Winter Time Redecorating: The Sunroom

When we gardeners pine for the warm days of spring, a poplar activity is to spruce up the inside of the house.

(Pause. Can you believe I was able to use three tree names in one sentence that isn't even about trees? What a horticultural use of words. Top that! Write a worse sentence than that using plant names. I dare you.)

Don't be afraid to continue reading, there are no more sentences like that, I promise. And I decided not to post more truths about midwestern Zone 5 winters for awhile because I think some people were beginning to worry about me, that maybe I wasn't getting enough sun or something.

I also think it was depressing some of my fellow Hoosier bloggers to be reminded about the truth about our winters. I'll save up the rest of the truth for some nice snowy day in January, maybe for that special day in January known as "my birthday".


We had some sun today, but since I worked all day, I only got to be out in it at lunch time. Even that little bit was nice. Then as I drove through my neighborhood on the way home, I saw where one of the neighbors had just finished mowing their lawn. No fair! I want to mow the lawn one more time, but I don't think I'll get a chance.

I consoled myself that my lawn really didn't need to be mowed and it was probably too wet, anyway. That neighbor doesn't seem all that "garden savvy", what was he doing out there? And the reason I could tell he had just mowed the lawn is because he did it so that most of the leaves and grass blew out into the street. That's not very neighborly!


Where was I? Oh, yes, I was writing about sprucing up the inside of the house in the winter when we can't garden outside anyway.

I don't know if anyone noticed in a recent post about activities in my sunroom that the walls in there are plain, plain, plain. I've decided to change that! Right after Christmas, when I have a few extra vacation days, I plan to paint the walls and otherwise decorate the sunroom a bit more.

I do realize that it might be better to paint the sunroom in the spring or summer when I could move all the plants outside. Don't try to talk me out of it, I'll just move those plants into the living room.

I have no idea what color to paint that room. Green comes to mind, but the counters are green and the floor is greenish. Not knowing what color to paint it won't stop me, either. I'm sure I'll figure out a color when I look at the 10,000 paint chips at the hardware store.

I might decide there just isn't time to do it after Christmas. Nope, I'm not going to talk myself out of it.

I'm committed to this project. Sometime in early January, expect to see a post featuring the *New* *Improved* sunroom.

I do have a few issues to work through when I move the plants out of the sunroom. The picture above is of the night blooming cereus which is growing up through the plant stand and is all caught up in the blinds. I'll have to move it out, somehow.

But I think it will be easy to move compared to this cactus.
Ugh, and those white blinds need to go, too.


  1. Ah yes, night-blooming cereus. I need one of those for my room. I feel a big order to Logee's coming on, for all the crazy stuff I won't bring outside.

    I used a light color as I felt that would help the light diffusion in the room. Not that I know a thing about such matters.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your sunroom project formulate. What fun to have a redecorating project going.

    Be careful with that prickly cactus. That will be a job to move. Do you have those long gloves they sell for working in roses?? I bet they would be most helpful for moving this cactus. Or do you tape layers of newpaper around your arms and move it??

    I like the hort sentence. I would have to work on that dare...maybe a year or two. ha...

  3. I didn't notice until you pointed it out that you used three tree names in one sentence, but my editorial eye caught right away that you misspelled popular.

    Anyway, you should paint your sunroom walls the color of sunshine.

  4. Impressive misuse of tree names! That is beyond my abilities to think that up. But paint colors I CAN think of, how about a pale robin's egg blue? But the color of sunshine suggested above sounds wonderful. Good luck with that cactus. Maybe wear a puffy jacket with your hands up inside the sleeves?

  5. I am a fan of robins egg blue. Have you thought of using a dry brush technique to make the walls look older? what about white wooden shutters? Or is there too much window for that? You have some neices home for Christmas break, maybe you could talk them into helping move the plants.
    Kathy, the older sister.

  6. Like Kathy, I caught the misspelling, too :o) Making a sentence using three plants names is too much for me. Maybe later today I'll think of something...

    Everyone needs a January project and what could be better than a spruced up sunroom? Mine needs a makeover, too.

    I'm looking forward to another "Carol Did It In Five Hours" project. LOL!

  7. I can't imagine that sunroom in any other color than green. It just wouldn't go with the rest of the house - LOL! What about a very, very pale green? Or you could do the two side walls pale yellow and do the wall with the cabinets an accent color of the palest green?

    I would take those nieces up on helping to move the plants. If you don't, I'll send Sophie and she'll have you totally rearranging. Seriously, she would probably be a huge help if you want to borrow her.

  8. Oh have made me laugh and no, I cannot top that sentence! I have been catching up on posts. You would think the winter months would allow more time for reading but the shorter days and work schedule make it difficult. I vote for a strong color in your greenhouse. Pastels fade but a nice strong mustard will be a great backdrop for your plants! It is also a great energizer!

  9. I didn't notice the sentence until you pointed it out either.

    I look forward to seeing your finished sunroom and seeing the color you settle on.

    I've used a soft buttery ivory/yellow color in several of my rooms and I love it. It's not too yellow but just enough color to add warmth to the rooms. It is a cheerful color that is very pleasing to my eyes and lifts my spirit. The paint card, from Lowes, is Living Elegance Biltmore Estate by Olympic Paints, the color is soft ivory. However, I like Behr paint and had HD mix it.

    Have fun!

  10. Sprucing up the walls in winter will really cheer you up. I went from living with cream walls throughout my house to a combination of sage green and soft buttery yellow. The result is remarkable. The yellow goes with the green and vice versa. It's a nice earthy combination that I'm now enjoying.

    Can't wait to see what you select.

  11. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with the room. You could try a faux paint finish, maybe a base coat of green with a gold rag-rolling on top. Guaranteed hours of fun.
    Bad puns - a challenge I can't resist. Orange yew glad I rose to the occasion & didn't keep this peach of a sentence privet? (Sorry, I just can't help myself.)

  12. EAL... my first inclination is a light color, but I definitely want some color.

    Lisa at Greenbow... My bigger concern with moving that cactus is that a lot of the 'stems' will break off.

    Kathy... what is the color of sunshine?

    Frances... Robin's egg blue just might work!

    Kathy, the older sister... I bet the nieces will be happy to know you volunteered them to help me!

    Mary... I don't think I can get this one done in five hours. I am hoping for just a few days.

    Sister with the Homestead... Are you saying I have too much green in my house. I bet Sophie would be a big help!

    Layanee... I'm glad you liked my sentence. I'll add mustard to the list of colors to consider.

    Robin's Nesting Place... Now that's helpful... the exact color name. I'm going to check that out.

    Carolyn Gail... Your house sounds homey with those colors. Stay tuned for updates.

    Mr. McGregor's Daughter... That is quite a horticultural sentence!

    Thanks all for the suggestions and kind words!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  13. OMG...Mr. MacGregors Daughter is awesome!!! What a great response! I think the color of sunshine is a good one...a sort of yellow shade that glows! Makes for a good backdrop to your greenery!!!
    Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  14. OW! Carol, your punny sentence was good, but MMD's made me chortle in glee, waking up Mungus who was asleep on the table beside me! I think I'd paint the sunroom yellow or orange-yes, orange--I think it's Kim @ Blackswamp Girl who has an orange room and I just love the look of it. These colours just help warm up the room even on grey days; it's why my upstairs hallway and 'old' office are painted bright cheddar-yellow (a rich sunflower gold, really), to brighten things even on dull days. Knowing your taste and clever ways, you'll do just brilliantly whatever colours you choose.
    I used to use my firefighter's bunker jacket and gloves when I had to handle a semi-feral cat we had...that would work on cactus too, if you happen to have such gear kicking around...:-)
    Oh dear...either my cold is getting better or I'm just giddy with stuffed-head!

  15. Jodi's right, it is me with the orange room! (Kind of the color of Tang, to be honest.) But it's a hallway, so I can walk through its sunshine-y happiness... I'm not sure if I could handle that color in a room I would sit in a lot. Do you sit in the sunroom quite often? If so, you might want to think more restful. :)


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