Tree Ornaments: Gardening Style

My sister sent me an email today suggesting that I should take all my gardening-themed ornaments off my Christmas tree and take a picture of them to post. "Or", she wrote, "would that involve taking all the ornaments off the tree?"

Well, I wouldn't have to take all the ornaments off the tree, but I would have take more than a few off.

Here's a sampling...

I have a couple of different wheelbarrows.Some have little plants and things in them.

Surprise, surprise, here's a gardening tool ornament.But no hoes on my tree, unfortunately.

This is the only greenhouse I own.I bet there are other garden bloggers who have this one, since it was sold by a popular greeting card company a few years ago.

I have several gardening snowman.But I could always use some more. I replaced my Blogger profile with this picture last year, but I was too lazy to do that this year.

I also posted about some of my gardening-themed ornaments last year. I found some at Target after Christmas and posted about them, and Pam/Digging commented that she had gotten the same set for Christmas. I also have watering cans, glass fruits and vegetables, some clay pot 'bells', bunnies, and tiny bird feeders and bird houses on my tree. I guess my Christmas tree gives me away as a gardener. Who knew?

Does anyone else have gardening themed ornaments on their tree?

Ha, ha, of course some of you do!


  1. Very nice gardening ornaments! Maybe next year I can try for a gardening tree. I can start searching for ornaments this year!!! Yippeeeee

  2. no, I have backpacking and hiking theamed ornaments! :)

  3. I'll have to try to take photos of my garden ornaments as well as the bird collection (mostly cardinals!) I don't put the ornaments on my tree until I close the day care for winter break...right now there are just lights and garlands.

  4. Well, of COURSE I have some gardening ornaments!

    Boy, I would LOVE those ones that you and Pam have that you got at Target. My tree is mostly blown glass antique looking ornaments so those would be PERFECT!

    I'll have to do a post on this!

  5. Ha!

    I like the GH ornament the best.

    BTW Carol when you were commenting did you happen to see my post asking for links to a touching garden blog entries? Your own or one from a blog you visit would be cool.

    I'm doing a roundup of posts where the gardener delves a little deeper than usual and shares a personal gardening story.

  6. It wouldn't be Christmas without another gardening ornament at May Dreams Garden!

  7. I have some garden-themed ornaments, but I'm always on the lookout for more! I got a cute ornament on after-Christmas clearance last year from Target that is a pair of green garden boots with poinsettias stuck inside them. I also have a few mini terracotta pots painted like santas and snowmen that my MIL bought for me. I love your greenhouse one!

  8. Do bubble lights count?
    Your trowel is my favorite! - If the branches weren't so wimpy on my tree I might be tempted to hang some of my real ones...

  9. right now we have a 'cat free' tree, meaning no glass or precious ornaments because who knows when a cat will decide to climg the tree or knock it over. It has a lot of child-made & plastic decorations, but it still looks pretty with all the lights & special animal safe glitter. The one thing missing is the 'famous bell'.

  10. Some years ago I went in for the vegetable/fruit theme on the tree. Little glass corn on the cobs, peas in pods, carrots, pears, apples, mushrooms, green beans, and last year bleeding hearts were added. It is always fun to open the boxes and remember what has been purchased. Always on the look out for more when the sales are held after the holidays.

  11. Hi, Carol. This is a test of OpenID delegation.

  12. I am SO jealous. I love the gardening ornaments, but I don't live close to anything but a Wal-Mart, and I have never seen any in there. Now I will just have to look harder, I believe.

  13. Sorry to bother you. Yet another OpenID test. post to follow soon at

  14. Pam @ Digging says:

    Yes, I have a few, plus the cute ones from Target that you mentioned. And they were all gifts. Funny how you acquire "theme" gifts once your hobby gives you away. ;-)

  15. Pam @ Digging says:

    And by the way, I am extremely interested to see Kathy Purdy's upcoming post about Open ID, which she mentioned in the comment just above mine. I can't figure out how it works.

  16. Those ornaments are really special, Carol! I've never come across any quite like them, in fact, they are not that easy to find at least where I shop.

  17. No, I don't have any garden-themed ornaments, unless you count a jeweled apple. I started my ornament collection with a music, gold/blue/white/silver theme. Then I had kids. Now I have more dogs on it than anything else, as my daughter gets a "Puppy Love" ornament from Santa every year & last year charmed her dad out of 2 more doggie ornaments. Then there's my son's "Cool Decade" ornaments & all the handmade ornaments with the kids' pictures on them. I don't have room for any gardening ornaments. Yours are great, especially that greenhouse!

  18. Strange, I don't have any specifically garden-themed ornaments. My tree tends more towards wildlife themed.

  19. I have quite a few garden ornaments. I put them on a lighted garland in my room. I have a trowel very similar to yours pictured. I seem to have several frogs too. Hmmmm

    I have many more bird ornaments than garden ornaments and they are on a lighted garland in the livingroom.

    On our tree we have lots of glass ornaments collected over the years. Many have sentimental value more than monetary value like the ones my children have made over the years, purchased while on vacation etc.

    This was a fun post Carol. I wish I could see all the ornaments on everyones tree. I make mental pictures from the snippets that people reveal about their trees and they are all beautiful.

  20. Julie... you should start a gardening tree and right after Christmas is a good time to get some ornaments on sale.

    Nickie... backpacking and hiking ornaments sound like they'd be hard to find that gardening ornaments.

    Leslie... I look forward to seeing a post with your ornaments!

    Kylee... I actually bought TWO sets of these ornaments from Target, so I could have spares in case one got broken.

    Mr. Brown Thumb... I do recall that and will send you an email with a post or two.

    Sister with the Homestead.... That's right and maybe Santa will bring me some more this year.

    Colleen... I have green garden boots with poinsettias sticking out of them that I bought on sale last year. You don't suppose they'd be the same, do you?

    Kris... I saw a tree at our White River Gardens that did have real trowels on it, spray painted gold.

    Frances... sounds nice. I have some vegetables, too.

    Christine... gardening themed ornaments don't seem all that common but I think if anyone has them, they sell out quick!

    Pam/Digging... Yes, once you are identified with a hobby, people just naturally starting getting you related items.

    Carolyn Gail... Thanks, I think they are special, too, but I'd love to have more.

    Mr. McGregor's Daugher... I'll count a jeweled apple as gardening related, why not!

    OldRoses... That is strange, I would have guessed you had some!

    Thanks all for the comments!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  21. Carol, you'd better guard that second set with your life! I don't live all that far away! Bwaaahaaaahaaaaa!!!!

    Just kiddin'! ;)

  22. Oh, I forgot to say that after I read this post, I promptly went to eBay, where I found a greenhouse ornament for a great price! Couldn't find the Target ones, though. I might not be using the right search terms, or maybe there just aren't any, but boy, eBay usually has EVERYTHING! Eventually. LOL

  23. Lisa at Greenbow... I have a frog ornament, too, but just one. Otherwise, hmmmm, that might be strange. Just kidding.

    Kylee... Yes, eBay has everything. I am now hiding my second set of the "target glass ornaments" in a safe, secure location!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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