More on Focal Points in the Garden

When it comes to adding focal points to the garden, such as garden statues, the focal point should fit in with the overall style and climate of the garden.

Many were concerned when I posted about putting a snowman statue in my garden that it might not fit the style of the garden Perhaps everyone was right, my snowman did look a tiny bit out of place in the spring.

But now what do you think of my snowman in the garden?
He fits right in, doesn't he?

That right there ought to be my Christmas card picture!


You bet he fits in. He has even migrated from the first site where you had him. It must have been those garden fairies encouraging him to move about.

Definitely a candidate for a christmas card photo.
Katie said…
He looks way better than one of those ungodly huge blown up snowglobes, that's for sure!
Christine said…
As long as it makes YOU smile, that's what counts. But I can't see how you wouldn't smile looking at that cute little guy.
Layanee at 'Ledge and Gardens' said…
Perfect Christmas card! It is always such a treat to visit you over here at May Dreams!
Julie said…
OMG...that is the sweetest photo EVER!!!!!
Carol said…
Lisa at Greenbow... yes, it was a garden fairy that got that snowman to move, and notice, no foot prints around him!

Katie... one of my neighbors has a blow up snow globe, I wouldn't want to copy him! As if...

Frances... Thanks. I got him at Target a few years go.

Christine... That's right!

Layanee... Thanks, it's always nice to get one of your comments, too.

Julie... Glad you approve.

Thanks all for the comments!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens
lisa said…
I think he'd be a great Christmas card!