Gifts Received And No Crab!

Life is indeed a garden for a gardener and my family and friends managed to find a few gifts for me that relate to gardening. For those of you who know gardeners, consider this a jump on the list of suggestions for next year's holidays.

This "Life is A Garden, Dig In" ornament seems like one that perhaps I should hang up someplace year around. "Sister with the Homestead" got me this. My, my, she knows me well.

I also got several of the ornaments in the "Snowmen of Winter Garden" series from Hallmark. One of my neices had my name in the family gift drawing. She was so clever! In addition to the hoe ornament that I posted about previously, she got me this 2007 ornament to "commemorate" another year of gardening with rabbits.
I hope I've learned enough in the past year about how to outwit the rabbits in my garden so that in 2008 I can sharpen some other gardening skill besides rabbit trapping.

I hope to learn how to best use my new garden tool!
It's a Cobrahead! They've fearlessly advertised it as "the best tool in Earth". We shall see in a few months when spring arrives and I get to test it out. Hurry, spring!

And while I wait for spring, I have at least one new garden book to read, Helen Dillon's Down to Earth With Helen Dillon.

I also got this "universal plant identification" sign.Every gardener can use one of these, no matter how good their record keeping is. We've all got some unknown plants in our gardens, that we have no recollection of buying or planting.

I did get many other gifts not directly related to gardening, including a collection of different flavors of tea.I was relieved when I read the nutritional content and saw that these teas contain no crab. That's good because I don't like crab in my tea.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. The "no crab" was funny. I have the Coba Head. I like it for ripping out Bermuda grass. I too garden with rabbits. Dumb bunnies. My favorite gift was my Nikon D40X camera. Santa was very good to me!

  2. Nice gifts! I just finished the Helen Dillon book last month and I enjoyed it very much. Hope you do too!

  3. That tool looks dangerous - be careful!

  4. Lol I too as well don't like crab in my tea or soda. Good to hear.

  5. Are you going to tell us what was in the wrapped present for the person whose name you drew (from the December 23 post)?

  6. Great ornaments! Santa brought my son the same bunny ornament, and I gave him 1 of a reindeer. At first I thought it was hypocritical of me to have a deer on my tree, but then I rationalized it by deciding that it was a reindeer, which are always welcome here. I glad you had a good Christmas.

  7. Ha,"no crab"! I should certainly hope so.

    I was out in the garden on Christmas Eve cutting some thyme and spooked a rabbit in the middle of the row. I guess they feel safe now that the dog spends her days under my duvet.

  8. Hey, I have the cobrahead....Its my favorite tool!!! SOOO much better then anything else, especially Hoes!

  9. You hit the jackpot this christmas Carol. All the ornaments are sweet. That cobrahead looks like a killer be careful. There is nothing worse than Crab in your tea I am glad yours doesn't have any.

  10. Dee/Reddirtramblings... Ah, a kindred spirit in the fight against the dumb bunnies. I'm glad you gave a good report on the Cobrahead, I can't wait to try it out.

    Phillip... Another good report on one of my gifts. I'm going to read Dillon's book right after I finish Dear Friend and Gardener for the Garden Bloggers' Book Club.

    Anonymous... Thank you, I will be careful!

    Curtis... I think it is universal, no one likes crab in their tea.

    Chuck B.... Yes, I'm going to tell you what that gift was, and in fact I posted it early just for you.

    Mr. McGregor's Daughter... Yes, reindeer are always welcome. It sounds like you had a good Christmas, too!

    Steven... Yes, rabbits can be as destructive in the winter time as in the summertime, even more so. Make that dog go out there and chase 'em away!

    Nickie... While I'm not sure anything can be better than hoes, I'm glad to hear that you also like this tool.

    Lisa at Greenbow... Yes, I did have a good Christmas and I will certainly be careful with my new tool. It is sharp!

    Thanks all for the nice comments!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  11. Great stuff, Carol. Gardeners are so easy to buy for aren't they ? I was visiting the other day and saw an angel ornament holding a hoe ! They also had a "Happy Tomato " christmas ornament.

  12. Great haul, Carol! Your family is very thoughtful to "feed your addiction" that way. I agree, crab tea sounds pretty grody...heh...great typo. Merry Christmas!

  13. Love the crab-free tea, Carol! The Cobrahead looks intriguing, too. I'm glad you had such a fun and garden-filled day.

  14. I need one of those signs...several actually. And I hate crabs in my tea too! Merry Christmas and Happy 2008m Carol!


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