Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop: Fences and Walls

Gardening Gone Wild’s December Garden Blogger’s Design Workshop is all about Fences and Walls.

Here’s a garden wall that I admired recently.

These homeowners have added a 'wall' just two stones high to differentiate between a lawn area and a wooded area in their front yard.

I think it is a good solution to the problem of having to maintain a tame area around the sidewalk while keeping the woods ‘as is’. Without it, this might look like a vacant lot, tempting neighbors to sneak over at night to dump their branches, leaves, and other debris that they are too lazy to deal with properly. Yes, that happens in neighborhoods.

But with this subtle wall, you can definitely tell this is part of someone’s landscape. And, it allows the woods to be seen in its entirety without a wall or fence blocking part of it.


  1. I love stone, & it's so appropriate for the natural area it delineates.

  2. i'm thinking of building a "wall" similar to this myself.

  3. I love stone walls along wooded lots. I used to see a lot of that in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and a dry-stacked stone wall is part of my ideal garden---the one that exists in my mind.

  4. Yes, that is a visually excellent solution to separating lawn from wild area, a problem with which I am wrestling myself.

  5. Interesting. It almost looks like two pictures that were cut and pasted together. I like it, but I am not sure that I don't want to see a more naturalistic blending. What that would be I can't imagine since lawn is hardly natural. I like the unevenness of the wall quite a lot.

  6. The mini-wall definitely separates the two areas visually, and I imagine it helps to reduce maintenance too (keeping the grass from creeping into the wooded area). Thanks for sharing this idea, Carol!

  7. Good solution. Easy to create, materials readily available. Not (too) back breaking. I have a small urban garden so I don't worry too much about delineating. I may send my mom to view your site. She's got LOTS of property that needs delineation between grass and woods on three sides.

    'Course if I tell her about it, I'll have to do the work.

  8. Beautiful wall! I love the birdhouses too.


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