not only is it a spectacular bloom but it also reminds me of my Dad and how he enjoyed watching those flowers slowly open on a warm summer evening. The plant takes up an entire corner of my sun room, but since it makes me happy, I happily have given up that corner for it.

Having a hoe for every type of hoeing you could do in a garden. Actually, it makes me happy to have the means to buy good gardening tools, so when I am working in the garden, I know my hoes will hoe, my pruners will prune and my trowels will dig, so I can just think about the gardening.

Starting new plants from seed. Remember last January when the garden blogosphere was all abuzz about seeds, how happy many of us were to know we weren’t alone in sowing our seeds in anticipation of spring? I also enjoy looking through all the seed catalogs, deciding which seeds I’m going to buy. And even though I order my seeds online, I want the print catalogs to browse through, because it’s just isn’t the same browsing for seeds on the web. I guess I’m just an old-fashioned seed catalog browser.

Eating the first tomato of the season, while it is still warm from the sun. I know I had a little bit of fun posting once about how some of us go on and on about our first tomato, but really, when you get down to it, for some gardeners, the first tomato is the primary reason to have a vegetable garden.

Harvesting compost. It’s a miracle, a happy miracle. Garden scraps turned into black gold to enrich the soil. It makes me happy to harvest compost.

Writing and blogging about gardening and connecting with other gardeners who enjoy gardening, too. Without blogs and the Internet, I would never have connected with so many other enthusiastic gardeners.

And that’s eight things about gardening that make me happy. I wait now for others to post about what makes them happy.


  1. Love all your 'happy' things! I have several garden books to read and had the pleasure of a greenhouse visit just today. I also love the smell of the big convention center when it is Flower Show time! Moisture and mulch and some blooms fill the air with that oh so identifiable scent! I've also been catching up on blogs and violets are one of my favorites. Thanks for that memory!

  2. These are good happy things. They make ME happy just reading of your joy....

  3. I'm with Jodi--I was smiling jus t reading this! Especially regarding the smell of a warm greenhouse in winter (I need to visit one now!) and that love of growing from seed.

    I haven't even had my daily cup of coffee yet, and you've got me smiling. Now that's quite a feat :-)

  4. Great reasons to be happy Carol. They all make me happy too.

  5. Yes, yes, yes, I can relate to all the things you listed. I also love to go through the seed catalogs, but order online.

  6. Oh my yes, especially the greenhouse smell. And the tomato. Compost! The dreaming season, when I peruse catalogs, look at the bare bones of my gardens and imagine how I will flesh them out when my choices arrive in the spring.

    Gardening just makes me happy.

  7. Oh, yeah - I love that greenhouse smell! And real seed catalogs, to be read while soaking in a hot bath. (My computer doesn't go there.)

  8. The simple pleasures in life do make gardeners happy don't they. It doesn't take much to keep us occupied or happy.

  9. This is a nice group of happy gardening things. I agree with you on most of them--but I skip the composting.

  10. You twisted my arm....

    i had to post a list too ;). Troublemaker!

  11. What a coincidence! All 8 of those things make me very happy, although I think I'm a couple hoes shy of nirvana.

  12. Those things will make most people happy, well, those who have sense anyway. ;-) And I agree with Jodi on the effect that reading this post had. :-)

  13. Happiness as stated by a true gardener! :-)


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